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Chapter 8

"So what now?" I leaned closer to the hologram of the new 'Avengers Tower'.

"Now? We're going to get this building back into shape with even better security and defense systems." Dad explained as he put his arm around Pepper's waist as the four of us observed the new design.

"Mr. Stark, I have so many ideas so the new Avengers HQ," Donnie stared at the building, before jumping, "after we get Elek back." He smiled back at me from the chair he sat in.

I rolled my eyes and draped my arms over his shoulders. Only when he was sitting was I actually able to reach his shoulders because of his height. Dad spun the holographic tower around and sighed.

"Bailey, you're old enough now that, I'm giving this project to you."

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open. "Dad?"

"The Avengers Tower is yours, Bailey." Dad put his hand over the tower before lowering his hand to the table and the tower disappeared.

"Wow, this…this is amazing!" I shouted and hugged my dad. "I promise you, the Avengers Tower is going to be the best and safest headquarters anyone has ever seen." I started to ramble. "Oh, this is going to be great!" I turned to Donnie. "I wanted to try something with you. It'll allow you four to walk amongst the humans without a second glance."

Donnie gave me a hesitant look. "As long as I get to give some input with the building upgrades."

I hugged him. "I'm so excited and Elek-" I frowned. "I mean, when we build a lab to recreate Elek. He can," With a soft sigh, I sat on the arm of the chair Donnie sat on. He put his arm behind me.

"We'll get him back." Donnie said and pulled me towards him as I started to cry.

It felt as if someone punched me in the chest and clawed at me until they slowly tore my heart out. I know that sounds pretty brutal, but god, this hurt. Building the new Avengers Tower would be good for me, I'll be able to keep my mind off of…what happened, and I don't know, hope for the best. Still sniffling, I brushed my tears away and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, it's just-"

"Don't worry, Bail," Dad and Pepper wrapped their arms around me. "Everything will work out."

I nodded. "I just had an idea for the building."

"What's that?" Donnie asked trying to change the subject.

I smiled. "Build a tunnel from the lair into the building that will lead to a secret passage way to an elevator that'll bring you four up to where ever they please in the building. I'm planning on getting a high tech dojo, where the trainee can program their course. It can be an obstacle course of a fight scene. It'll all be all holograms." I started to feel a little better.

"And we still have your room ready at the lair until the Avengers Tower is ready or ready enough for you to live in." Donnie said.

So Pepper, dad, and I flew back home so I could pack my things and fly back. I had a ton of work to do anyways. There was the Tower, obviously, my ninja training, and getting my best friend back. I will stop at nothing to get him back. I may not be a soldier, but I AM a fighter.

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