Title: I Would Follow You Across Worlds.

Author: Zalia Chimera

Archiving: Sure, just ask me 'kay.

Pairings: Okay, this is where it gets complicated. 5x2, '5x'2 (yes, those little marks are meant to be there) and '5x2 (I'm not going nuts honest). 3x4, '3x'4(they're really meant to be there). '13x'R (ahh, my favourite weird het pairing), 1xR (I don't know if it's possible to go any more nuts than I am anyway).

Disclaimer: I don't own the Gundam Boys *sob*. I do however own the new costumes, Shenlong's dragon symbol and the keystones.

Notes: Lots of Dorothy in this chapter. I hadn't really intended it when I started, but what the hell. Wufei explains why he's spending so much time working and ignoring Duo.


Chapter 7

Shenlong crouched low on the top of the wall as he surveyed the inner grounds of the house where his prey were. Getting inside the grounds had been pathetically easy; most of them were still open to the public as they had been for centuries, people could even drive through them! [1]

Of course, the real security was near the house, and it was this that Shenlong was surveying. The wall was the first barrier, but it was old and had been weathered so much that there were plenty of hand and footholds; no need for a rope that could be spotted. He had been mildly surprised that there was no glass or razor wire at the top, but he assumed that there were certain laws about preserving old buildings as there were in his own world.

The security guards posed little threat either. He could easily cast a small glamour to hide himself from their eyes. And if one should happen to see him...

The security cameras were more of a problem. A glamour would not him from them and the computers were on a closed system so he could not hack in and tamper with the picture. Taking the cameras out was not a viable option either. It would alert the guards.

He carefully observed the cameras through his binoculars for several minutes, before scribbling something down on the notepad he held. A smile of triumph crossed his face as he noticed a pattern in their movement that he could exploit.

Finished with his observation, he returned the binoculars and notepad to his bag, dropping it to the ground and slipping down after it.


Wufei felt a stab of sorrow as he watched Duo work at his desk. His boyfriend had been unusually cold towards him, not using any of the usual nicknames or endearments. In fact, Duo had barely said ten words to him, and that included good morning'.

And it hurt.

It hurt even more later that day when Duo received another gift--a box of expensive chocolate truffles which were one of Duo's guilty pleasures-- and Wufei caught sight of the expression on his boyfriend's face; the soft expression of love that used to be for Wufei alone.

A soft crunch' and a mildly painful sensation in his hand reached him and he broke away from glaring hatefully at the box of chocolates to glance at the crushed remains of his biro and brush a few slivers of plastic from his skin. He flicked its mangled remains into the bin before grabbing a new one from his desk drawer.

Wufei stared blankly at the report he was reading for a moment, going over the same sentence several times before giving up as nothing about what it was saying sank in. He reached for his mug and grimaced as he took a sip of the liquid. He must have spent more time glaring than he had realised. The coffee was stone cold.

With a soft sigh, Wufei stood and picked up the mug. He wouldn't get any work done in this state! He shot a glance towards Duo's desk as he passed, wondering if he should offer to fetch his boyfriend another drink, but gave up on that idea as Duo, seemingly oblivious to his presence, took a sip of his own coffee.

He slumped against the wall next the the coffee maker when he reached it, rubbing his temples to try and ward off the headache he knew was coming.

You look like shit Chang.

Wufei looked up and shot a half hearted glare at Dorothy which just made her smirk. For a second he wondered whether she had been taking lessons on tact from Heero. It's hardly any of your business how I look Catalonia, he shot back.

The blonde woman shrugged. Well, far be it from me to interrupt what is so obviously your private pity party.

And what is that supposed to mean? Wufei said through gritted teeth.

Oh nothing, she said lightly. Just that you are obviously depressed and sulking about something.

I am not! Wufei said, the mantra of I do not fight women ' repeating itself inside his head.

Dorothy snorted. Of course not. Well, if you're here, maybe I should do something productive, like go and keep Duo company.

Wufei snapped his head up to send her a vicious look. The thought occurred to him that maybe it was her who was sending Duo gifts, but then realised that it was ridiculous. She might send gifts but that wouldn't produce the happiness in Duo's expression. He was gay for heaven's sake!

Dorothy smiled triumphantly. Ah-hah! I thought that would get a reaction from you. Something wrong in paradise?

Wufei opened his mouth to deny anything of the sort then hung his head. Is it really that obvious?

Dorothy's smile softened. Probably not to anyone else, but to me, yeah. Want to tell me about it?

