Title: I Would Follow You Across Worlds.
Author: Zalia Chimera
Archiving: Sure, just ask me 'kay.
Pairings: Okay, this is where it gets complicated.

5x2, '5x'2 (yes, those little marks are meant to be there) and '5+2 (I'm not going nuts honest). 3x4, '3x'4 (they're really meant to be there). '13x'R (ahh, my favourite weird het pairing), 1xR (I don't know if it's possible to go any more nuts than I am anyway).

Disclaimer: I don't own the Gundam Boys *sob*.

Zalia: Okay, now that that's over, a couple of warnings.

Warnings: A sort of Deathfic. Errrm, not really sure how to put it. A couple of the characters get killed, but are still alive, just not in the universe where they got killed 'cause those were different versions of themselves.

Zehn: If you understood that, then you deserve the Nobel Prize for extreme cleverness.

Zalia: It also contains an AU, an insane Wufei out for blood, language and double portions of G-boys (and girls).

*gets elbowed in the ribs by Zehn*

Zalia: Ah yes, i should also explain the AU. Okay, the AU shown in the first couple of chapters is different to the normal GW Universe. Firstly, there's magic. Not very much and only in a few families. It doesn't really matter since it isn't an integral part of the story. Secondly, the war happened very, very differently. The Gundam exist, but the war changed when there was a sort of alliance between Treize and the Colonies to bring down the Romafeller Foundation. Also, White Fang did not exist. It was Romafeller who took over the Libra, they just didn't try and zap Earth into crisp bread with it. No, they tried to do that to the colonies. Duo became Relena's spokesperson after he bacame friends with her during a stay at Sanq and Treize and Relena are engaged. Oh, and Wufei is co-head of the Preventers and was trained more as an assassin than a Gundam pilot.

Oh yeah, they also have different costumes

Errm, it's just weird okay.


So, Relena, Duo slung an arm across the blond's shoulders and grinned. How's things?

Relena raised an eyebrow at him and smirked slightly. By things, I assume you mean wedding plans. Duo nodded enthusiastically. They're going well, if you must know. It's got to be perfect though, since it will be very public. She shrugged. But hopefully this should bring peace a step closer.

It was Duo's turn to smirk. Most people believed that Relena's wedding to Treize Khushrenada was simply a way of forming an alliance to help bring peace to Earth and the colonies. However, to her closest friends and confidants it was known that after initial mistrust, the two had grown to care about each other. Even though it wasn't love of the at first sight' kind, it was certain that their marriage would be one of love.

Relena turned to him, taking a sip of her wine as she and pushing his shoulder playfully with her free hand. And what about you Duo? When can I expect invitations to the ceremony for the Dragon and Shinigami?

Duo looked at his feet, a faint red tinge colouring his cheeks. I don't know. I mean... we haven't really talked about it. I know he cares about me, it's just that sometimes it seems like he's so wrapped up in work that he doesn't notice me any more.

Relena hugged him, stroking his back gently. He loves you Duo, you know that. He just takes his job very seriously. It can't be easy for him, trying to organise the Preventers units in the colonies, as well as having to act as the liaison between Sanq and the colonies even with Heero and Sally helping him.

Duo shrugged. I guess. At least he's not doing anything really dangerous anymore.

A knock on the heavy wooden door stopped him from saying any more. Relena, Duo, they're ready for you in the conference room. Be careful, they're very excited. Apparently someone hinted that the word wedding might me cropping up, said Relena's aide, Dorothy. She winked at Duo and then closed the door once more. Relena stood, brushing the wrinkles from her dress, then held out her hand to Duo.

Now, shall we go?


Duo squinted into the bright lights and rows of reporters as he spoke, thankful for the reassuring presences of Relena, Quatre and Trowa nearby.

And so, it is the hope of both Queen Relena and the Sanq Kingdom that this marriage will show the willingness of both sides to negotiate and help bring peace to both Earth and the Colonies.

