Chapter Twelve

Demonic Healing

Pain upon pain wracked his entire being. His body squirmed and flailed wildly and he thought that if he hadn't been chained down, he'd been throwing his body all over the place.

It just hurt so much and he wanted it all to stop. But it wasn't and the blackness that was the Dark Lord Voldemort was consuming him entirely. It had blocked out his vision completely and now only darkness was left to be seen.

"Do not fight it Potter. Allow me in. Allow me to see. It will be less painful if you do." HE really didn't want to listen to the voice, to Tom Riddle, but at the same time he could feel all of his strength and energy leaving his body and leaving him weak and tired. He wouldn't be able to last much longer. "Yes, just like that Potter, relax, calm yourself. You will be alright."

"No." Harry groaned as he tried to fight some more but his body and mind were becoming exhausted. There would be no more fighting for him.

He could nothing more than to allow the darkness to consume him entirely. He fell to the grip of Tom Marvolo Riddle. To Lord Voldemort.


"Well, this was a lot easier than we thought it would be." Ron blinked rapidly as he looked at the bound and unconscious forms of Death Eaters. "I seriously thought they'd put up more of a fight than they did."

"Why would that matter?" Draco scowled as he pointed at the circle where a little body cloaked in darkness lay. "They did what they came to do! And there's no way for us to get to him either thanks to that barrier."

"No Draco, there is a way for one to pass into the barrier." Snape drawled as he looked at his godson with a raised brow. "You would have known this if you had not daydreamed during meetings."

Draco scowled as he looked away. He didn't like to remember meetings of the Dark Lord. They were always so bloody and gory and filled with screams and begging for life. It wasn't something he liked to dwell on.

"Oh, so that's how it'll be done." Lucius said as he laid a hand where the barrier should be but was able to pass through easily. "Death Eaters can only enter."
"Lestrange was smart but he forgot that even if we defect, we are unable to remove the mark of that madman." The Defense Teacher spoke as he stepped over the line of the circle and towards the small unmoving body. He had only ever seen Potter that still when asleep in the hospital wing or forced into unconsciousness after a harrowing escapade. "I will handle this. The rest of you will keep an eye on everything else so that we are not disturbed."

"I should be the one to help Harry." Lucius stepped forward with a challenging glare at Snape. "He trusts me to help him, even when you decided to step in."

Snape rolled his eyes at the man before waving a hand towards the shadow covered boy. "By all means, if you can trick and fight against the Dark Lord and convince Potter to ignore him, I am sure you are more than qualified." He raised a brow at the blonde, wondering if the Malfoy was actually idiotic to try to go against the Dark Lord on the mental plain.

Lucius looked over to that still small and fragile looking body with a pained grimace before bowing his head and stepping back. Both he and Snape knew who the better Legilimens was and he wasn't about to risk Harry's mental health anymore than it already was.

"Good. Now, make sure that no one interferes, no matter what happens." Snape said once more before walking into the circle and over towards Harry. He wasn't going to try and make the boy open his eyes, he doubt he could. So he was going to do this through touch. An ability that few wizards ever had, not even Dumbledore could manage this.

But he could and would so that he could save this child once more. The boy that was always a pain in the ass. HE wouldn't allow him to die as long as he lived.

"Alright Potter. One more time." Snape muttered as he closed his eyes and laid his hand on an icy cold shoulder. "One more time." He muttered as he concentrated.


"Get up boy! I want my breakfast done before I get out of the shower!" The pounding fists of an obese man against his cupboard door woke him up. He despised this man but at the same time he thirst for his acceptance and love.

He knew he would never get it though as he shoved his glasses onto his face and crawled out of the cupboard under the stairs. His cousin would always hold all of his aunt and uncle's love. There wasn't enough for him.

He shook his head as he walked into the kitchen, ignoring the fist that slammed into his shoulder from behind and instead rolling with it so that he could continue forward. He ignored the hawk like glare from his aunt and started on breakfast. He uncle would want all the makings. Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, English muffin, and most likely pancakes. Most of which would take more than fifteen minutes to prepare but if he was lucky he uncle would take the extra five minutes in the bathroom to trim his mustache and another three to brush his teeth.