Wufei shrugged. I suppose. He took a breath. A couple of days ago someone sent Duo flowers. He loved them. Threw himself into my arms to thank me. But they weren't from me. And he looked so hurt when I told him, as though he was a puppy I'd just kicked. He clenched his fists. And then today he practically ignored me all morning. Then he got another gift and the expression his face... I thought it was one that was only for me. And to see him using it for someone else... He swallowed and barely noticed when Dorothy placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

There was silence for several moments before Dorothy spoke again. Well... perhaps you need to think about why something as simple as a gift would get such a reaction.

Wufei frowned. I thought you were supposed to be helping.

I am. I wouldn't be helping if all I did was told you how terrible it was and how bad I feel for you. Any ideas?

Wufei thought for a moment. I don't know. It's something stupid, frivolous. I thought that our relationship was based on something more solid than that.

Dorothy sighed. Chang, I know where you came from, things were different, so I suppose I can't really blame you, but I do think you need to realise that relationships aren't as simple as you seem to think.

Wufei looked at her suspiciously. What do you mean?

I've learned enough about you culture to know that arranged marriages were the norm. You didn't have the same... ah... courtship rituals I guess you could call them. I expect that on your colony, you knew who you would be married to and love didn't even have to come into it. The relationships were mostly built on a shared sense of duty and honour.

Wufei nodded to confirm what she had said.

Well, we Europeans and, I guess, Americans, are very different. We're insecure. We need the reassurance that we're wanted, that someone is thinking about us. A gift is a nice way of doing that.

Wufei's expression turned horrified. I... I never even considered that Duo might like that sort of thing!

Well, now you know. Of course, she said casually, it would probably work even better if you spent some time with Duo once in a while. Outside work I mean.

I do!

Dorothy raised one eyebrow. Ah, so you've mastered the long sought after art of being in two places at once?

What is that supposed to mean?

Chang, for the last couple of months, hell... practically since you joined the Preventers, you've been here late nearly every night! It's ridiculous!

You do the same! You're always still here when I leave!

Dorothy lowered her eyes. Well... maybe I have a reason. And I'm not the one with a boyfriend.

There was a long silence before Wufei spoke, voice barely above a whisper. I do have a reason.

He took a deep breath and began to speak. I fucked up, Dorothy. I helped an eight year old and her megalomaniac grandfather try to destroy everything we had fought for because I was scared. I managed to convince myself that I was doing it for a reason, that I was showing the world how hollow the peace was. A bitter smile twisted his lips. That I was fighting injustice.

He swiped a hand across his eyes. But I wasn't and I knew it. I was doing it because I was too fucking scared to put the past behind me and because I didn't know how to stop fighting. He laughed shortly. How selfish can you get? I helped start another war because I couldn't stop fighting.

Understanding dawned in Dorothy's mind. So this... all the late nights and weekends is because you feel guilty? You're trying to make up for joining Barton?

Wufei nodded then looked sideways at her. How come you know so much about motivations all of a sudden?

Dorothy smiled weakly. Why do you think I spend so much time here? It's not as though I need the money. She sighed and slumped against the wall. No, I screwed up too. I betrayed the only real friend I ever had because I was a warmongering bitch. I have my own sins to atone for.

A grin crossed Wufei's face. We're a fine pair aren't we?

Dorothy chuckled softly. Absolutely. A psychologist would probably have a field day with us. She turned serious again. Look, Chang...

Call me Wufei. I think that admitting the deep dark secrets of my soul to you means that you can use my given name.

Wufei then. You obviously adore Duo. You give him sickeningly sweet looks whenever you think no-one's watching. Just... do something. Don't let whoever it is take him away from you. Making up for past mistakes is all very well, but it shouldn't mean that you lose a chance at happiness.

Wufei glanced at the blonde woman with new respect in his eyes. I'll sort something out. But the same goes for you Dorothy. Maybe you should pay Relena a visit sometime. I know she asked about you at our last get together when you didn't turn up. She seemed upset that you hadn't come.

Dorothy looked truly shocked at this statement. I didn't want to intrude. I thought she'd only asked me out of courtesy.

Another agent arrived beside the coffee machine and their discussion time was over. Both said soft good-byes before heading back to their respective desks.

[1] Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England; a quite well known stately home. There is literally only a barbed wire fence to cross to get into the grounds (of course it's easier to just go through the gap for the footpath) and you can drive straight through and very near the house. I figured if Quatre owned it, he'd probably like to keep things like that, and only have a lot of security nearer the actual house.