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Chapter 1

"Where is she?" Elijah roared as he threw open the door of the Salvatore Boarding House. His entire demeanor screamed anger and the dark veins beneath his eyes were pulsing faintly. His mouth was twisted into a scowl, his eyes trained on the raven haired vampire in front of him. "Where is Elena?"

Damon stared at the Original, thoroughly dumbfounded at his rage-fueled entrance, "And why would we tell you? You haven't seen her in, I don't know, a few years or so?"

"I entrusted you with one simple task," Elijah ground out, trying to calm himself so he wouldn't kill the younger vampire without getting answers, "A very simple little task. I only asked that you kept Elena safe and then I hear of her dying?"

Damon shrugged lightly, doing that ridiculous eye-thing, "Well, if it makes you feel any better, she's not really dead."

The Original ran his hand over his face in exasperation, "Either you start explaining or the next thing to come out of your mouth will be your teeth. Or your spine. I haven't quite decided yet."

Gritting his teeth, the younger man began talking, "Bonbon and I were stuck in a prison world thanks to the wonderful Gemini Coven. We got out and managed to bring a little prisoner, Kai, with us. Well, he wanted revenge and ended up going after his family and Elena. At Alaric and Jo's, you don't know here, but she's great, wedding, Kai showed up and attacked leaving Elena in a mystically induced coma and his family dead."

"You said she isn't dead? But she's a vampire, her body would simply recuperate from a coma, correct?" Elijah's patience was wearing thin and he wanted all of his answers, now.

"Yeah, little problem about that," Damon paused, not sure how he would handle the new news, "She's human now. She took the cure and-"

Damon was suddenly held against the wall by his throat, the Original seething in front of him, "You allowed her to take the cure when there was a possibility of something happening to her? You and your idiotic brother have made most of the decisions for her in the past and you couldn't make this one for her as well?"

"Well, we didn't see a problem," the blue-eyed vampire rasped out, trying to remove Elijah's hand from his throat, "We gave her freedom in her choice."

Dropping Damon, Elijah straightened his suit and took a deep breath, "What are the…specifics of her condition? I assume there's something to be done that can wake her?"

Damon looked down, misery etched on his face, "Bonnie has to die. Once she does, Elena will wake up like nothing happened and she'll continue on with her new human life."

"And no one has thought to kill the witch?" Elijah asked, perplexed at what the other man was saying, "There was once a time where you would do anything for Elena, has that time since passed?"

"I would do anything for my girlfriend," Damon growled, his eyes darkening slightly, "You have no right to question that."

"Perhaps you're afraid to go after the witch alone, is that it?" Elijah mused, his expression hardening, "You know, I heard that you and Elena had finally become partners. Could it be that the chase wasn't worth the prize?"

"You have no right to speak about mine and Elena's relationship," Damon hissed, "Why are you even here, huh? Go back to New Orleans and live whatever messed up life you have there."

Elijah nodded, "I plan to. However, I will be taking something will me that is mine."

Damon rolled his blue eyes, "And what would that be, Creepy?"


The younger vampire's response was instantaneous. His eyes darkened as his fangs elongated. All amusement had left the room and was filled with tension and anger.

"You can't have her," Damon growled possessively, "She's mine and she has been for awhile. I'm not giving her up just because you think you have some moronic, Original claim to her."

"I assure you, the claim is not moronic," the older man said in a calm tone, "Elena is mine. She always had been and always will be. Do you think it's merely a coincidence that the Petrovas flock to me? It's because we are drawn together. Fate and whatnot. I tried to allow Elena to live a normal life with whoever she chose, but being involved with you lot has shown me that you can't protect her."

"She's not Katherine, Elijah," Damon protested, "She's human now. She can't transition into being a vampire once she's taken the cure."

"There's always a loophole," Elijah reminded him, his eyes glinting maliciously.

"Say that there is. Say that you kill Bonnie and Elena wakes up. What makes you think that she'll want to stay with you?" The younger man asked angrily, his temper getting the best of him, "She worked with you to kill Klaus; nothing more, nothing less. You're over a thousand years old and she's nineteen. Nineteen, Elijah."

Elijah sighed. He hadn't wanted to reveal any unnecessary information, but it was apparent that the elder Salvatore wasn't going to give Elena up without a fight. "She's my mate."

Damon scoffed, "Mate? Those aren't real. If anyone was mates, it would be me and Elena, not you and Elena."

"In order for one to find their mate, one of them must be human," Elijah explained, somewhat bored of the younger vampire's ignorance, "I met Elena when she was still human and I recognized her as my mate. Although not a common occurrence, mates are indeed real. Why else do you think that Elena showed me unwavering loyalty? A part of her recognized me as her mate as well. Yes, she daggered me, but her conscious pestered her until she released me."

