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Chapter 1

Phone Calls

          Mouri Ran furiously ruffled through her duffel bag on the floor. Finding her towel, she wiped her face clean of sweat. Then, she hung the towel on her shoulders and returned to the punching bag in the middle of the room.

          "Stupid guy," she said as her body adopted an offensive stance. "He can't just keep calling and hanging up on me. Just what is he up to, anyway? It's been long enough, too long in fact."

          "I don't know why you're being such a martyr in waiting for him, Ran," Sonoko said. "I mean, I noticed a lot of guys hovering around you, obviously interested, and yet, you ignore them,"

          "And I'd just bet that if you suddenly get yourself a new boyfriend, Kudo-kun will be back faster than you can say Great Detective of the East." Kazuha added, her voice dancing in amusement.

"Kyaa!" Ran shouted as she punched the bag with all her might. Jab. Jab. Kick. Jab. "Men!" She muttered as she kicked.

          "Oh, Ran, leave the poor punching bag alone," Kazuha laughed.

          "I think she pasted a picture of Shinichi on it, just to inspire her on her karate practice better." Sonoko told the Osaka girl.

          "Hmp!" Rand grimaced as she threw a combination of kicks and jabs on the punching bag. "Well, anyway, Sonoko and I'll be in Osaka tomorrow morning, Kazuha." She said, changing the topic. The Shinichi subject was obviously closed.

          "And I'll be in my new outfit," Sonoko agreed excitedly. "Wonder how many members of the opposite sex will swoon over my new look."

          Kazuha and Ran laughed.

          "Just make sure that Hattori-kun won't be there," Sonoko told her. "It'll be just us, girls. You know how annoying guys can be."

          "Ran-neechan?" A tentative, childish voice joined in the conversation. "Who are you talking to?" Edogawa Conan walked in the Mouri basement, which was currently serving as Ran's practice room for karate. He looked around and saw that the room was empty save for Ran, the punching bag, an old couch, and Ran's bag.

          Conan saw Ran quickly touch her earlobe.

          "Oh, no one, Conan-kun, just talking to myself." Ran told him as she ceased her karate punches to face the little boy. She gave him a smile.

          Conan shrugged. "Uncle Kogoro wanted to ask what time will you be serving dinner."

          "Oh, is it that late already?" Ran's eyes "widened. "I lost track of time. Go ahead upstairs, Conan-kun, and I'll be right up. I'll just clean up here."

          Conan nodded. "Alright Ran-neechan." He agreed as he walked and closed the door behind him.

          Ran touched her ears again, this time to activate her earphone.

          "I'll ditch Heiji tomorrow, Ran-chan, but only if you promise not to bring Conan-kun!" Kazuha laughed over the phone.

          "Hello, Mouri Detec—"


          Conan frowned as he heard Hattori's voice scream at him from the other end of the phone line. "Don't scream at me, Hattori, I can hear just fine!" He snapped. He was thankful that the Great Detective Mouri Kogoro was snoozing on the couch, out cold. The man had really taken advantage of Ran's absence and had drunk himself to a stupor while watching videos of his favorite star.

          "Do you know that Ran is here today?" Hattori demanded.

          "In Osaka?" Conan's eyes narrowed. "But she told me and her dad that she will be shopping with Sonoko today after class, that's why I didn't tag along," shuddering as memories of past shopping trips with Sonoko and Ran run through his mind.

          "She's here." Hattori said grimly. "With Kazuha. On a date."

          "On a date??" Conan choked out. "She and Kazuha-san are dating?" Conan realized that this isn't the first time Ran had lied about where she would be going to ditch both him and her father.

          "Baka!" Hattori grumbled. "They're on a double date! I saw the two of them in a café with two guys!"

          "Calm down, Hattori, and tell me what happened."

          Hattori's eyes narrowed as he saw Kazuha look around as she slyly exited their classroom. Now where is she going?

          Hattori decided to follow her.

          Kazuha had been acting really weird lately. She was always going off on her own, leaving him behind. And when he decides to tag-along, she would always disappear for hours, and then reappear, acting as if nothing had happened.

          She had asked him not to walk her to school anymore because she had things to take care of in the morning. And then there would be days when without warning, she just wouldn't show up. Once, when he dropped by her house so that they could go to school together, he had a feeling that she really didn't intend to go to school. She only did because he was there. And surely enough, she had disappeared in the afternoon.

          And usually, after school, the two of them would head to the police station to go and check in their help was needed in solving cases, but she's frequently disappearing in the afternoon, too.

          And so this particular afternoon, he decided to follow her, murder case or no.

          After fifteen minutes of walking, he saw Kazuha enter a coffee shop. He frowned. He didn't know Kazuha liked caffeine that much. He then positioned himself outside so that he could see Kazuha inside. He wanted to go in, but that would risk her knowing that he was shadowing her.

          It was obvious that Kazuha was waiting for someone, the way she kept checking her watch every few seconds.

          And true enough, after ten minutes of waiting, Mouri Ran walked in the café. Normally, he would have exhaled in relief knowing that Kazuha was only running off to do girl stuff, stuff that she couldn't do with him. Normally.

          Then, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. If Ran was Kazuha's partner in crime, does that mean that Kudo's girlfriend commutes everyday to Osaka? Doesn't she have school or something? And then, to complicate matters, two men were walking alongside Ran.

