Chapter Eleven

Resurrection of a Dark Lord

Everything was dark at the moment. His head was pounding and his body ached. He wasn't aware of where he was and there were sounds that made his body shiver in fear and from the cold. He groaned as he forced his eyes open, only to blink when nothing came into focus.

His glasses were missing.

Then he tried to move his arms, only to gasp when he realized that his arms were held down tight against the ground with chains. The rough material of the chains were cutting into his wrists painfully and if he tried to move them away from the ground, the pain would increase and he was sure drawing blood as well. He was able to get onto his knees and straighten his back but that was all. His arms were uselessly bound to the ground and he wasn't able to pull away.

Then there was the scents around him that came next. Musty and the smell of earth. Somewhere that the ground was disturbed frequently with a musty smell that meant old things were there as well. Not well cared for either.

He had smelled this once before.

That would also explained the random gray blobs that were all around him.

HE was in a cemetery.


He groaned in annoyance before he quieted at the sounds of other voices and footsteps.

"Do you really think this'll work?"

"It should. It was in the Dark Lord's personal library back at base. HE wouldn't have a book if it wasn't in some way useful."

"True. So we just need the bones to use as a conduit and then we use Potter, right, for the new body?"

"That's right Avery. That boy will be the new body for our Lord. Then he'll have the power that had defeated him and be even stronger than before!" That had to be Rodolphus Lestrange. That man was almost as crazy as his wife had been.

"We have everything else in place Brother, we should be able to begin as soon as night has fallen." Rabastan, which was the only person who would called Rodolphus brother.

That also meant that Mulciber and Nott must have been here too. They also were talking about resurrecting the Dark Lord…using bones they had collected.

'Just kill me now please!' Harry screamed in his head as he realized where he was and what exactly was happening. 'I thought we got them all! I even got rid of the one in me by dying! Come on!' He couldn't believe that they had missed a Horcrux and now Voldemort was about to come back to life.

"Looks like our guest of honor is awake." Rodolphus said as he walked over to stand in front of Harry. There must have been a smirk on his face but Harry couldn't be sure as he wasn't able to see anything without his damn glasses. "Welcome back to the world of the living Potter."

"Yeah, I could have done without the shackles when I woke up." Harry said to the man. "Especially since I'm not into bondage like your wife Lestrange."

"How'd you know Bella liked shackles in bed, hmm? Were you taking peeks Potter?" Harry gagged at that as he shook his head of the image.

"Oh that's disgusting." He grumbled as he tugged uselessly at the shackles holding him down.

"Ah well, we only have so little time and so much to do yet." The Lestrange brother chuckled as he looked at his comrades. "Let's get the circle formed and then we'll tie Potter there. Then we should be able to proceed without any more delays."

With that Harry could only blurrily watch as the Death Eaters prepared to bring their Master back to life, using Harry once more to do so.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S GONE!?" Hermione screeched at the Potions Master, hitting his chest with fists, over and over and over again. "HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE WITH YOU FOUR! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OKAY! HE WAS SUPposed to be safe…" Hermione sobbed out as she stopped hitting him and instead buried her face into his chest, sobbing hard.

Snape grimaced at the crying girl before taking her by the shoulders and handing her off to one Molly Weasley, who hugged the girl and held her tight as she cried. "I did what I could. If Potter had not passed out from…"

"If you hadn't interfered in the first place actually." Lucius interrupted snidely. "Potter does not have the same levels of magic he did when he defeated the Dark Lord. They're back to when he was a first year. You wore him out by forcing into his mind like that."

"I was forcing him to face his past." Snape stated calmly. "Something you could not do, to make the boy face what he does not want to. Something I have been doing for years. Something that even Dumbledore refused to do when he was a child."

"He was a child!" Hermione screamed as she ripped herself from Molly's arms. "He was a child wanting to be normal! That's all he wanted! To be normal! To be a normal boy with a normal life with normal friends and normal family!"

"He is not normal Ms. Granger." Snape snarled at the girl. "He was not normal the moment he was born to Lily and James Potter." His face was starting to go red but it was just starting at the tips of his ears and at his collarbones. "He was chosen to defeat the Dark Lord when he was a child because both of his parents were too stubborn to stop and die!"

"His parents were courageous people!" Ron stepped up next, face beet red as he glared at the Professor. "They did a lot to stop Voldemort, just as much as you. They even gave their lives to stop him."

"Yes, the one time I was unable to actually stop their deaths." Snape snarled out next. Then his face paled as everyone stared at him in shock.

"You…did…what?" Hermione got out as she stared at the man in horror.

