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Will be some yandere-ness

'Shut up!'

Naruto could feel his brows twitch in pure frustration and he curled his hands in response to the whisperings in his mind.

He didn't even flinch when his nails (which had sharpened into claws without his noticing) pierced into the flesh of his palms.

A rough noise tumbled out of his lips when the murmurs finally did stop after a deep dark chuckle before the Kyuubi receded back into his slumber, 'Damn fox...'

However, he couldn't exactly blame the Bijuu either.

'Kagome-chan does smell good,' Naruto admitted, glancing up when he noticed that said girl was headed in his direction complete with a sincere smile as soon as she spotted him, 'Real good.'

His eyes flashed red.

"Naruto!" Kagome stopped before him, and much to his relief, she didn't seem to notice his faltering control, "How are you? I haven't see you in a while."

"The hospital really needs to learn how to give you breaks once in a while–ttebayo," Naruto complained, "Don't tell me that's where you're headed?"

"I like to be useful," Kagome shrugged, "It's the least I can do since Konoha has been so good to me." After all, she felt nothing but fondness for the shinobi village that had taken her in after she had been found half-dead in an abandoned well.

"Even you need to relax, Kagome-chan," Naruto swallowed thickly, feeling uncharacteristically shy as he gathered up his courage, "When your shift is over, do you want to get some ramen?" He asked, "I'll even pay and everything!"

Kagome blinked those beautiful blue eyes before her smile widened, "Of course!" She agreed to his relief, "See you then, Naruto!" With that, she excused herself to continue to Konoha's hospital.

'I gotta a date with Kagome-chan!' Naruto grinned excitedly, not even feeling the whisker markings on his cheeks thickening, 'A date~!'

Nothing could be better!