Not In Germany

(Author's note* I know that Norman was introduced later in the war. But the real question is should I create a new person, or use the same person from the film? For background information on the operation, look up WWII greatest raids Hitler's last bridge.)(p.s. this a revised version of the first chapter, I will be redoing this story since some people were interested in it.)

March 17th, 1945

The sun rose on the camps of A squad, the men stirred in their cots as the morning rays hit their eyes, Wardaddy rose from his slumber as the radio was going, the hull of the tank above them. He order his crew up by shaking them awake. After that they climbed into the m4 Sherman, the tank had the word 'fury' on the barrel of the gun and on the side of the tank. As the hatches opened on the top the chatter was clear.

"fury squad, do you read me, you are to head to the Ludendorff bridge. Some P-47s found it intact." HQ radioed in.

"You hear that, we have a way to go into Germany, (in the local radio) men wake up, we got a bridge to secure." Wardaddy concluded.

With that, the camp packed up and headed out, after a few hours they reached the hill overlooking the town. They drove through the outskirts, at that time there was a thought of why they haven't got hit by any opposition. As the squad entered the town square, they used standard urban tactics. As the fury rounded the corner, a sniper's deadly catcall rang out.

"Sniper!" the one who was shot yelled as a round hit his leg.

"All right Norman, give that kraut some heavy pounding!" Wardaddy yelled down, with that Norman turn off safety and aimed down his sights and squeezed the trigger lightly at the window containing the sniper.

The rounds sliced through the wall, a loud grunt is heard as the rifle soars through the window. The medic runs up to the wound man and drags him to an alley, then a Pershing drove to a position and then fired a HE round into the side that was hit by Norman's bullets. An explosion of wood, plaster and body parts was force out of the building.

The town fell silent as some of the troops ran in to the building, flashbangs could be heard as they cleared it. Afterwards the company moved towards the bridge, during the movement Wardaddy radio the HQ that the bridge was still intact. They told him to secure it and clear the tunnel and the hill right above it.

The tanks advance toward the bridge along with the troops, the towers with the abandon gun post towering at the entrance of the bridge. As the tanks rose to the bridge an explosion rocked the bridge, as the dust cloud settle it was clear only one tank could be on it, but that would have to wait until after the battle. The troops advance midway across the bridge when sniper fire rang out, the fire came from a sunken barge that was to the right of them.

"Wardaddy! We got snipers on that barge!" The troop leader yelled before a round hit the beam next to his head. Wardaddy ordered the Pershing to open fire on the defense past the bridge, some 88mm flak cannons and some other flak guns, the cannons of the Pershings and the other M4 opened up on the defenses while fury fired a HE shell at the barge. Then multiple mg 42 fired toward the bridge, he ordered his squad to take out the towers, halfway on the way to the left he noticed that no one was running towards the right.

He shouted out "who is taking right?" None answered, afterwards he took charge and jumped over the railing to the pedestrian walkway and ran to the door and stopped, used the butt of his rifle to open the door, he aimed at the Germans and they rose their hands in fear. He simply walked over and grabbed their MG42 and dumped it into the river, he grabbed their handheld weapons and did the same. He then ascended the stairs in a fury and did what he just did.

The guns fell silent across the bridge and the troops had their engineer squad removed the explosive, which as they realized were commercial and not military-grade. They sent some troops up the hill to take down the rest of the artillery, then they had the tanks cross. Under the engineer's guide, they traversed the bridge one by one, fury was first.

"careful, careful, we rather not lose a good tank." The lead engineer said as he guided them.

"Gordo, make sure we don't go and make ourselfs a prize for some German fisherman." Wardaddy ordered as Gordo put the tank in gear. At a brief point, a wire began to groan, concerning everyone. Afterwards they got on to the road leading into the tunnel when a luger went off.

"Norman, light up that sonofa-" Wardaddy began before a bright blue light caught his eye.

"Gordo, headlights and drive us in there." He commanded. Gordo protested but soon saw the light, it blue radiance pulsed as they drove closer, the light then was covered as a white flag rose from behind some boxes.

"Get out from behind the box." Wardaddy ordered in German, the German was whispered in German something the crew couldn't hear. Then literary out of the blue a cube flew through the air, Norman, already on the trigger squeezed it hard and wounded the German before the cube landed on their tank, it almost missed if it wasn't for the German SS helmet on the front. The tank began to disappear, from the helmet it spread like wildfire, the blueness of the cube transferred to the tank as it began to warp, the sound though. It was silent, the screams for Coon-ass, Wardaddy, Bible, Gordo and Norman were as loud as a fly's wings, loud to them, but silent to the world.