A/N: Ahhh! Ryouga is soo huggable... XD That's the only word I can spell that describes him. ('ey ryouga-kun! i feel your pain!)

Eternal Lost Boy

I have always been the lost boy. It was a curse I was born with. My parents, what I can remember of them, were always looking for me. I remember once my teacher in 1st grade told me to go play in the sandbox so I did. I was gone for three weeks searching for it. When I returned, they had police and everything after me. I never found the sandbox.

When I was in seventh grade, I got laughed at. A lot. I wasn't feeling well and looking for the bathroom and got lost. They don't call me the lost boy for nothing. I had gone into every single classroom. Walked in on every single older grade student making out in the Janitor's Closet at least twice before I ended up back to my original classroom. Where I puked on the teacher's desk. I was suspended for three days.

Eleventh grade was no better. It was almost worse. Barging into girls washrooms thinking I was headed outside or into my classroom. On Fridays I had to walk home from school. I wandered the town for hours arriving home at precisely 8pm Sunday night. As expected, I was very tired from my travels but had to get up at 6am to get ready for school. My alarm clock was broken most of eleventh grade and went off at 3 and 4am most times. I'd jump up in the darkness, banging my head on my headboard, and dress in the darknes only to find I can sleep another hour or two. Then I'd go back to sleep fully dressed. I'd wake up late and arrive to school half and hour late or more to relize I was wearing one black sock and one pink sock. Or I had slept in my sister's room and pulled on a shirt that had the word 'cutie' on the back. Something like that.

Well, now that you know all these things about me, I'm hoping that you understand how I feel. Being an eternal Lost Boy is something I relize that I am and don't need thrown in my face on your every whim. So I have bad directional skills. So what? You aren't perfect, so don't expect me to be.