"It's Alis Color." Spoke a redheaded male with violet eyes. Upon seeing his companion's face, he clarified, "It's my name."

"A pleasure." Spoke his companion, "Daniyarru Astin."

"So, what's up?" Alis asked, "Did you come here so I'd have to save you too?"

"I don't need savin'." Darky said, frowning "'Cause if the world wants it, my an' my buds are savin' it."

Alis looked at her in the eye, "That's exactly what I wanted to hear, Daniyarru Astin."

"Hey, Darky, are you interested in going to school?" Julie questioned. They were all in the van, driving to their next destination.

"Is it necessary?" Darky asked.

"All the schools are closing down." Julie said, "First it was the Elementary schools, and right now it's the Junior Highs. In a few years even the High Schools will be all that happens, you and G will lose any chance of ever going to school. At our next stop, I'll get in touch with my old friend and see if I can get you two into one."

"Are you seriously sending them to that hellhole, Julie?" Questioned Kizuna.

"You want your child to be educated, don't you?" Julie asked.

Everyone was asleep in the van as Julie left it to use a phone. He suddenly heard a car screech away from the van, so he hurriedly ran over…

Only to see Darky missing.

"Darky!" He exclaimed.

"I dare say that car was from Goran Academy." Spoke an old woman nearby.

"Goran Academy…?" Julie quickly got into his van and started it, "This is not good. We've gotta get her outta there! Kizuna, wake up!" He began to drive and wake up Kizuna at the same time.

"Daniyarru 'Darky' Astin, you have my permission to enter our school." Spoke the headmistress of Goran Academy. Darky blinked up at the headmistress.

"You are to say 'yes ma'am!" Exclaimed the headmistress.

"Y-Yes ma'am!" Darky exclaimed.

"Without the stutter."

"Yes ma'am!" Darky repeated.

"Much better." The headmistress then told Darky her name. The author cannot spell it so it won't be typed. The headmistress then told Darky her expectations, showed her the residence hall and allowed the fifteen-year-old to go to class for introductions.

Darky, at the end of the day, was told that Goran Academy was more like a prison for those with special gifts.

She also made some friends in her class, Class Q, though one of them, a girl with pale skin and brown hair with a Sonic the hedgehog pin on her uniform(which was an ugly green, like all the other girl uniforms. Darky contemplated going out and stealing a male uniform.), was… familiar.

Eventually, though, the headmistress ordered them to go to the baths.

Soon enough, all the girls from Class Q were in the large bath. There weren't very many.

They explained to Darky that they all had special abilities. Darky explained to them her origins and her status as a hybrid, even telling them that she was half dead, half alive.

They then told Darky of their abilities, and that most of them nearly died and made wishes to survive.

There was Volrath, who had super strength.

Mimi and Meme shared half of their dead triplet sister's personality.

Rune could breathe underwater.

Tanya, being blind, could use Spirit Vision to hear what others see.

The last one, the familiar one, didn't share her name nor her ability. Darky guessed she'd find out later.

There was suddenly a rumbling sound that freaked out the girls. When the smoke the rumbling produced faded, they could see a hole in the ground outside the pool. Everything was more or less silent…

But then a male who was obviously Alis Color popped up from the hole. He looked around for a few moments, before he finally noticed the girls only in towels in front of him. The girls all threw something at him, Volrath soon knocking him out with a piece of one of the statues around the pool.

When he woke up, he saw not only Volrath, Tanya, and Darky glaring down at him, but he also realized that his friends were captured alongside him.

They were then all yelled at, before the girls decided to punish them.

Alis managed to save them by telling them of why they were digging in the first place. He also introduced them to Dee, a ghost with the title 'The Witch of the West'.

Alis and Dee explained a few things, but then…

"You know, Darky, you, me, Alis, and Toxic… We were destined to meet each other." Dee spoke.

"Wait… Toxic?" Darky looked to the girl with brown hair. 'Toxic' smiled.

"Hey, Darky!" She exclaimed.

"T-Toxikku?" Darky's eyes widened. Toxic nodded.


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