"That just says that she's prone to doing stupid things at times," Damon argued even though there was a doubt niggling in the back of his mind, "Most teenage girls do."

"That means little in the grand scheme of things."

The younger man snorted, "If you're thinking that she'll wake up and just fall in love with you, then you're in for a rude awakening. It took me years and we're just now together."

"Did Katerina teach you nothing?" The Original sighed in exasperation, "Mates are not simply involved in a romantic aspect. It's being there for your mate in whatever capacity that they need you. I was her friend, her confidant, and her protector for a time. I never pushed for anything romantic, not until that afternoon in that dull town that Katerina managed to hide herself in. I knew it was Elena; I've been around a long time."

"I'm not letting you take her," Damon sighed, "She belongs here, with her friends-"

"Who will be dead when she awakens," Elijah protested, "The only ones remaining will be Stefan, Caroline, and yourself. She will lose Bonnie, Jeremy, and Alaric. She won't stay here and you know that."

"I don't give a fuck!" Damon yelled, "You're not taking her. She's staying here with me!"

Allowing a small smile to grace his lips, the Original came toe to toe with the younger vampire, "Let me be clear, I was not asking permission. I will be returning to New Orleans with Elena whether you like it or not. It's a mere courtesy that I'm leaving the Bennett witch alive. Now, either you tell me where Elena is or I tear apart this piss poor excuse for a town until I find her."

"She's in the Salvatore Crypt," a new voice answered from the doorway behind the two fighting vampires, "She was always meant to be a Salvatore, whether through my brother or myself. It was the only fitting and safe place to put her."

"Stefan, leave," Damon growled, not even sparing his brother a glance. His body was seemingly vibrating with barely concealed rage.

"I can't let him destroy the town, Damon," Stefan argued, "Elena will come back when she wakes up, anyway."

"I wouldn't be so sure," Elijah smirked, turning to face the youngest man in the room, "But, I will allow you your delusions as long as I get what I want."

The room became tense again, both Salvatores trying to calm themselves as the Original appeared at ease. Elijah would get what he wanted regardless of what they said.

"You have one hour to bring me Elena," Elijah warned, looking between the brothers, "If you fail in that task, the Bennett witch dies. Do we understand each other?"

Once Elena's casket was loaded into the back of Elijah's SUV, he said his goodbyes to Mystic Falls. If Elena chose to return here after she awoke, then he would accompany her without question.

As he drove, his mind wandered to how Elena would accept everything that he had to say. He knew that he shouldn't have taken her but the thought of anything happening to her when she was unable to protect herself worried him greatly. He couldn't stand the thought of his mate being left alone in a crypt for the next sixty or so years. And what if Bonnie decided to move on and leave Mystic Falls? What if she died and no one knew Elena had awoken until it was too late? That was too much to bear.

Elijah's need to protect her was infinitely stronger than anything he had ever felt before. The mere thought of her injured in any way made every ounce of rage in his body bubble to the surface.

When he realized that she was his mate, he nearly took her as far away from everything supernatural as he could. He couldn't afford for her to get hurt. He wasn't lying when he told Damon that he would be there for her in any capacity that she needed him; as long as she was safe, he would deny his urges and be her friend if that's what she wanted.

But one thing was certain; he would never let her out of his sight again.

When Elijah arrived in New Orleans, he situated Elena's casket in one of the empty rooms in the Compound. He wanted her nearby just incase anything happened.

"What on earth of you doing?" Klaus asked as he walked in and noticed the coffin sitting precariously in the middle of the room. His eyebrow arched and his mouth quirked in amusement, "I thought it was my bit to cart people around in coffins? Taking a page out of my book, brother?"

Elijah sighed, "Niklaus, you're timing is impeccable as always."

"So, who's the stiff?"

Elijah's jaw ticked in anger. How dare he refer to his mate in such a disrespectful way? Reigning in his anger, he calmly looked at Klaus, "It's Elena. She…she was bewitched into a deep sleep until the Bennett witch dies."

"And why didn't you just leave her with her Salvatores? Surely they could look after her," Klaus reminded him.

"Don't you have somewhere else to be?" The eldest asked in annoyance.

Giving Elijah a sheepish look, Klaus departed swiftly leaving Elijah and Elena alone. Slowly, he walked to the casket, kneeling beside it as he lifted the lid.

Elena looked just as beautiful as she always did. A black and navy dress clung to her body as her chocolate hair cascaded down her crossed arms. The only thing missing was her warm brown eyes staring back at him.

Reaching his hand into her coffin, he stroked her cheek softly, "You'll understand as soon as you wake up, min kjære. I promise you that I'll never leave you again."

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