I have no idea where this came from. I can't even begin to guess (and that SCARES me, LOL). I'm not sure if I used the concept of a cotillion in the right way, but I tried my best. I place this around the middle to end of season five.

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Chapter 1

Deeks smiled as he listened to Sam and Callen argue over who has saved who more times, his head moving back and forth like he was watching a tennis match. It was like listening to an old married couple fight over who makes dinner more often. It was an argument that seemed to come up with some fair regularity, usually after an op where one of them had been in danger and the other claimed he'd saved the day. He looked over at his partner and noticed the smirk on her face. Kensi felt him looking at her and she smiled at him when their eyes locked. He rolled his eyes at the two men and mouthed "I hate it when the parents fight". She made a face, causing him to burst into laughter. Both men stopped arguing and presented a united front against the junior agent and detective.

"What are you two laughing at?" asked Sam.

"What do you think, Sam? We've heard this argument a hundred times. Why are you even keeping score? Fern and I don't. She just admits I've saved her way more times than she has me, so there isn't a reason to fight." Deeks replied, knowing full well his partner would instantly be up in arms.

"Whoa there, cowboy! Did you just say you've saved me more times? We all know it's the other way around!" Kensi flared up before realizing her partner was deliberately baiting her. She looked at the three men grinning at her and stuck out her tongue.

"Real mature there Blye." laughed Deeks. Not caring, she just threw a pencil in his direction before laughing with the rest of her team. She was about to make a further comment when Eric appeared at the railing and whistled.

"Case on deck. Everyone up to Ops." he said, once he had their attention. They all got up and trooped up the stairs, gently continuing the "who saved who" count on their way, even overlapping partners. By the time they reached the door to Ops, they were all a little sobered as they realized just how many times each of them had been in danger of not coming home. They entered to find Hetty and Granger already there.

Once everyone was in place, Granger took the floor. "We've been notified by the Navy that the family of Admiral John Shelton has been targeted. The reason why has not yet been made known. Candid pictures of him, his wife and daughter were delivered to his home yesterday with a note stating 'We can get to you and them whenever we want.' That was it, no demands, no explanations."

Callen said "Admiral Shelton is the Deputy Administrator of the NNSA's Nuclear Reactors. He would know the location of all our nuclear subs and supercarriers. He has access to critical classified information. Has he been taken into protective custody? What does the Department of Energy say?"

"He refuses to be threatened into hiding. Unfortunately, his wife and daughter are of like mind. Apparently, the daughter has some fancy coming out ball this evening and neither one will agree to miss it." replied Granger. "NCIS has been tasked with providing a security detail on the family while the Department of Energy looks into the threats."

Sam sighed. "So, babysitting duty?"

"I would hardly say that protecting an Admiral of the United States Navy and his family from a possible threat, to be babysitting duty Mr. Hanna." chided Hetty. "You will be responsible for making sure that neither the Admiral, nor any of his family, are hurt or abducted, thereby compromising the information the Admiral has access to and endangering our troops in the field!"

Sam nodded. He knew this was important but he'd rather be out tracking down the culprits than protecting the assets. "I understand. What do we have on the Admiral and his family?"

Nell responded by pushing several pictures up to the big screen. "This is Admiral John Shelton. He's a decorated navy vet and has been Deputy Administrator for the last three years. His wife is Laura Shelton. Old Georgia money and very involved in charities here in the L.A. area. Their daughter, Meaghan Shelton, has just turned 16 and attends the Marlborough School here in L.A. They have a cotillion planned for tonight to celebrate Meaghan's sixteenth birthday."

"A cotillion? Really?" asked Deeks, surprised that anyone in L.A. would be putting on such an old fashioned ritual.

"A cotillion is…." Kensi started to explain to her partner when he interrupted.

"..a formal ball at which debutantes are presented. I know what it is, Wikipedia. What I don't know is why a California teenager would want one for her sweet sixteen party." said Deeks. He shuddered, thinking how formal it would be. Not much fun at all and not what he would expect a teenager to be so looking forward to, that she would be willing to take a chance with her safety. Then again, teenager.

Hetty responded "I doubt the cotillion was her idea, Mr. Deeks. As Miss. Jones stated, Mrs. Shelton is from old southern money and, apparently, this is a long standing tradition in her family. Mr. Callen, Mr. Hanna, you are assigned to the Admiral. Where he goes, you go. Mr. Deeks, you will be protecting Mrs. Shelton and Ms. Blye, Miss. Shelton. You will not let them out of your sights. As we will be providing protection during said tradition, you will all need formal wear." she ignored the groans from Callen's team and continued. "Please meet me downstairs in wardrobe." as she exited Ops.

"Eric, send the address….." started Callen.

"….to your smart phones. Already done." said Eric.

The four members of the team looked at each other in resignation. "Might as well make the best of it. Let's go see what Hetty digs up for us to wear to a debutante's ball." said Callen. Deeks lifted a finger and opened his mouth, then closed it, not able to think of a single witty thing to say that would make attending this gala sound better.

They headed downstairs to find Hetty busily pulling out tuxedos, shirts and shoes for the men. Long formal gowns and shoes for Kensi were also piling up. One by one they made their selection and tried them on. Deeks almost swallowed his tongue when he saw his partner. He had seen her dressed sexy to get close to a suspect but never in something that made her look so elegant. She was long and sleek and very well aware of her effect on her partner. What he didn't know was that he had had the same effect on her while displaying how he looked in his tux for Hetty's approval, she had just hidden it better.

Once everyone was outfitted, Hetty carefully packed it up and shooed them on their way. The team took two cars to the address on their phones, making jokes over comms about how each of them was going to fare at the formal ball. Deeks pretty much won the most likely to make a fool of himself award, hands down. The three NCIS agents were seriously considering taking bets on how long it would take, wondering if Nell and Eric, as well as Hetty and Granger, would want in. That would greatly sweeten the pot for whoever won. Deeks just grinned and said "Bring it."