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Sakura was fairly disappointed her shower had been insanely normal. She had not been able to see Itachi naked; she had not seen anyone else naked for that matter. She had gone in, made sure to take an extra five minutes to shampoo her hair (because she thought maybe there was a chance someone was going to walk in on her), and then got out. She had even strategically left her clothes in her room! Alas, nothing had happened.

Sighing, Sakura grabbed her map (that she had Sasuke make her, thankyouverymuch) before she headed toward the kitchen. It was still kind of early, but she was a little hungry. She doubted Shizune would be here this early anyway. Maybe she could make breakfast for everyone then.

She was a great cook, and breakfast was her favorite meal of the day. She'd have to see what Sasuke had in his fridge before she'd come up with a decision.

Turning down a corridor she vaguely remembered, Sakura's eyes trailed over the extraordinarily beautiful Uchiha ancestors. Stupid Sasuke and his stupid genes; why the hell did he get blessed with being so attractive? Not that she minded that particular feature in his brother.

Continuing her trek down the hallway, Sakura paused for a second at hearing some muted cursing coming from behind the kitchen door. Well without checking her map, she could only guess it was the kitchen door.

Looking to her map, Sakura nodded her head triumphantly before going to the door; it had been the kitchen. Opening the door, Sakura was surprised to find Deidara standing in the middle of the kitchen looking a little lost. Pots and pans were scattered across the floor while he stood in the middle of them.

"Fucking shit," Deidara cursed as he started to pick up the dishes.

"Be careful," Sakura said with a teasing grin. "You'll start to sound like Hidan."

"Like I'd ever sound like that hentai," Deidara said with a shake of his head. Sakura watched him kneel down to pick up a few of the pans, before she leaned over to help him.

"Why were you making so much of a ruckus down here this early in the morning?" Sakura asked as she picked up a pan. She hadn't really gotten a chance to talk to Deidara yesterday. The only thing she had gotten from him was that he thought she wasn't that pretty.

"It's my turn to make breakfast, yeah," Deidara said with a huff. "All the guys wrote their names down for a rotation, but I pulled the short stick and have to do it first… I'm not even that good at making food. Not that I should be telling you that."

"I was going to come down and make breakfast for everyone," Sakura said with a shrug. "I can help you make something if you want."

"What's in it for you, yeah?" Deidara questioned as he picked up the last pan, and sent a glare her way. "I wasn't even that nice to you yesterday. Why would you want to help me?"

"Well," Sakura said as she walked to the oversized fridge. "For one breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I like making food. For another, I figured we probably started off on the wrong foot yesterday."

"Not really, yeah," Deidara said with a dismissive shake of his head. "I treat everyone like that. I'm kind of an asshole."

"Real assholes don't call themselves assholes," Sakura said as she easily discounted his excuse. "Now let's see… eggs, cheese, sausage, crescent rolls. I think I'm going to make breakfast pizza. Do we have any vegetarians in the house? I can make fruit pizza too… Yeah, I'll probably just make it anyways."

"Pizza for breakfast?" Deidara sounded skeptical.

"You've never had breakfast pizza?" Sakura sounded scandalized. "You poor thing. Do we have hash browns in the freezer?"

"Of course," Deidara said sounding a little interested. "Why do we need those, yeah?"

"You add all of the breakfast ingredients to the pizza," Sakura said as she started to unroll the crescent rolls from their containers. "Can you get me a few pizza pans, and some other oven pans, please?"

"Since I was really the one who was supposed to make breakfast, I suppose I can, yeah," Deidara said with a defeated sigh as she grabbed two pizza pans and two other pans.

"I'll need butter too," Sakura said as she looked to the pans before her.

"Now you're being demanding," Deidara gave her a pointed look. "This is why I don't deal with girls outside of the bedroom."

"Ah," Sakura said with a nod. She wasn't going to be offended by that comment, because she knew she offended people all the time. She'd leave it be until he really offended her. "So you're a playboy then?"

"That's not even a creative name for what I am," Deidara said while he threw her a tub of butter. Sakura grabbed the butter quickly before it could crash into her face; this Deidara guy was soo nice. So far, his only redeeming quality was that he was absolutely gorgeous.

Sakura ignored him as she set to work on creating the pizzas. The two pizza pans would be used for the breakfast pizzas, and those would take the longest to bake; she'd set to work on those first.