He burnt his little six year old hand on the stove when his cousin Dudley kicked at the stool he used, almost knocking him over and knocking over the food he had on the stove. He ignored the pain the best he could but it slowed him down a lot.

So much so that when his uncle came down for breakfast looking clean and trimmed and ready for the day, only the serving for his aunt and cousin was sitting at the table as the two dug in. His uncle's food was still finishing in the stove as he knew his uncle liked three eggs, two sausages, five pieces of bacon, and three pancakes. He had all but the pancakes done.

He knew what was coming.

"You ungrateful urchin! I give you roof over your head, clothes to wear, food to eat, but you can't even finish a simple task given to you!" Vernon Dursley roared at the little raven headed child before he grabbed him by the nape of his neck and dragged him to the cupboard. "That's it! You can stay in here until I come and get you! Maybe you'll learn to do as you're told then!"

With that Vernon threw the child into the cupboard, ignoring the sickening crack as the boy's arm landed wrong on the floor, trying to catch himself.

The door slammed and soon Harry Potter was left alone in his cupboard, in the dark as he cradled his arm that throbbed painfully.

"Please." He whispered as he looked around his cupboard, knowing the pictures he had drawn on the wall were there even if he couldn't see them. Pictures of flying motorcycles, a large black dog and stag, red hair and bright green eyes like his own, and even an orange tabby. Pictures he had drawn at school and then smuggled into his cupboard to hang up and look at. "I want my mom and dad." He sobbed out.

A mother and father that was dead and would never come for him. "Please." He whispered.

"Oh dear, how have you not hated muggles like I have?" Harry kept his eyes closed and his head turned away from the figure next to him. Ignoring all of the memories that came to the front of his mind as the dead Dark Lord tore into him. "I mean really, I had little food and the other children were cruel, but to be starved, neglected, and abused all at the same time? I think I would have just killed everyone at that point."

"Good thing I'm not you." Harry spat as he opened his eyes wide enough to watch the memory get smothered in black flames. Not the first to be converged in flames and he knew that more would follow. He tried to fight them and keep the memoires away from the flames, but he was too weak and too tired already. Not to mention that with each memory that was burned away and destroyed….he lost a part of himself along with the memories consumed. "I have better control than you to not destroy my friends when they work with me."

A memory of a Death Eater Meeting came up then, forcing him to watch the Muggle Studies teacher to be tortured, bound, and floated around the meeting like a bloody piñata. "It seems you saw more than I ever thought you would." The Dark Lord chuckled as he settled down next to Harry, resting from the eager pacing he had been doing as he tore into Harry. "I should have known you were more than you appeared, but alas, my insanity blinded me."

He could help but roll his eyes as the dark figure shrugged their shoulders. "Yeah, well, luckily for me you were idiotic enough to fall for our plans." He grunted, he felt that memory be wiped away. He wouldn't miss it but it was just another memory destroyed, which meant another would follow soon.

A loved memory could be destroyed next and not one of the more hated upon memories.

"Let's see what else we can find." Voldemort said as he waved a hand to the side, as if flipping through an album.

Harry watched in horror as he stopped on the memory of his first Christmas at Hogwarts. He gulped as he watched himself beam and smile, opening up presents from both Ron and Hermione and the Weasley jumper. "Please….no." He whispered as he watched Tom Riddle's face twist into a gruesome smile.

"Ah, it seems this is important." He stated nonchalantly as the flames began to consume the memory. "It seems I know where the riveting Invisibility cloak comes from."

"Merry Christmas." Ron said as Harry scrambled to the end of his bed where pile of presents were laid out, waiting for him to open.

"You too." The raven replied happily as he stared at each gift wrapped parcel, excited but unsure at the same time. "Will you look at this? I've got some presents!"

"What did you expect, turnips?"

He ignored the red head's grumbles though as he tore open into his first present. One from Hagrid that turned out to be a hand carved flute. And then a surprise gift from his relatives. A fifty-pence piece.

The most favored gift he had opened that day was not the invisibility cloak. Though he was happy to have it and be able to use it. No, it was the homemade sweater and fudge that Mrs. Weasley sent him at the request of her son. He wore the sweater just about everywhere afterwards, happy to have something that brought him warmth for once.