Snape cleared his throat as he stood up straight and fixed his robes. He was not about to be taken off guard by anyone, let alone himself. "That is right." He started as he glared at everyone in the room. All of the Weasleys, the Malfoys, and Granger. "The only reason why Lily lived as long as she did with that imbecile is because I interfered each and every single time they came face to face with the Dark Lord." He stated. "All three times…I stepped in…without him ever knowing why the Potters escaped."

The silence in the room was disrupted by Hermione screaming. "YOU! IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU DID THAT TO HIM! YOU MADE HIM INTO WHAT HE IS! IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!" She screamed as Charlie grabbed her by her shoulders and held her back. Arthur and Bill had Ron and were struggling to keep the man back from the Potions Professor. "THE THING YOU HATED MOST! THE PERSON YOU TORTURED AND HATED AND DESPISED! YOU CREATED HIM!"

Snape just stood there, silently taking in what the woman shouted at him. In a way, she was right. The prophecy would have never fit Potter so perfectly if he hadn't of interfered in the past.

If he hadn't of loved Lily Evans.

"You…are…correct." Snape said, calming the screaming that Hermione had been doing. "I created Potter into what the prophecy needed. Unintentional, I assure you." He moved forward so that he was standing directly right in front of Hermione. "I love Lilly Evans and I did everything I could to protect her, even when she hated me."

Hermione's entire face relaxed in a blank mask as she looked at Snape. "Even saving James Potter?"

"Even saving James Potter." Snape agreed easily.

"Then save Harry James Potter, Lily Evans Potter's son." Hermione snarled out, teeth bared at the professor. "You say you love her, so prove it. Save her son."

Snape smirked at her. "That is my plan."

He did not expect the slap to the face. "Damn straight you are you bastard!" Fleur growled at him, holding her bloated stomach. "Do not verget who you are messing vith." She stated as slight flames flared up from her silvery hair.

Snape just stared at her before turning his heel and walking out of the room.

"What's going on?" A voice came from the stairs.

"Dealing with a trash eater." Ron grumbled as he broke free from his father and brother while Charlie released Hermione. "Harry's been taken, up for some rescuing?"
George blinked at his younger brother as he processed the information given to him. That little boy that laid in his brother's bed with him. That little boy that didn't ask if he was okay or to move on. That little boy that was actually a man, lying perfectly against his own body, both giving and receiving comfort without saying a word. "Do you even need to ask?" George asked as he flipped out his wand from his back pocket. "Where do we go to find him?"


Pain lanced through his back as Rodolphus carefully made incisions. "This will make you even more of a delectable body for our Lord." He explained gleefully, making sure that the cuts were deep and painful for the little boy.

"He'll…have to beat…me first." Harry ground out between his teeth. He was forcing himself from screaming. He didn't want to give this sick man anymore ammo than he already had.

He had watched as the group of Death Eaters had gathered bones and dropped them in front of Harry before moving off a little ways with their wands out, muttering spells at the ground. Harry still wasn't sure what they were doing over there and he had a feeling he didn't want to know.

"The Dark Lord is powerful Potter, you'll only last so long against him might before you have fallen and your body becomes his." The Death Eater sneered at the little boy, his knife digging a particular painful gouge at that moment.

Harry couldn't hold back the whimper as pain flared up along his spine. He was sure Rodolphus had just scrapped against his spine. If the Death Eater had pushed any harder, Harry was sure he could have just been paralyzed. "You won't win. They'll find me… and help me. Chances are… Snape will… be one of them…you'll be screwed then." He growled. "He'll… probably kill… you since he's made it… a habit to rescue me… frequently." Each time he spoke, Rodolphus would dig just a little bit harder, making the cuts more painful.

"I would hope so." The elder Lestrange stated as he stood up and looked at his work with a devious smirk. All yellow teeth with blackened ones and even a few missing. His hair was returned to its matted greasy black mess and his skin was paler than it was an hour ago, or as far as Harry could see. "All of this work, all of the magic I've poured into this, all to get revenge on the traitors and the Light. I will not have died in vain for this and the Dark Lord will make sure of it." He stated as he walked around Harry and began to unhook his chains from the ground.

Harry tugged uselessly at the chains as they were released, Rodolphus made sure to keep a tight hold on them as he undid them. Regardless of how useless his efforts were, Harry continued to tug and pull and yank on his chains to try and release himself from the maniac in front of him. "Let me go!" HE shouted out childishly, digging his heels into the ground to try and forestall whatever the man was going to do.

"That never works." Lestrange snorted as he dragged Harry into the middle of what looked a complicated Runic Circle that had all sorts of things going on at the moment. "Demands and crying never work to change our minds in the past, what makes you think it would now?" He questioned as he reattached the chains to brackets that had been set deep into the ground. They were not going to give the brat the chance to escape, like many times in the past. He wouldn't allow it ever again.