Sakura buttered each pan lightly, and then started to roll out the crescent rolls; she covered the pizza pans with two crescent roll packets each and then headed toward the ovens, because the Uchiha household needed four ovens apparently.

Turning the dials on two of the ovens, Sakura preheated the oven to the correct degree. Turning then, Sakura started to look for the bowl she would need to crack the eggs open in.

"…I can help you you know, yeah," Deidara commented as he stood a few feet behind her.

"I'm sure you could help me," Sakura agreed with as she sent him a look over her shoulder. "I'm not sure I want you to help me, though... Something about being demanding remember?"

"Don't be so uptight," Deidara said. "What do you want me to do?"

"The food won't taste good if it's made by someone with your attitude," Sakura said with a small smirk; it was surprisingly easy to set this blond off… he remindered her a lot of Naruto in that way.

"My fucking attitude, yeah?" Deidara asked incredulously. "Well then what about your bratty, female self? It won't taste good if you make it either, yeah!"

"My food always tastes good," Sakura said as she looked in a few cabinets for a bowl. There were so many cabinets in this place, how was Sakura going to remember where everything went? She'd have to have Sasuke make her another map…

"Yeah right," Deidara said with a shake of his head as he grabbed a bowl from the cabinet she had just looked in. How had she missed it?

"Thanks," Sakura said as she grabbed the bowl and took it over to the egg carton.

"Seriously," Deidara said with a sigh. "I hate to say this, but tell me what to do. I'm hungry and the sooner you finish this the sooner I can go back to sleep, yeah."

"Could you please crack these eggs?" Sakura asked as she nodded to the eggs she was standing beside. "I can start to fry the sausage; you need to cook the meat before you make the pizza anyways."

"It's microwavable meat, yeah," Deidara said with a shrug as he took her spot next to the eggs. "You can just heat it up over there."

"But it doesn't taste as good if it's microwaved," Sakura said. "Nothing ever does. That's why I throw my leftovers in the oven when I take food home from restaurants."

"Seriously?" Deidara asked with a slightly snort. "That seems like a lot of work, yeah."

"But it tastes better," Sakura said as grabbed a pan for the stovetop and put the sausage on top of it. "Trust me, do it the next time you bring food home."

"Food doesn't usually last that long for me," Deidara said with a smirk. "Well unless I bring home the lady's food as well."

Sakura shook her head as she browned the sausage. After she was done with this, she would need to cut it up and put it on the pizza after she had put on the eggs and hash browns.

"Are you ignoring me now, yeah?" Deidara questioned as he whisked the eggs he had cracked. "Is that what you're going to do whenever I say something you don't like?"

"I barely know you," Sakura said as she turned a sausage over; they were almost all brown. "And I wasn't ignoring you, I was thinking about what to do next for the pizza. Spread the egg mixture on the crust inside the two pizza pans please. We'll place the hash browns on top of that next, and then add the sausage and cheese last."

Deidara nodded without another word, and Sakura took the sausage out of the frying pan. Frowning, Sakura started to open the drawers to look for a knife to cut it with.

"You're hopeless," Deidara sighed as he came up behind her. Reaching around her hips, Deidara pulled open the drawer she had just opened. Taking another step closer, Sakura felt a warm feeling rush through her at feeling his warmth on her back; what the hell was wrong with her?

"You're not very good at finding things, yeah," Deidara commented with an amused tone as he set the knife down in front of her. Sakura felt like she could actually breathe again once Deidara headed back over to the pizza pans.

"I've never been very good at finding things," Sakura said as she let out a breath. "That's actually how Naruto, Sasuke, and I met… I got lost on my way to preschool and they had to take me there."

"They were nice enough to do that?" Deidara asked in surprise. "They were always snotty brats to me when they were younger… still are in fact."

"I may have threatened them with bodily harm if they didn't help me," Sakura said with a shrug as she started to cut the sausage into small pieces. "We've been stuck with each other ever since."

"How lucky they are, yeah…"


Sakura smiled as she finished adding the sugar to the fruit pizza dough. It had already cooked in the oven for fifteen minutes, and now the two were just waiting on the breakfast pizza to be done.

That, and Deidara was also stirring up the homemade frosting Sakura had whipped up. Grinning, Sakura walked over to Deidara to see how the consistency of the frosting looked.

