The seven deadly competitions:

Over the course of a week the seven deadly sins each decided upon a competition in their area of expertise which would allow them to showcase their strengths. Meliodas picked drinking, Ban picked cooking, Diane picked arm wrestling, Gowther picked acting, Merlin picked a fight festival and King picked a race, which surprised everybody. The only member who has yet to pick a challenge is the Lion's sin or Pride, Escanor, who doesn't think he is good at anything. Escanor's had to make up his mind the day before his challenge was due and in good sport he was allowed to participate in the events. However, some of the events had to take place during the day, which frightened a lot of people.

Today is the first day of the seven deadly competitions and all seven sins were pumped. Making the competitions more rewarding the winner of the most challenges would be permitted to ask the king for a favor, big or small and the people who came second and third would be awarded around 1000 and 500 gold pieces, which was an incredibly amount. Considering these were the prizes, a lot of famous holy knights were also competing in the competition namely; Zaratras, Dreyfus, Hendrickson, Dale and Threader. The competition is fierce and there is no exact way of telling who will win, although everyone hopes Escanor does not obliterate the kingdom, nobody wants a repeat of Edinburgh castle.

The first competition would start at 4:00Pm, as this was the perfect time to start drinking. Each of the sins and holy knights were gathering in the square and were drawing a crowd. Guila, Zeal, Gilthunder and Griamore came to cheer on their dads, five of the sins took their place and Merlin went to gather Escanor. She arrived a few minutes before the beginning of the tournament and placed Escanor within a perfect cube which had already been filled with six barrels of beer, more than three times an adult humans limit, and was told to fill his mug to drink. After everyone was seated, the King walked towards a podium to begin the seven deadly competitions, which would obviously be introduced via a speech.

King Bartras: "*hic* Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce the beginning of the seven deadly competitions. We have taken certain measures to ensure that there will be no cheating or danger to the crowd. Each competitor will have their score recorded and, once a single person is left standing, the highest amount of pints wins. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope our competitors are all fired up.*hic*" He said, clearly showing he had already had a beer or two.

All the contestants were eager to start as the servers brought their first pint, or in Diane and Escanor's case a barrel, of Bernia Ale. They all grabbed their drink, lifted it in the air and waited for the referee. The King was also the referee, but, today his daughter Margaret had to take over, as her father's tolerance for alcohol was quite low. Seeing her long, luscious hair blow in the wind made the little Gilthunder in the crowd blush. He had always had a crush on her and was still waiting for his moment to confess to her.

Margaret: "Let the games, begin." She said sweetly.

The competitors all began drinking their ale as quickly as possible and they had score boards to help tally how much they had drunk. For there to be no advantage for Diane, her barrels all counted as a single beer. As the minutes went by, both Ban and Meliodas cried out "done" and were on to their second pint. Currently in the lead however, was Escanor who had already downed half a barrel, which was around ten pints. Although this seemed unfair to most competitors they kept going strong. Noticing the King was drunk and required assistance, Slader forfeited the challenge to assist him. Gowther saw no reason for this competition, had a single drink and conceded as well.

Half an hour later, the competitors were beginning to drop and the first sin to fall under the pressure was King, who had drunk 7 pints before passing out. Apparently his tolerance for alcohol was not as high as the other sins, going so far as to state he had already lost before the competition started. A few minutes later he was followed by Dale, who had only been able to drink 8 pints. Diane had the lowest tolerance to alcohol and was only able to drink a total of 4 pints/barrels before collapsing. She lasted longer than King, because he was simply drinking faster, but being 15 years old, in human years, was quite the disadvantage. The other competitors were looking rather decent; Dreyfus had 10, Hendrickson had 9, Zaratras had 10, Meliodas, Ban and Merlin had 12 and Escanor had 15. It was now 4:35Pm and everyone knew Escanor's ability to drink was declining, but, Ban was also running low on energy and was close to passing out drunk.

Twenty five minutes passed and most of the participants had been eliminated including Ban, who drank 15 pints and Merlin who drunk 13. The only competitors left were Dreyfus, Hendrickson, Meliodas, Zartras and Escanor. Hendrickson had almost reached his limit with 15 pints, Dreyfus and Zartras were struggling with a respectable 16, Meliodas was enjoying himself with 18 and Escanor was unaffected after 20. Five minutes later Hendrickson could not continue and left the competition with 16 pints. Another ten minutes passed and the battle for third place was being fought; Zartras against Dreyfus. Who would drink the most out of these two? They were neck-n-neck since the beginning and the two brothers began sweating as they reached for their 18th pint. They both began chugging the pint to determine who would be in third place, as the crowd was going wild. Dreyfus's regular stops at the bar gave him the advantage over his older brother and he was able to finish his 19th pint, as he watched Zartras tap out. They gave each other a hug and both passed out.