"Can't blame a guy for trying." Harry muttered as he yanked at the chains as soon as Lestrange was finished tying him down. "Though you could just let me go, could save the both of us a lot of trouble when you fail to summon old Voldemort back." He griped.

He knew he should've been expecting the hit to the face, he really knew he should've, but it still caught him off guard. So much so that it sent him reeling onto the ground, where he laid on his side groaning in pain. "This will work! The Dark Lord will rise again and this time…you'll be dead and out of his way once and for all." He growled at the little boy before leaving the circle and joining the other Death Eaters outside of the circle. "Everything is in place?" He questioned.

"Yes, everything is ready." Rabastan said solemnly. He knew what position his brother was going to take in this ritual. He was saddened but his pride in his brother overwhelmed that and he couldn't wait to see his brother do what was needed to help their Lord to return.

"Good, then let's get started. Nott and Rabastan, you know what to do." Rodolphus said as he held out his hands towards the two in offering.

Both of the Death Eaters pulled out gleaming silver daggers and slice open the Lestrange's wrists. Rodolphus quickly turned and fell to his knees, digging his fingers into the ground just inside of the circle to allow the blood to pool into the first few runes and then watched as the blood spread quickly, easily, and unnaturally. "It has begun." He whispered as his face paled more and more as he continued.

Harry grunted as he sat up, looking at the group of Death Eaters as they spread around the circle, leaving Rodolphus where he sat. Each of the still standing Death Eaters took up places around the circle. Rabastan to the North, Mulciber to the East, Nott to the South, and Avery to the West. Harry gulped as each one of them began to chant and Rodolphus screamed in pain, blood pouring out of his arms in a rapid pace that wasn't normal. "Hey! You're going to kill him!" Harry shouted as he watched the blood continually flow out of the Death Eater.

"That's…the…point!" Rodolphus panted out as he watched his blood fill in the dugout circle, filling out each symbol and line. "A…sacrifice…is need…ed…for…this…to…to…to…work." He panted out. He was extremely pale, dark shadows had formed beneath his eyes, and his breathing was getting faster and shallower with each passing second.

"This isn't worth it!" Harry shouted, hoping to disrupt the chanting or to get Rodolphus to change his mind. "You don't have to die to bring him back! You can live a different life if you just move one pass Voldemort and his control!"

"Never!" The bleeding Death Eater glared at the boy. "I swore myself to my wife, My Lord, and our cause! I will not abandon all of it just because some little boy has defeated us a handful… of times! I will continue to fight! I will…will make sure that my wife's death isn't in vain, that… my Lord will come… back to Rule! He will be the…the one in…con…contro… control once he is back! And all because I will sacrifice my…self…to… him…and… his… his…his…cau…"

Harry watched Rodolphus finally fade away and fall to the ground. The boy gritted his teeth and looked away, already knowing that the man was dead. The chanting continued as a wind began to blow around them, dirt began to fly into the air.

The blood in the carvings upon the ground flew from the markings and onto Harry himself, completely covering and soaking the boy in Rodolphus Lestrange's blood. "Gah!" Harry shouted as the blood flew up his nose, into his ears, down his throat, and into his eyes. It slide across his skin and formed symbols seconds later. "Get…Get it…o…off!" Harry choked out as he thrashed against the ground, horrified at the slick and cold feeling of the blood moving on his body.

The chanting grew in speed as the ground around Harry bunched up around his body, forming sharp pieces of earth pointing straight at him. Harry was able to open his eyes at this point and wished he hadn't.

Bright crimson eyes stared at him as a black mass floated in front of him.

"Hello Harry Potter."

The boy gasped as the familiar voice spoke to him. "No." He whispered as the black mass began to take form around the red eyes.

"Yes, it is me." The eyes said to him as pale skin began to appear slowly. The voice that spoke was like a sensuous hiss that echoed all around him. As if it wasn't sure where it wanted to come from but at the same time it wanted to be heard everywhere.

Harry could only shake his head as the face of what Voldemort could have been formed before him. "What are you going to do?" He questioned the apparition as the smooth silky and gelled back hair appeared with the aristocratic features took form. He watched as the man, he was just a tad bit shorter than what Snape was but still gave off a sense of power and arrogance, fully formed with stylish black robes appearing around his body. He could see what was a black button up shirt with black dress pants and shoes take form as well underneath the black robe.

This was what Tom Riddle could have been if he hadn't descended into madness.