"Looks edible," Deidara commented as he continued to stir it together. "I can't believe I helped make it…"

"Keep stirring it," Sakura commented with a smirk. "It's not quite right yet."

"It looks good to me, yeah," Deidara said in a challenging voice.

"Try it then," Sakura said as she scooped out a large dollop of frosting with her finger. Without even waiting for Deidara's response, Sakura thrust her finger into Deidara's mouth.

After the finger was in his mouth for a good fifteen seconds, Sakura retracted it and then grabbed another scoop. Using the same finger, Sakura brought the frosting to her lips this time. "See, the butter hasn't had enough time to mix in with the sugar and the vanilla."

"Uh-huh, yeah," Deidara said as his cheeks glowed a soft pink. "I'll keep stirring it then."

"I'll finish cutting the fruit," Sakura said with a grin as she turned back to the cutting board. Deidara may have seemed like a player when she had first met him, but being in the kitchen together and talking over the course of a half an hour had caused Sakura to realize something; he was probably as innocent as she was… which wasn't saying a lot, because she could be a pervert at times. She meant he was probably a virgin. He talked a big game, but probably hadn't gotten up the courage to actually go through with it yet.

Not that Sakura knew that for sure or anything, she just had a feeling. Though that did inspire some dirty thoughts in her mind...

"Sakura-Chan!" Naruto yelled as he bolted through the door. "My Spidey Senses were tingling and I knew you were in-"

"Naruto," Sakura said with a sigh; really, she hadn't even been doing anything this time. "You don't have Spidey senses, and you don't have superpowers."

"But Sakura-Chan," Naruto whined. "I totally do! I knew some bastard was going to try to do something perverted with you!"

"You don't have Spidey Senses you idiot," Deidara groaned with a frown. Sakura felt for him too, because she had actually been enjoying their time together.

"I do too!" Naruto said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I can totally tell whenever Sakura-Chan is in a perverted situation with one of you assholes! My left ear lobe starts to itch and it feels like I have to pee when I really don't."

"… You're a complete idiot, yeah," Deidara said while looking at Naruto with incredulous eyes.

"Spidey senses I tell you!"

"… Naruto," Sakura said; she felt beyond exasperated. "Get everyone to come down here for breakfast please."

Naruto's eyes trailed to Deidara, before they went back to Sakura. "I don't feel comfortable leaving you in here alone, Sakura-Chan."

"Now you're being as much of an idiot as Deidara said you were," Sakura said. "Go round everyone up. The sooner we're done with breakfast the sooner we can go into town."

Naruto seemed to be unaffected by her words. A beeping noise resounded throughout the kitchen, and Sakura had to fight a smirk from showing, her food had perfect timing as always.

"But I made breakfast pizza Naruto," Sakura said with a smile. "And fruit pizza. I know how much you like both of those."

"THOSE ARE ALMOST AS GOOD AS RAMEN!" Naruto said jumping up and down in his excitement. "I'll go grab everyone so we can eat!"

"Thanks Naruto," Sakura said as she watched the blond race out of the kitchen. Turning to the other blond who stood in the kitchen, Sakura grinned at him. "Impressed?"

"Actually, I am, yeah," Deidara said. "Even Sasuke can't trick Naruto into doing what he wants so quickly."

"It's a gift," Sakura said with a shrug as she walked back over to Deidara. Looking at the white frosting again, Sakura raised an eyebrow. "Want to check if it's done?"

"Ahh," Deidara said as the blush dusted his cheeks again. "You go ahead."

"Suit yourself," Sakura said with a shrug as her pinkie scooped out a small bit of frosting. Bringing the frosting up to her lips, Sakura licked the frosting instead of inserting it directly in her mouth. She knew that Deidara's eyes were focused on her pinkie, and she was enjoying the attention.

Naruto was off on an errand anyways, and he wouldn't be back to disrupt her flirting. Flicking her tongue over the frosting again, Sakura closed her eyes. "I think it's done this-"

Sakura was cut off when she felt a mouth close over her pinkie. Opening her eyes, Sakura stared into the deep blue eyes of Deidara as his mouth encircled her finger.

His tongue brushed over the tip of her finger lightly before he pulled back. "Mmm," Deidara said as his eyes darted away from her. "I th- think it's done."

At Deidara's stumble, Sakura wondered if Deidara had even been in control of his own actions; he himself seemed surprised by what he had done. Shaking her head slightly, Sakura grabbed two oven mitts before she pulled the two breakfast pizzas out of the oven.