Now, the finale between Escanor and Meliodas could commence. Both sins had not budged an inch since the beginning of the contest and they were both certain the other would collapse. Escanor's immunity to alcohol would run out in forty five minutes and Meliodas's face was already red as he was beginning to face his limit. Over 3000 years of experience had led him to this moment and he was adamant on defeating Escanor. They had both drunk over twenty pints, which was twice the maximum intake of an adult male. With 23 pints down, Meliodas reached for his 24th and watched the bubbles burst on the top. He covered his mouth, as his stomach had begun rejecting the large quantities of beer he had ingested. This was his competition; he could not let Escanor beat him in this challenge. Escanor had a total of 25 pints and was beginning to feel their effects.

The clock was ticking on both participants and one of them was going to give up. Escanor's Pride or Meliodas's determination could possibly win; the question was which would conquer the other. Thirty minutes left until sunset and both competitors were reaching their limits. Escanor's form had begun changing and his immunity to alcohol had taken a dive, whilst Meliodas's determination had become fragmented. They continued drinking and drinking, until the judges came to a consensus and stated at 6Pm the contest would stop, the person with most pints would win. The last minutes of the competition was upon both of the remaining sins. They were both sickened by the thought of another beer and were completely overwhelmed by the amount of alcohol they had ingested. They last few seconds ticked down and the judged called out.

Margaret: "Times up, the winners will be presented in a few minutes."

In these few minutes the sins rushed over to help their captain, who had they had never seen drunk, and gave him food and water. Merlin decided the captain had enough support and went over to Escanor, who had changed into his night form, and was trying his hardest not to throw up. Merlin gave him a magical tablet to, in order to calm his stomach and he thanked her, in his now soft and humble voice. She smiled at him, patted him on the back and asked Diane to help him up. He smiled at the sin of Envy and walked over to the rest of the sins, where he decided to have some fun.

Escanor: "You have greatly fouled my mood, Meliodas" he said in a stern and somewhat antagonized voice

King: "AHHHHH, Escanor's gonna kill us!" he said, panicking

Gowther: "That is highly likely, King." He said, logically speaking of course.

Ban: "Zzz… Zzz" *Ban had passed out*

Meliodas: "Come on…it was just a game Escanor…" he said, noticing Diane and Merlin giggling in the background.

Escanor: "Just kidding" he said, smiling at their tormented faces.

King and Meliodas: "Asshole!" they said, clearly not amused

Margaret: "Attention everyone, we have the results for first, second and third places, for this contest" she said and was seemingly happy the contest was over.

The crowd reformed in front of the stand and the competitors lined up on the stage. Everyone was glancing around, as most of them had passed out and were clueless as to whom the winner was.

Margaret: "Thank you for your patience. Ahem, third place goes to Sir Dreyfus" she said, followed by a round of applause and happy Dreyfus taking his place on the podium.

Dreyfus: "Thanks everyone!"

Margaret: "In second place, by a single pint, we have The Lion's sin of Pride, Lord Escanor." She continued; the applause got louder, despite everyone being afraid of Escanor. He appeared on the opposite side of the podium to Dreyfus and waved shyly at the crowd.

Escanor: "Th-thank you very much" he said, bowing to express his gratitude.

Margaret: "Finally, in first place, the captain of the seven deadly sins, Sir Meliodas" she declared, as the crowd went wild and Meliodas stood in the centre of the podium and waved at the crowd.

Meliodas: "Thanks Everyone, I did it!" he said, content with the outcome of his chosen contest. He was incredibly happy that he had beaten Escanor and taken first place, however, if this event would have taken place an hour earlier he knew he would have lost.

Margaret: "Please help me congratulate all the participants and wish them a speedy recovery for tomorrow's competition."

The day came to an end and everyone went home. The competitors dealt with their hangovers, the worst being Escanor's of course. The next contest would commence at 6Pm the next day, and would last as long as it needed too. The contest was Ban's decision and he chose the one thing he was unmatched in: cooking. The next contest would be shorter than the first, but, for now everyone needed a good rest.

Everyone: "Good night"

Next chapter: The cook-off