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Goodbye is hard to say,

Goodbye is such a harsh word,

So this is not goodbye.

Goodbye doesn't work,

For you and me.

I live in you,

I live for you,

I die for you,

I feel your pain,

So this ain't goodbye.

I was the lonely girl,

Who stared at roses everyday.

But your arrival changed my life,

The thorns in the roses disappeared.

But we were not meant to be,

I was just another pawn,

Of his huge plan,

A plan to make you emotionless,

Heartless, cruel and evil.

I didn't feel any pain when he pressed the button,

The only pain that I had felt,

Was your pain.

I wanted to touch you again,

To tell you that this ain't goodbye.

Because I would be yours,

Forever and more.

You gave me the power,

To protect you,

And to touch you once again.

For us,

There's no goodbye,

I would be yours till the end of time.

I'm sorry that I couldn't hold you a little longer,

I'm sorry I couldn't love you a little longer,

I'm sorry for not letting you go,

I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye,

I can't, I won't and I never will,

Goodbye is too harsh.

There is no goodbye for the two of us,

As long as I'm with you,

As long as you're here.

Even if there was no tomorrow,

Even if yesterday did not exist,

Even if there was no future,

There will still be no goodbye.



There is no goodbye... thanx a zillion for reading and muz comment on this okie!