Jun's P.O.V.

Last night was a success. Davis was actually extremely happy that his sister had invited Kari over for dinner, especially while he was cooking dinner. He and Kari talked a lot after dinner too. I wonder if he decided to stop acting like he's not interested anymore, when it's obvious that he still is.

Jun let her mind recount last night's events as she walked back to school. It was testing week this week, and today she would be in her even numbered classes (2nd, 4th, and 6th). Yesterday had been odd numbered classes, thus she hadn't seen Matt until the meeting after school. She wasn't still mad at Matt. He hadn't even noticed when Mimi, someone he's known for years, got a haircut. Of course he wouldn't recognize me.

Jun stopped walking and started to observe the scenery around her. Since she had been seen hanging out with Matt and the other Digi Destined, a lot of her fellow 'Matt Fans' had avoided her. It meant her walks to school were alone, and devoid of any gushing over the blonde heartthrob. This path is really beautiful. The flowers were in full bloom, making the outer sides of the sidewalk bright and full of color. It was really peaceful, waking in silence.

I wonder, did my friends and I rob Matt of this? A nice silent walk, admiring nature? We were did bug him quite often… I even made him promise to take me on a date, just for me to cover for Davis. Geez, I really was a horrible person.

Jun sighed as her thoughts started to weigh her down once again. It seemed that everything about Matt brought out her worst. Or was it that she was so focused on him that she didn't bother to keep her negative aspects under control?

She stopped walking when she noticed a young girl trying desperately to tie her shoes. She can't be older than five. Poor thing, the other students just walk right by her. Jun hurried across the street and leaned down to the young girl's level. "Let me help you with that." Jun smiled as the little girl looked up at her, on the verge of tears. "Momma tied them before I left, but they came undone… and I can't tie them." "Don't worry, I've got it."

Jun tied the shoes with ease and helped the little girl back up. "We can't have you being late for class, come on." Jun offered her hand. "Thanks big sis!"

Jun didn't even care if walking the girl to her school made her late for her own classes. She just wanted to help.

Matt's P.O.V.

Matt listened to T.K., Yolei, and Cody chat as he walked them to school. He had decided that twice a week he would leave the apartment early, meet them, and walk them to school. Even if it wasn't just him and his little brother, he got to walk with him, so it was nice. It was a lot better than walking with Tai, who always seemed to go on and on over soccer. Tai was his best friend and all, but all the soccer talk drove him insane – which was fair since he irritated Tai with all his music talk anyways.

They came to a stop at the crosswalk where they had to part ways. He waved goodbye to the three, and when the light changed, he crossed, continuing on his way to school.

Is Jun still going to be mad at me? It was just a haircut anyways. Sigh, maybe I'll take her on that date I promised her to make up for it. I really can't handle another lecture from Mimi over noticing a girl's haircut.

Normally Matt Ishida wouldn't be afraid of anyone or anything, but listening to a lecture from Mimi – on something she'd already lectured him on, which lasted two hours, would be his death. He was one stop light away from reaching the school when he noticed Jun crossing the light ahead of him. She walked over to a little girl, said something to her, and then walked away from their school with her.

What was that about? Oh well, I better get going.

Matt hurried onto school grounds and went straight to his classroom. He hoped Tai or Sora were already there, since his crazy fans would stay away if one or both of them were there.

"Matt!" His best friend called out to him the moment he walked in the door. "Hey."

Matt sat in his chair, idly chatting with Tai as the last three minutes before class started went by. As the professor walked in at the bell's chime and start calling roll, Matt couldn't help but notice Jun was still not there. Matt was pulled from his thoughts as his own name was called, to which he quickly responded with a quick, "here."

Roll call quickly went through, until the professor reached Jun's name. "Motomiya?" The professor looked around the room. She might still be mad, the least I can do is cover for her…

"She was helped a lost child before class started, sir." Matt explained quickly, hoping the professor would leave it at that, and so would his friends and classmates. The professor looked at him and said, "Ah, thank you for letting me know." Then continued on with roll call as if nothing had stopped him in the first place.

The door clattered open as Jun stepped in. "Sorry I'm late, sir. I was helping a - lost little girl." Matt was glad Jun noticed his quick sign - 'You were helping a lost child!' – that he had scribbled down. It would be another pain if they had different excuses for her tardiness. He really didn't need the extra time cut out of his day. Especially with this being his on day this week that was completely free, excluding school of course.

"Normally I would excuse it, but I notice Mr. Ishida held up a sign with his excuse." Damn him. He noticed her pause. Matt inwardly groaned. "So he can join you in detention today." Jun sat in her chair, groaning out loud.

End of Chapter 3!

Next Chapter: Detention Trouble

Preview -

Matt yelled, "You act like you know everything about me, but you know nothing!"

Jun yelled back at him without a pause, "You're right, I don't know everything about you. But I don't act like I know everything either! I don't just like you because of the Teenage Wolves! Just because I liked your band and you're attractive, doesn't mean that's the why I like you! You think I'm so shallow, but that's not the case! I mean, yeah I went overboard with being a fan, but everyone does that at least once in their life! You can't just act like you're so perfect and everyone else isn't. You're not perfect. I'm not perfect, who cares!"

Tears streamed down Jun's face as she rushed past Matt and out of the room.