Harry ignored him as he struggled against his bonds again, trying to save the memory of the very first Christmas he had ever had. But he wasn't strong enough and so had to watch with tears in his eyes as that memory was destroyed and he was left with the sensation of something missing. "Stop! Please! No more!" Harry cried out as his body ached with the torture and the erasing of his mind.

"I will not." Tom replied calmly as he reached over and ran long fingers through the messy raven hair. "You destroyed my life and my plans to take over the world. I shall destroy you and make sure you will never live the life you please." He was intending to kill the boy by destroying his mind first. He had all the time he wanted as well since the only two people who could stop him were also dead. There was no saving the boy now.

"Please. I'm sorry. Please don't take them." Harry whimpered as he remembered all the good times unwillingly, knowing that they would be brought up next and destroyed. He was trying to think of other things. Things that weren't important.

"No, I will destroy them all." Voldemort hissed as his eyes glowed red, startling Harry. He gulped as he remembered the graveyard. Where Voldemort was brought back to life and Cedric died. "This is rather nostalgic." The Dark Lord said as he turned to the scene with a smirk. He watched long and hard as he was reborn and then started to torture the boy. "What a favorite memory of mine." He admitted even as the scene was eaten up in flames like all the others.

Harry gasped as he forgot what he was just watching, wondering why it was destroyed. He shook his head with a snarl as another memory came forward, this time of a startling red headed girl with a bright smile that was leaning towards him.

And then one where he was glaring up at a snarling Potions Professor that was ridiculing him despite it being his first Potions class.

Laughing down at the lake with Ron and Hermione, Luna, Neville, and that red headed girl.

Snarling out a spell that sliced into Draco's chest and spraying blood all over the place.

Warm green eyes that were…

"Stop." Harry blinked as the new voice startled Voldemort into a halt, the picture of a woman with long red hair and warm green eyes smiling down at him was frozen in place in front of him. The edges of the picture was wreathed in black flames but not moving to devour the memory. "I will not allow you to destroy the boy."

"Severus." Voldemort hissed angrily as he stood up and moved one leg over so that he was standing directly over top of the immobile boy. "You should be dead."

"I could very well say the same about you Tom Marvolo Riddle." Snape drawled as he stepped forward so that the picture was at his back and he was facing the two wizards. "Except I am very much alive while you are a mere spirit brought to the living plain."

Voldemort snarled as he launched himself at the Potions Master, intent on eviscerating him once and for all.

Only to feel as if his face had been busted against a solid brick wall. "Curse you Severus!" He shouted angrily as he floated backwards, holding his face in his hands as he glared furiously.

"Did you not figure out why I made such an excellent spy?" Snape questioned as he stepped forward, a pressure building against the Dark Lord's body as he did. "The reason I remained hidden directly beneath your nose-less face?"

Voldemort snarled as he was pushed further back, away from the memories that lay in front of him, knowing that if he did not fight back right now, he'd be pushed out of the child before he could finish what he started. "I knew of your Occlumency skills, do not believe you could hide that from me." He stated as he stood straight and began exerting his own pressure against the man. His own power may have been less than when he was alive, but he was no feeble babe either. "I underestimated your skill though, to believe that you were capable of hiding the truth from me was foolish of me." He admitted with a raised brow. "I shall not underestimate you now."

Snape gasped as he felt the pressure against his own shield, pushing him back and away from the Dark Lord and Potter. He couldn't allow it though. That brat had to be saved if it was the last merlin damned thing he did. "Then I shall not hold back." HE snarled as he began to exert his own pressure. He needed to remove the dark lord at all costs.

"Do so before I destroy the boy entirely then." With a smirk the Lord Turned back towards the memories in front of him, frowning at how they had changed while he had been distracted. It mattered not though as he viciously set the memory of a Potions classroom with a scowling professor and a confused child alight. He smirked as he watched Snape struggle to save the memory but even he couldn't concentrate on pushing the Dark Lord out and saving the memories.

"Damn it! Potter! Get off your lazy bum and help me save yourself!" The Potions Professor shouted as he pushed at the Dark Lord. He knew that the brat had little training or skill in Occlumency, but the little he had should be able to help out.

