Bonus Chapter

A Good Christmas

Screams. Blood. Cries. Blood. Curses. Organs. Tears. Blood.

So much of pain and horror and terror and death. All littered the ground around him and left him staring in horror of all the bodies. Some were still twitching and some were making sounds, marking them as alive for the moment.

It wouldn't be long before they no longer were though.

"This is what has happened to everyone Potter." A sibilant voice whispered into his ear, startling him as he whipped around to stare at the familiar snake face. "You didn't give in to me so I had to kill everyone." He stated with a devastating smirk.

"No! You would have killed them even if I had given in." Harry snarled as he went to pull out his wand, only for his eyes to widen as he realized that he didn't have it.

"Looking for this?" His wand was held in a bone white hand and the Boy-Who-Lived watched as the Dark Lord brought it up to chest level and held it with both hands. "Would you like this back?"

Harry said nothing as Voldemort's smirk widened as he snapped the holly and phoenix feather wand between his hands. "No!"

"Too bad." Harry could only watch as his wand fell to the ground in pieces in front of him. "Now you have no way to protect anyone else." Harry's head snapped up as Voldemort pointed a finger to the side where Ron and Hermione and everyone else were slumped on the ground and against each other. All staring at him in horror and fear and worry.

Behind them all were Death Eaters with their wands pointed at his family.

"Kill them all."

Harry gasped as he woke from the dream, shooting up from his bed and staring at the body lying next to his own. He gulped as he took in the familiar and much loved figure before he smiled and reached out to run a hand through the short red hair affectionately. It was oily and needed a wash, but Harry loved it anyways.

He shook his head before turning and picking up his completely perfect Holly wand off the nightstand and cast the time spell. It was only five thirty in the morning but there was no way he was going to go back to bed right then.

He looked back down at the figure and watched their chest raise and fall for long moments before climbing out of bed and stealing across the room and down the stairs. Outside the snow drifted lazily to the ground and blanketed it like a warm hug.

He shook his head at the mushy thought before he moved into the kitchen, waving his wand so that the pots and pans would fly out and onto the stove that he quickly lit with a household spell that Mrs. Weasley had taught him. He then went to the wizarding version of a fridge, just a wooden box with a preservation charm on it, and pulled out eggs, bacon, ham, potatoes, tomatoes, bread, milk and some other vegetables. He then proceeded to pull out flour, sugar, and baking powder. Soon he had all he wanted and waved his wand at the potatoes to peel, knives began cutting the vegetables that were out, and his own personal hands went to cooking the meat and preparing the batter for a bazillion pancakes.

He smiled as the smell of food wafted into his nose, taking him back to the times of when he was just a child. Trapped in his aunt's and uncle's care and forced to prepare all the meals from the time he was three and tall enough to stand at the counter with a stool. Cooking had always been enjoyable, more so when he was actually able to enjoy the food himself, but back then it had been a chore and a horrendous one then.

He frowned, shaking his head to rid the thought from mind. He should be remembering the good times right now. He had made a great deal of progress in his healing from the Terrors of Past. He now stood in his fifteen year old body. They assumed it was the same age he had been approximately a month before the school year had started as his hand hadn't scarred yet from his detentions with Umbridge.

Meaning it had something to do with the Dursleys. Which was something he did not wish for Snape to see as well.

Not that he had a choice.

He scowled as he thought about the torturous sessions he had to go through with the Defense Teacher once a week to sift through his memories. God, he hated having that bastard in his head again, but there was little he could do about it.

So he just sighed and continued to work on breakfast as he thought about other things. Mostly about how Dudley was now in his second year in the Police Academy and was doing well, especially since he was dating Luna now as well. Which had been a surprise but the air headed blond had helped Dudley with his understanding of magic and a lot more.

He was hoping to have a wedding announcement soon from them.

Then there was Hermione and Ron. Both of whom had went back to Hogwarts, a lot of nagging and bitching it took for the youngest Weasley male to go from both girlfriend and wife, to finish their education. Both were home for the holidays and Ron had decided that Christmas night would be perfect to propose to Hermione. Harry was in on the plan and he couldn't wait to see it happen out in the portion of the garden the two had transformed for the surprise. He knew Hermione would love it.

And then there was Ginny who was dating Dennis Creevey, which had been a huge surprise for everyone, but the match had worked out gorgeously so far for the two. Harry hoped it would work as Dennis and Ginny both needed the support the other gave.

Snape was also supposed to come to the Burrow for Christmas with McGonagall, the Malfoys, and Andromeda and Teddy.