The hall erupted into claps and a few cheers and Duo heaved a sigh of relief. He still didn't know how Relena had managed to talk him into becoming her spokesperson, but when there was such a good reaction, it seemed worth it. He turned for a moment and Relena gave him a cheerful smile while Treize, standing just out of sight of the cameras on the sidelines, saluted him briefly. He turned back to the audience prepared to answer any questions that the press might throw at him.


The balcony had been sealed off for the occasion, but that hadn't stopped him. The Royal Guard were good, but pathetically easy to fool with a tiny amount of concealing glamour. He sighted carefully along the line of his gun, waiting for the perfect moment.

The speaker turned back to the audience and he whispered a two words before pulling the trigger.

For Romafeller.


Duo stumbled backwards, falling to his knees and looking in horror at the red stain spreading across the front of his shirt. There was a scream from Relena and the room erupted into chaos. Reporters and observers began to run as one towards the exits, only to be held back by a section of the Royal Guard. Other members of the guard rushed up to the balcony only to find it deserted.

Relena had rushed up to Duo, pulling him into her lap as much as she could and ripping strips from her dress, pressing them against the gunshot wound in Duo's chest. Quatre was clutching Duo's hand and speaking in soothing tones, trying to stop Duo from closing his eyes while Trowa rang an ambulance. People were crowding round him, only being kept at bay by Treize's aide, Lady Une and Dorothy who were standing guard close by.

Duo whispered, his voice faint.

Relena hugged him close, stroking his braid. Duo, don't talk okay.

He smiled a little. Tell Fei that I... he coughed violently and then continued. Tell him I love him.

Don't talk like that Duo. You're going to be fine.

He shook his head as much as he could. Not gonna'. Bring peace for me

His breathing slowed and stopped, his eyes drifting closed. Relena let out a strangled sob, clasping his body to her as if it would bring him back, Treize wrapping his arms around her shoulders as she cried.


Wufei fingered the small velvet box on his desk. He was going to do it, as soon as Duo returned from the Sanq Kingdom. He'd already booked at Duo's favourite restaurant and he had the entire evening planned out. A silly grin plastered itself onto his face as he thought of how Duo's face would look when he proposed.

The vid-phone rang and he sighed, although his good mood didn't completely leave him. The picture came up on the screen and his smile instantly vanished. Wufei, something's happened. I'm so sorry. Turn on the TV to a news channel now! Sally said, her face deathly pale.

Wufei said sharply, his mind beginning to think up terrible conclusions, what is it? What's happened?

Just turn on the TV!

Wufei practically ran into the living room of his apartment, pressing the On' button on the remote. He collapsed into a chair as, after a few moments, the scenes of panic that were being shown registered. An ornate room in the Sanq Kingdom palace, crowded with reporters all trying to get out of the door. Royal guards running everywhere. The camera focused on a small knot of people, Relena, Treize and the others. Relena cradling someone's head on her lap, trying futilely to staunch the bleeding. Someone with a long brown braid and wearing the outfit that Wufei had bought him for their anniversary.

Duo. No... it... can't. Duo. The words spilled from Wufei's lips as the pictures were replaced by a newsreader's face talking about the assassination of Duo Maxwell, ex-Gundam pilot and now spokesman and confidant of Relena Peacecraft.

The pictures were repeated over and over that night while Wufei just sat, completely numb, ignoring every call he'd received. not really watching the television but unwilling to turn it off, as if he'd be betraying Duo if he did. It was only after a fitful hour's sleep that he took notice again and an icy, deadly calm took over as a blond boy in a Preventer's jacket held Duo's hand while his green eyed companion ran for the phone.

Wufei's whole world boiled down to one thought.

Trowa and Quatre had offered to be Duo's bodyguards therefore they were meant to protect him

Duo had been hurt... had been killed.

Therefore Trowa and Quatre must die.