"I'm…trying." Potter growled out, eyes clenched shut as he concentrated on memories fervently.

Snape groaned as he realized that he was on his own here. There would be no help from the outside nor the inside. So he pushed harder, watching as the Dark Lord's face scrunched up in his own concentration even as another memory appeared in front of them.


Snape could only look at his mentor as he raised his wand and spat out the spell.

"Avada Kedevra!"

Harry, unable to move or scream, could only watch as Dumbledore was blasted into the air, body hanging underneath the Snake and Skull for a split second, before he disappeared, falling to the ground in what he was sure was a grotesque manner.

Snape's eyes shot open as he turned to see himself facing Dumbledore, his astonishment at the scene allowing the Dark Lord to step forward and push him backwards instead even as the memory began to burn.

He hadn't realized at the time but now he understood that Potter had just been in the room, inches away from the Death Eaters and trapped underneath the invisibility cloak. The child had seen the death of one of the few that had cared about him as more than just a weapon.

He gulped and came back just in time for the memory to burn completely out of existence, leaving the boy sweating heavily behind the Dark Lord. "Fight Potter! I can't focus on both the memories and forcing him out!" He snarled as he slammed against the Dark Lord viciously.

"I am!" Harry shouted back just as another memory popped up, bring a smug look on the evil being's face.

"Good one James!" Sirius Black shouted with a smirk on his face and a laugh on his lips as he shot off another spell at his cousin.

Harry blinked at the name and looked at Sirius just in time to watch a red spell slam into the man's chest. "NO! Sirius!" Harry shouted in horror just as warm familiar arms wrapped around his waist, keeping him from running to his godfather.

All he could do was watch the man fall into the Veil with a smile and laugh on his face.

Snape snarled as the memory shattered entirely into nothingness. The boy was doing nothing of help! Nothing at all! He had to stop this immediately before the boy ran out of memories entirely and was left basically a blank slate.

It didn't help that he had heard what Black had called the boy as well. He knew the mutt was anything but balanced after his stay in Azkaban but he hadn't realized how bad it was. Especially if he was seeing James Potter where Harry Potter stood instead.

It wasn't like the boy wasn't pressured enough to be something he wasn't along with who he wasn't.

"Harry?" Ginny questioned with wide blinking eyes as she stared down at the little boy that was the Man-Who-Conquered.

Harry smiled nervously up at the girl and nodded his head. "Yeah, hey there Ginny." He said as he shuffled his feet nervously. Since he had shrunken he had avoided the red head like the plague to avoid anything…but now he kinda couldn't do that since he was at the Burrow.

Ginny sighed before motioning to the door the led to her room. "We need to talk Harry." She said firmly with a frown and a look in her eye that said that he had better do as she said now.

Harry sighed and nodded his head as he walked up the stairs and into the girl's room. He looked around as it was actually the first time he had ever been in there since Molly made sure that he and the other boys never got in the girls' rooms. There were two beds, obviously Hermione slept in here, and some posters and books that looked new. Probably a halfhearted attempt at redecorating after the first Burrow fell.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Harry asked as he turned around, shoulders hunched and shuffling his feet nervously as he fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. He had known that he had needed to speak with Ginny after the war but when he had de-aged…he had avoided her like the plague, not wanting her to see him like that and now she saw him like he was now…it wasn't a very happy thought.

Ginny sighed as she walked over to her bed and sat down on it, meeting Harry's eyes as she crossed her legs. Harry noticed that she was still as tall as him as she sat down with irritation. "Harry…you look like you could be eight." She stated bluntly.

Harry scowled at that before pouting and nodding his head. "I know…I…there was an…incident at the Malfoys'…it made me revert even more." He informed, unsure of whether or not he should even mention the bat. He felt that he might explode again if he even started thinking the name of that man.

Ginny nodded her head in understanding before continuing. "I see…do you know how long it will be before you return to normal?" She questioned next, looking at him with flickering eyes.

The look in her eyes told Harry that his answer would either flare it or destroy it. Harry fidgeted as he looked away from her, already knowing what would come next. "I don't know Ginny…it could be days or months…it could be never." He admitted tiredly.