Snape had settled into his role as Defense Teacher easily and would sometimes confer with Harry on his classes or ask him to come and help with a demonstration. Though they did get on better, they still would never really be best of friends. Acquaintances would be the best they could do.

But his relationship with the Malfoys was going along swimmingly, especially since Draco had decided to become an Auror despite certain problems he had. Not that any one cared about it now since the Werewolf laws had been appealed and no wolfsbane and jobs were aplenty for those afflicted.

Lucius and Narcissa spent all their time at home now, just relaxing and enjoying life, especially now that they were on good terms with the Weasleys and would invite the Parents over for tea and Fire Whiskey now and then. They would complain about the lack of grandchildren to the two red heads constantly and pestered them with how they had managed two from at least one of their children.

Harry laughed at that. Bill and Fleur had popped them out rather quickly. Victoria was a gorgeous baby girl and the same age as Teddy. The second one, a little boy, Lupin was a happy baby boy and Harry teared up whenever he saw him or heard mention of him. He missed his own Lupin dearly.

And then there was Andromeda and Teddy. His little Godson…who you couldn't exactly tell what his original form was because he had inherited the Black Metamorphmagus ability and so changed to match the person holding him. The first time Harry had held him, about a year after the war, he had nearly dropped him because he had become an exact replica of Harry minus the scar. Andromeda had laughed heartily and helped Harry readjust the child before he really did drop him.

The time after the war had been complicated but Harry was happy that it had become better. It was still tough at times, like that morning from his nightmare. But he didn't mind so much now. He'd always have the nightmares but now he had memories of his friends and family and his loves to keep him going forward and find his ways to heal properly.

"Oh, Harry love, you didn't have to get up and cook." Molly Weasley exclaimed as she walked into the kitchen an hour later to see platters of food already sitting on the table, steaming heavily under preservation and heating charms. "I would have made breakfast."

"I know." Harry replied as he poured a cup of tea for the Matriarch of the Weasley Family. "I just wanted to is all. Nothing to worry about." He explained as he settled the woman at the table with her cup of tea. "Besides, you can do the dishes afterwards if you like." A smirk flit over his face.

Molly laughed heartily at that as she patter his cheek gently. "Oh no, I think I'll leave that for George and you to do." A twinkle of mischief shined in her eyes with a raised brow and smirk. "After all, you two get along fabulously now that you are in a body more suited for your relationship."

Harry gulped as a blush washed over his face but did not dine to reply to that as he heard was sounded like hippogriffs running down the stairs of the burrow. Though not was crooked and strange to look at from the outside anymore, the burrow was much taller and held more rooms to accommodate the amount of people that spent their time there. Harry also suspected that it was also to encourage progeny among the Weasley spawn so that the rooms would one day hold grandchildren instead of just children and their lovers.

"Sweet, breakfast!" Ron exclaimed sleepily with Hermione right behind him. "It looks great mom!"

"Thank Harry Dear, he's the one who made it." Molly replied as she served herself quickly, knowing how food could disappear quickly in her house.

"Oh, that's even better! Thanks Harry." Ron said as he quickly served himself, knowing that as soon as knowledge of Harry's cooking hit the others, food would literally vanish from beneath other's noses.

Molly huffed but didn't deny that Harry's cooking was indeed better than hers, but only by a small margin. "So, I'm sure the others will be up soon. We'll open presents once everyone has eaten and shown up."

And that's exactly what they did. One after another, they all ate while those who needed to arrive did as well. Gifts were passed around and opened, exclamations of excitement and thanks yours were handed around liberally. But soon it all calmed down leaving them to relax with eggnog, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or whiskey in hand. Quiet chatter was all that was heard between the silent sounds of movement and whispers of those much closer to each other.

Harry watched all of this with love and happiness in his emerald eyes. From the relaxed state of Snape's shoulders and brow while he talked with Arthur Weasley to the slightly dozing form of Fleur against Bill on the love seat they occupied. Draco was crashed out on the floor with all three babies curled against his sides, Narcissa and Lucius both looking on wistfully from the couch they were sharing with Molly and Hermione. Ron stood off to the side with Charlie frantically whispering to his brother while Percy stood with a pensive look on his own face. Andromeda was sat relaxing near the fire, enjoying the warmth while Ginny was leaning against her chair, reading a book that she had received for Christmas.

Then there was he, Harry, who was leant against the side of his lover, watching all that was going on with contentment while the redhead watched him with his own content if slightly haunted eyes. "I think it turned out alright this year." George whispered into his ear softly.

Harry nodded his head in agreement. "One of my better ones." He agreed easily. And hopefully all the others would be like this, except better and better each year as they all healed from the wounds left behind from the war.


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