Selfish isn't the word that one will use when you're describing Aya Hoshino. Timid, indecisive, easily swayed - those are the words she is usually used to hear when people say negative things about her. Not selfish.

So, when her new friend and college roommate Jinnie Suzuki told her, "I think you're being too selfish."

Aya Hoshino was confused.


"I mean, think about it. Don't you think it's kind of selfish of you to ask him to return your feelings? You were the one who confessed. He never asked for your feelings, but you're asking him to return it? Aren't you just the same as his other fan girls? Or do you think you have more right over him just because you are friends with him?" Jinnie blatantly told her.

"I... I never.."

"Look Aya, I'm sorry. It's just my opinion. You know where I'm coming from, right? I've been hearing your concerns about this Otohata guy. Frankly, I don't think it's fair that most of your friends think he is the only one to blame. After all, there are always two sides. Maybe you need to stop convincing him that you're the right one for him and start convincing yourself that he isn't the one for you."

When Jinnie finished her sentiments, all Aya could do was look at her as if she's been slapped in the face. She was so used to her friends who were so supportive of her love life - they would always encourage her regarding her problems with Rei. They would even interfere and talk to him whenever she couldn't.

"Jinnie..." Aya said as tears started to fall into her eyes and hugged the frank girl for comfort.

"Fuck. Don't cry on me now! Where the hell is Keisuke when you need a clown." Jinnie awkwardly placed her arms around Aya and tried her best to comfort her roommate. With a sigh, Jinnie whispered, "I should have just kept my stupid mouth shut, neh?"

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