Ginny sighed once more as she stood up and tilted Harry's head up by gripping his chin between her thumb and index finger. Harry was forced to meet her sorrowful but gentle eyes before she leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead. "Then I'm afraid that this is the end of our relationship Harry." She informed sadly as she released him.

Harry gulped as he felt tears begin to build up in his eyes, not understanding why this hurt more than it had the first time. He nodded his head in understanding as he looked at her with saddened eyes, staring at her warm chocolate eyes and bright red hair.

A scream ripped through his head as a green flash of light blinded him for a moment.

"I understand." Harry said as he quickly turned and darted out of the room and up the stairs. He didn't hear Ginny call after him and assumed that she hadn't bothered to stop him, instead understanding that he didn't want to hear her reasons for why…just that she did.

"Potter! Fight back!" Snape snarled as he shoved again, causing Tom to slide backwards and now stood directly over top of Harry, shrouding the child in shadows. "He's destroying you!"

"I don't think he cares." The Dark Lord admitted with a grin. "Though to be fair, the child has had nothing but hate, anger, discrimination, neglect, and abuse thrown at him his entire life. Why would he wish to continue fighting such things when he can just lay down and die peacefully?" He tilted his head at the picture where the red headed girl with warm brown eyes was burning up into nothingness. "After all, not even the love of his life would wait for him to recover from something he had no control over. What's the point if all anyone does is abandon you?"

Snape growled as he continued to push at the Dark Lord, wondering if he was really fighting a losing battle, especially as he knew exactly what the bastard was talking about as well.

Potter's life had been anything but easy.

And very few around him ever made it easy for him as well.

Harry's face turned from shock to rage and his wand was out pointing straight at Snape. "You're supposed to be dead you bastard."

"The news of my death was greatly exaggerated Mr. Potter…and from what I hear it was you who delivered that information to begin with." Snape stated as he stayed seated while Harry continued to glare at the man. "And with your constant ability to dramatize and exaggerate situations…well…I'm not surprised you told others that I was dead." He sneered at the young looking boy.

Harry could feel his brow twitching as he began to growl low in his throat. "I wouldn't have thought you were dead if you hadn't of played it so well." He shot back. "Though I have to admit…wanting to be dead after giving the most hated of people you know your memories…that must have killed you on the inside."

Snape's sneer turned into a scowl as he stood up from his seat and moved towards the raven haired teen. "What did you do with those memories anyways Potter? Showed them to all of your little friends? Showed the entire public and laughed at how kind your mother was to the despised potions master? Desecrate the memories that I had of your mother and I as friends?" He questioned angrily.

Harry's face turned a frightening pale color while his eyes darkened. Draco gulped from the look as he recognized it from the night of Dumbledore's death. He knew what the look brought and he was not interested in getting in the middle of Harry or Snape.

Lucius's own face showed his concern and anger towards both males as both were acting like little children fighting over a favored toy. He wanted to intervene but a shake of the head from his wife stopped him. So Lucius just sat back and watched the two with a keen eye, ready to throw a shield up with his drawn wand in case something happened.

Narcissa had her own worry but she felt that this could be the perfect opportunity to help Harry. It was obvious from all of Draco's stories of the going on at Hogwarts and Severus's anger towards the boy and insults all around the corner that the two had deep issues. All of which could be causing a good part of Harry's problem. This could be helpful to Harry's healing.

"Still think I'm self-absorbed with such a huge ego that I can't see in front of my eyes then Snape?" Harry spat as he gripped tighter onto his wand.

"That is Professor Snape to you Potter. And yes I do think that. Why would you not be with the defeat of the Dark Lord? All the cheering of your name and presents, marriage proposals, even job offers must be making your head bigger than it was before." Snape drawled out as he approached the boy and stopped about five feet from in front of him.

Harry snarled ferociously as his grip tightened so much on his wand that his knuckles popped. "First of all you are no longer my Professor….you great greasy bat of the dungeons! Second of all I hate all of the attention from defeating Voldemort! I've always hated it but then again your too big nose has blocked that from your little pea brain!" Harry snapped out.

Snape actually had to hold back a little smirk at Harry's comeback before shaking his head with a frown on his face. "It seems that Potter you might have done well in Slytherin…if it was not for such a lack of discipline and control." He drawled out.