"Nothing." Harry blinked in surprise at this information before he looked around the apparition and to where he could see Avery. He had stopped chanting and had moved away from where he had been. He turned to look at where Mulciber had been and he found the same thing. He looked over his shoulder and there he found all four Death Eaters, watching him closely while conversing quietly.

"What are you talking about? Are you…I don't know…supposed to take over my body and rise up to take over the world…again…before I stop you…again?" Harry questioned with raised brows as he turned back to the apparition. He kept his voice down though so that the Death Munchers wouldn't hear him.

"Would you like me to?" The raised brow was eerily like his own and Harry frowned as he shook his head. "I thought not." Voldemort chuckled before sighing and looking to where Rodolphus Lestrange's body was lying on the floor. "The ritual that the Lestrange brother chose was not fully complete."

"Not complete?" Harry repeated dumbly, unsure of what to say to this new information. "Does that mean you can't take over my body?" The hope was obvious despite him trying to conceal it.

Voldemort looked down at the little body in front of him before walking around it, silently taking in the visage before him. Harry made sure to keep his eyes on the man, even when he walked behind. The chains allowed him to turn his body enough to look at the Dark Lord, waiting to see what he would do. "I cannot fully take over your body, despite the lovely addition Lestrange made to your back." He explained as he finally came to a stop in front of the child.

Harry smirked at this as he tilted his head. "That's good to know." He stated happily. "You just can't get a break in trying to take over the world, can ya?" He questioned back smartly.

"But that does not mean I cannot do something else." The Dark Lord smirked down at the stunned child before leaning his face directly in front of Harry's. "I cannot take over your body, but I can do something else entirely. All thanks to this ritual." With that Voldemort slammed forward.

Harry could only scream in pain as his entire body was enveloped in black energy.

Eyes wide and glowing a bright crimson.


"Took you bunch long enough to get here." Snape drawled as he looked at all of the Weasleys and the bushy haired Witch. The Malfoys were right behind them with McGonagall, Shacklebolt, Flitwick, and Hagrid. "Though it seems that there are even more of you fools than I thought there would be."

"Shut up you bat." George snarled from his place next to Ron. His skin was pale and his cheeks sunken in. But it was apparent he was ready for a fight. His wand was continuously letting off sparks of red, white, and gold. "You could have waited for us back at the Burrow."

"I could have, but then I'd be losing brain cells the longer I had stayed around." Snape said before turning and looking up the hill where an old house sat and then off in a different direction where a little cemetery sat. There was lights floating over the cemetery, almost like fairies, indicating that that was where they needed to go to.

"That's Little Hangleton Cemetery, isn't it?" Hermione questioned as she stepped up next to the detested Potions Professor. "The one that Harry was taken to in fourth year?"

"Yes." Snape answered as he flicked his hand and his wand appeared in his hand. "I do not know for sure how they intend to bring the Dark Lord back, but I believe that it has to do with the man's father. Who is laid here with the rest of his family."

"So let's go and get him back." Ron said as he came up behind the two, making them turn around. "We enter the cemetery in strategic areas and take the Death Eaters by surprise. We should be able to take the four of them with all of us here to. Though Mom, Mrs. Malfoy, and Fleur should stay here and prepare for any injuries. Hagrid, Flitwick…Draco, and Bill are going to stay here with them to act as defense just in case one of the Death Eaters escapes and comes in this direction." Ron said before turning to the ones he hadn't named. "Charlie, Dad, and Ginny will go with Shacklebolt and enter from the North. Stay low and don't leave yourself open."

"You got it bro." Ginny said as she took off with her father and Charlie struggling to keep up with the young woman. She wasn't about to let Harry get hurt all over again. Yes, she had decided she didn't want to wait for him, but that didn't mean she didn't love him. That she wanted him hurt wasn't one thing she ever wanted for the little hero. "We're coming Harry." She whispered as her group disappeared into the brush.

"George, Mr. Malfoy, and I will take the South side. Hermione, Professor McGonagall, and Snape will enter from the west side." He finished as he looked at his girlfriend. "Be careful Mione, I want to go home with both you and Harry." He stated somberly, already knowing that there could be terrible injuries from this battle. Though they outnumbered the Death Eaters four to six, that didn't mean the Death Eaters were going to just give up. They were trained by dark people if not the Dark Lord Himself. They knew what they were doing so they all had to be on their toes and be ready for anything.

"I will, the same goes for you too though. Okay." Hermione said as she grabbed her boyfriend's hands in her own and leaned up, kissing him soundly on the lips. "We can't be the Golden Trio if one of us dies."

Ron smiled before pushing her back and putting a serious frown on his face. "Alright, let's get moving."

That's when the unmistakable scream of one Harry James Potter caused all of them to freeze in horror.


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