I feel like guys sit around and watch porn all day. Well Sakura, why don't you come and see what we do over the summer. Her summer filled with males; this could only end well. Sakura-centric

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It was the last day of school at Konoha High, and the students were all exited for their three month summer vacation to start. The students no long had to worry about final exams because they had been taking them for the last couple of days. The students had studied hard all year and now, they didn't have to worry about anything really relating with school or studying. The only thing that was left in the students' minds was their summer plans, and the only thing that was asked was pertaining to everyone else's.

A room full of junior level students, soon to be seniors mind you, sat around a classroom. Because of the loud noise, and the excitement that had sprouted throughout the classroom, it would seem as if the exuberance everyone felt was tangible. Everyone seemed to be cheerful, and it seemed the mood would not be deterred by anything.

In the classroom, a group of three seemed to be the most excited; well, two out of the three seemed to be.

"Hey guys!" Sakura waved to her two friends as she sat on a desk near the window. The friends that stood before her were quite unusual, but Sakura wasn't really the type to be considered usual either.

This pink haired seventeen year old was a full out tomboy, and hated everything that was frilly and pink; this obviously included her hair. But she did like that her pink hair made her stand out; she was exotic looking in a sea of blondes and brunettes. At her school there were even very few red heads. She was at the top of her class, even beating Shikamaru Nara, one of her friends, in test scores.

Grinning, Sakura looked over to her friends and noticed that they seemed to contrast perfectly; a blond with a mischievous grin and a dark haired brunette with a brooding scowl. "I'm going to miss you so much Sakura-Chan!" The blond yelled as he hugged her tightly.

Sakura shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Seriously Naruto, it's not a big deal," she said as she returned the hug. "You guys always go to Sasuke's summer home without me. I don't feel very left behind, and I wouldn't want to be included in what you guys do there anyways…"

Said dark hair brooding boy raised an eyebrow at her last statement; Sakura knew he wanted her to explain further, so she did without him even having to comment. "I feel like all guys do is sit around and watch porn all day," Sakura stated while watching either friend for a reaction. She got one out of the both of them, she noticed with a smirk. Naruto appeared to be incredibly embarrassed at being caught while Sasuke looked like he was completely shocked and somewhat offended at her statement.

Sasuke seemed to get over his shock within a few seconds, and looked at her with an incredulous look.

"Well Sakura," the Uchiha said with a slight bit of amusement. "Why don't you come to my summer home and see what we do over the summer."

"I really wouldn't want to intrude on the 'male bonding' experience," Sakura explained while using air quotes for the last part of her sentence. She watched as Sasuke sent her a slight glare; she knew he didn't want to be categorized as a pervert, but she just couldn't stop herself.

"I'm walking you home and asking Tsunade," Sasuke said with a tone that meant what he said was final. Sheesh he could be such a dad sometimes, and she was only trying to tease him a bit!


Sakura looked less than ecstatic as she walked home between her two best friends. She would have loved to agree to go with Sasuke and Naruto and spend the whole summer with the two, but the problem was that it wasn't just Sasuke and Naruto staying at the house.

Sasuke had an older brother, who had a group of friends that were also invited to the summer home. The idea of being surrounded by males all summer was slightly appealing, but Sakura knew that Itachi and his friends were college guys; they would have absolutely no interest with a senior girl in high school. She was sure they would ignore her anyways, and that would irritate her immensely.

And the thought that she would not be able to have any summer romances if she went with Sasuke and Naruto was what was stopping her from agreeing. Of course she loved Naruto and Sasuke, but she would rather die than have any intimate relationship with either male. She considered them to be brothers; older and completely protective brothers.

She knew that even if one of Itachi's friends showed an interest in her, Naruto and Sasuke would prevent anything from happening, much to Sakura's distaste. She was a senior this year, and Kami she wanted some action! She hadn't even had her first kiss, let alone a boyfriend. She had wanted to use this summer as a chance to completely slut it out… sadly it seemed this would not happen.

Sakura knew that her mother would force her to go; Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura had been friends since preschool, and the group of three had already planned on going to separate colleges. It was a sad thing, but this would probably be their last summer together.

Walking up to the large robin egg colored house, Sakura felt a slightly sense of foreboding… She had seen the sake bottle out even before she had left for school this morning; if her mother was drunk, then there was no telling what the woman would agree to.

Especially such scandalous things like sending her only child to a summer home crowded with males... Sakura cringed; her mother had said she wanted grandkids as soon as possible.

Walking up to the door of her house, Sakura flinched. She could hear her mother's snoring from outside the house… if her mother was asleep already, that meant that she was passed out drunk. Looking over to her shoulder, she eyed her friends nervously. "It sounds like she's asleep," Sakura said quickly as she pulled her key out. "It looks like you won't get a chance to ask her. I'm sorry guys, I know you really wanted me to-"

Sasuke snorted at the pinkette, before walking past her to knock on the door. The snoring stopped immediately, and a string of curses could be heard as Sakura's mother walked to the door.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU- oh, hello Sasuke and Naruto," Tsunade said with a grin as she opened the door slightly. "What can I do for you wonderful kids?"

Sasuke smirked towards Sakura before he sent Tsunade a surprisingly innocent looking smile. "Well Ms. Tsunade, Naruto and I know this is going to be our last summer together before we start moving to college and we really wanted Sakura to be a part of it."

Naruto appeared beside Sasuke with a matching innocent look. Sakura shook her head before sighing; they would act all innocent in front of her mother. "We want her to come to Sasuke's summer home so we can be together! We would really miss Sakura-Chan, and we don't want to leave without her."

Tsunade looked questioningly to the two boys before she looked to Sakura. "And Mrs. Uchiha is okay with this?"

"She's been inviting Sakura to come to the summer house for years now, Ms. Tsunade." Sasuke said with a slight grin as he gave Sakura a look; she was doomed… whatever he was about to say would certainly make sure her mother sent her with them. "And it's only going to be my older brother and his friends taking care of us; Itachi would be more than happy to have a girl on the trip."

Tsunade's almond eyes sparkled as she smiled. "All boys?" She questioned to herself. After a few minutes, she let out a squeal, "Grandbabies!"

"Of course Sakura can go!" Tsunade said while opening up the house so everyone could enter. Sakura gave the two boys a glare before entering. "Sakura will be packed up and ready to leave by tomorrow morning, because that is usually when you leave."

"That would be wonderful," Sasuke said as he gave a nod to Tsunade. Fighting a grin, he turned to Sakura, "We'll be here to pick you up tomorrow by 8, Sakura."

"Sounds great, Sasuke," Sakura said with mild sarcasm while walking up the stairs to her bedroom. Shaking her head slightly, she at least had to give it up to her friends: they were damn stubborn, and they knew how to manipulate her mother all too well. As she entered her room and started packing Sakura sighed to herself. "Well it sounds like there will be no summer romances for me…"