Harry's mind snapped backwards in time at Snape's words…or four words. '…done well in Slytherin…' made Harry think back to his second year down in the Chamber of Secrets and then back to his first year at the Sorting.

Tom Riddle had said that they were similar…practically saying that he would have done well in Slytherin as well if he had been sorted there.

The hat telling him he'd do well in Slytherin…with his ambition and determination to be the best and show what he could do…until he had been sorted into Gryffindor.

Harry's eyes clenched closed as his teeth ground together and then slowly Harry opened his eyes back up. "Incendio!" Harry shouted at he threw the spell at the Potions Master.

"And I'm the cruel one? Really Severus, couldn't you have shown some sympathy for someone who had died for you, who suffered under my hands and others to save the world?" Voldemort smirked mockingly as he reached down and patted Potter's head. "After all, he's your beloved Lilly's child as well."

"Fight Potter!" Snape roared as he shoved as much magic as he could at the dark lord.

Tom Snarled as he dug his feet in even as he slid backwards and away from the Boy-who-lived. "I will not leave until he dies!" He screamed as he wrenched up another memory, not caring what it was as long as he could destroy it.

"Daddy loves you." A sweet and loving voice whispered to him. "Mommy loves you." Warm green eyes stared at him and he felt that ever present feeling that he couldn't put words to yet. He was too young to understand what was going on but he knew that this was important and that something was happening.

His daddy had screamed earlier and now only his mommy was here with all of his things piled in front of his room except his crib that he was sat in.

"Never forget that you are loved and will always be loved."

Just then a cackling laugh came as the door to his room blasted open, destroying all the things in front of it.

"No! Not Harry!"

"Move aside."

"Not Harry! Not Harry!"

"Move aside you silly girl!"

"No! Take me! Not Harry! Not Harry!"

"Last chance. Move aside."

"Never! Take me! I'll die! But not Harry! Not Harry!"

"Avada Kedevra!"

He cried heavily from the screaming and the anxiety and terror that leaked off of his mother. How he wanted her to hold him again and keep him safe.

"Now you. The child that could destroy me. Could destroy all that I am and all that I have built."

"Avada Kedevra!"

A green light and then a splitting pain in his head.

Everything paused at this memory. The Dark Lord watched in horror at the end of his first reign while Snape watched the woman he loved fight for the child she had loved so much. Harry lay where he was, crying as he remembered the warmth his mother had given him.

He couldn't lose it.

He wouldn't lose it.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Harry yelled as he pushed with all he had just as Snape snapped back into action, adding his own power into the child's own.

"GET OUT!" The two yelled together as they combined their power and smashed it into the Dark Lord.

"No!" Voldemort shouted back as he struggled to stay even as his form began to dissipate and disappear into nothingness. "I will not go until you are dead!" He hissed as he reached for the still paralyzed child form.

"I SAID GET OUT!" Harry shouted again as he remembered all the love and care he had had throughout the years.

"Harry! I'm so glad you're okay!" An eleven year old girl exclaimed iwht a smile as she hugged the boy happily.

"Come on Harry! Hurry up!" Ron said as he held out a hand to the raven haired child to pull him into the flying car.

"We'll give this…"

"Too you! You need it more…

"Than us!"

The twins handing him the Marauders map and using it to get to Hogsmeade.

"You are always welcome here at the Burrow Harry." Arthur assured the teen as he and his wife saw the lot of them off to Hogwarts.

"You're like a son to us after all." Molly said with a sniffle and a smile.

"Will you come and live with me, once we have this all figured out?" Sirius asked with a smile.

"I knew your parents Harry and I can say without a doubt that they would be proud of you." Remus stated with a smile and a pat to the teens shoulder.

"Do not pity the dead Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love." Dumbledore said with the ever present twinkle in his eyes.

"You're a wizard Harry." Hagrid informed matter of fact as he patter the child on the head as gently as he could.

All the warm hugs, the pats on the back, hair ruffles, laughter, and so much more. All of the love and care he had ever received flashed before all of their eyes as he used all he had and gave one more push.

"Get out!" Harry sobbed as he pushed with all he had.

Voldemort cried out in pain as his form gave out and he disappeared into nothing.


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