The pizza smelled heavenly, like it always did. Placing the pizza on the table, Sakura walked back over to Deidara to find him spreading out the frosting on top of the sugared crust. He looked to her when he was done. "Should I spread the fruit pieces on top, yeah?"

"Nah," Sakura said with a frown. "I don't know what everyone likes, and I'd hate for someone to be allergic to something… I mean I'm allergic to cantaloupe, so you can never be too careful."

"You're allergic to cantaloupe?" Deidara questioned her as he put the pizza on the table. "Who's allergic to cantaloupe?"

"I don't know," Sakura said with a shrug. "It used to be my favorite fruit, but now when I eat it my throat starts to swell… I actually have an epi-pen for it."

"Cantaloupe…" Deidara said again. "Seriously?"

"Of course I'm serious!" Sakura said with a frown. "Who would joke about being allergic to something like that?"

"Something like what, Kid?" Kisame questioned as he walked into the kitchen. "Grub smells good by the way."

"Cantaloupe," Sakura said with a pout. "And thanks."

"You're allergic to-"

"I don't want to hear it," Sakura said with a frown as she crossed her arms over her chest. "It's not like I chose to be allergic to it."

"… Okay then," Kisame said as he found a chair to sit down at.

"Can I eat before everyone else gets here, yeah?" Deidara asked as he took a seat beside Kisame. "I did help make it after all."

"No, you idiot," Kisame said with a glare. "You know we wait for everyone."

"But it smells really good," Deidara said with a frown.

"Yeah," Kisame grunted. "Better than anything we could make, that's for damn sure."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Sakura said as she grabbed the teakettle that she had started earlier. The water had already boiled, and Sakura had let it cool just a little bit before she poured it into a cup for herself. "Tea anyone?"

"I'll just grab some water," Kisame said as she stood from his seat. The tall male slid around the kitchen easily, and Sakura was envious of his knowledge; how could he know where everything was?

"I'd love some tea, Sakura-Chan," Itachi purred as he entered the kitchen. "Was what Naruto said true, did you make breakfast for us?"

"Of course," Sakura said as she brought up the teacup to her lips; she had placed a bag of jasmine tea she had found into the cup before she had poured the water. "I was hungry so I figured I could make the rest of you food as well."

"Is that…" Itachi's eyes sparkled as he looked at the table. "Is that dessert for breakfast?"

"It's actually fruit pizza," Sakura said with a small smile, "Which some could consider a dessert. I thought it would go nicely with breakfast though."

"Hn," Itachi said while finding a seat on the other side of Kisame. "It looks even more delicious than the dumplings we shared last night."

"You had dumplings with my fucking woman?!" Hidan raged as he entered the kitchen. "I told all you assholes I called dibs on her!"

"You cannot call 'dibs' on someone who does not wish to be called 'dibs' on," Itachi replied helpfully. "Plus she seemed awfully happy last night when I kissed her."

"YOU MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD!" Hidan screamed as he launched himself at Itachi. "YOU CONNIVING HORSE'S ASS! LEAVE MY FUCKING-"

"If you're fighting at my table," Sakura said while sending Hidan a meaningful look. "You will not be eating my food."

"You can't be serious, yeah," Deidara said with an eyebrow raise. "We fight all the time."

"You can ask Sasuke and Naruto how serious I am when they get here," Sakura said with a small smirk. "I once refused to feed them for two days because they wouldn't stop fighting."

"But but but," Hidan said with a frown as his lower lip jutted outward; Sakura had been prepared for some kind of response… just not the cuteness of Hidan's pout; those puppy dog eyes should be illegal. "It looks soooooo good and I'm sooooo hungry!"

"Well then sit down," Sakura said as she brought two teacups over to the table to distract herself from Hidan's face; how was it fair that he could be such an asshole but so adorable at the same time? "And shut up. Everyone should be arriving here soon, and then we can eat."

"Oh my fucking Jashin," Hidan said as he sank into a seat at the end of the table. "You're so damned scary you almost gave me chills... you're fucking perfect."

"Speak for yourself, yeah," Deidara said, even though Sakura could see the light pink glow of Deidara's cheeks.

"I am, asshole," Hidan said with a lecherous grin. "Like I'd want to share her fine ass with anyone else."