If I told you this was a story about summer, it wouldn't be a lie.

If I told you it was about being young and in love, so in love, and feeling so reckless and hopeless and out of control – like the waves as they break and crash onto the shore and there's nothing you can do but let the cold water cover you as you stand there – well, that wouldn't be a lie either.

She was the kind of girl who stood there with open eyes and watched it happen. She was unafraid and shameless. She expected to feel everything.

And she did.

As for me, I was the kind of guy who closed his eyes and let it happen. I was terrified and dazed, dazzled by the beauty of it all.

Especially her.

She was so fucking beautiful.

But even with closed eyes, and no expectations, I felt it. I felt every single moment so vividly that I can't sleep at night without seeing her face. Her gorgeous, sun-kissed face. Her deep brown eyes hiding behind my old – my favorite – pair of wayfarers.

So, yeah… This is a story about summer love. But if I told you it wasn't about the loss of it as well, I'd be a liar.





All the love to Marvar for being my muse, my ficwife who makes what I write readable, and mostly my friend.

And love to my prereaders: Kourt, Laura, Jaime, and Kelly. Your feedback and excitement keep me writing.

And lastly, love to any one of you still out there reading my words.

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