          Heiji cursed the position he was in. He wasn't able to hear their conversation. He, however, saw the smaller of the two guys sit down beside Kazuha while Ran and the other guy sat at the chairs opposite.

          A double date.

          Kazuha looked around. She was a few minutes early, but that was fine.

          "Kazuha-chan!" Ran's excited voice called out.

          Kazuha stood up as she saw Ran and the two men walking behind her. She grinned conspiratorially at Ran. "Mito Hajime, I presume?"

          The shorter of the two guys scratched his blond head. Then, he gave her a smile. "A pleasure, Toyama-san."

          Kazuha then stared at the taller man. "Good afternoon, boss," she greeted him.

          The tall guy blushed. "Don't call me that," he muttered as the four of them sat down.

          Ran giggled. "What do you want us to call you, then?" She asked with a manic grin.

          The blond guy, Mito, nodded. "I don't think you want to be called by your real name, right?"

          "I know!" Kazuha exclaimed. "How about we call you 'Charlie?'"

          "C-Charlie?" The tall guy choked out.

          Ran nodded excitedly. "And we could be your angels!"

          The tall man sighed in defeat. Serves him right to decide to work with high school students.

"Kudo!" Heiji screamed over the phone. "Oi! Kudo! Are you still there?" He demanded.

          "Are you sure it's Ran you saw?" Kudo finally choked out.

          "Sure, I'm—" but Heiji's reply was cut off by Kudo.

          "Ohayo, Ran-neechan!" Kudo had greeted cheerfully. His voice had gotten softer, as if the phone was taken away from his mouth. "How was the mall? That's a lot of stuff you brought home!"

          Heiji could hear Ran's muffled reply. "I bought something for you, Conan-kun." Ran had said. "Oh, who are you talking with?"

          "Genta." Conan said. "He was asking about the assignment."

          Then, Heiji heard Conan's voice grow louder. "It's on page 27, Genta. Next time write your homework legibly. I'll see you tomorrow." With that, he hung up.

          Heiji cursed the phone and Conan, though both didn't do anything to incur his wrath.

          Then he stopped. Why was he acting this way anyway? It wasn't as if Kazuha's love life was his business. But—

          He groaned. He better stop now. He didn't like the direction his train of thoughts was going.

          Conan absentmindedly fingered the shirt Ran had given him. If Hattori was correct that Ran was in Osaka, then how on earth was she able to buy all of those stuff she brought home. And he had checked the price tags. Everything was bought in the local mall dated that day. Either Hattori was mistaken, or Ran had someone else do her shopping for her. But that was silly. Why would she go to such extreme lengths just to hide her double date? And where would she find the means?

          Conan's head was throbbing. And he was utterly confused.

"Mouri Detective Agency," Edogawa Conan answered the phone, half-asleep. He wondered who could be calling them at six AM on a Sunday morning. And the fact that he didn't have any sleep the night before didn't help matters neither.

"May I speak with Mouri Ran, please?"

Conan's eyes narrowed as his mind immediately sharpened, pushing back the cobwebs of sleep that muddled it a few moments before. The person on the other line was a guy.

"May I know who's speaking?" Conan asked politely, but deep inside, he wanted to ask the guy a few pointed questions. *Who are you? What do you want from Ran? Why are you calling this early? And were you with Ran yesterday when she went to Osaka?*

"Please tell her that this is Miyagi Ken," came the reply.

Conan almost dropped the phone. Miyagi Ken. Conan thought that the other guy had fallen in a black hole somewhere, never to return…

"I'm sorry, but Ran-neechan is still sleeping," Conan replied truthfully.

"Still sleeping?" Miyagi repeated. "Er, OK. I'll just call back later,"

With that, they hung up.

Conan was fuming as he walked back to his room. Miyagi Ken. He's back…

"Ran," thirteen-year old boy had called out as he ran towards the girl he was calling who was a few feet before him.

Shinichi and Ran, who were walking to the ice cream shop together had stopped and turned around.


Shinichi saw Ran's face broke into a wide grin as she waited for the boy to catch up with them.

"Ran, I have something for you," Ken said when he finally reached the girl, panting. His right hand, which was hidden behind his back the whole time, was suddenly thrust forward.

"Roses!" Ran cried in delight as she reached for the three long-stemmed flowers with a blush. "Thank you, Ken-kun,"

"What are those for?" Twelve-year old Shinichi demanded.

          "Kudo, you don't know anything," Miyagi Ken sighed in exasperation. "Men are supposed to give roses to the girls they like." He said matter-of-factly. "And because she accepted the roses I gave her, Ran is now my girlfriend," he announced proudly.

          "What?" Shinichi spluttered. He then reached for the roses Ran was holding. He took them and handed them back to Ken. "Ran is not your girlfriend, Miyagi," he growled. "Ran doesn't have time for mush like that,"

          "Kudo, you're just jealous," Miyagi had replied as he tried to give Ran back the roses.

          Shinichi stood between them. "Am not!"

          "Are too!"

          "Am not!"

          "Are too!"

          "Am not!"

          "Boys," Ran groaned in frustration.

          "Hello?" Ran greeted sleepily. It was eleven thirty in the evening and she had just gone to bed when the phone started ringing.

          "Ran, I need Sonoko for tomorrow night."

          Ran was immediately alert. "Alright," there was no need for the voice to introduce himself. She already knew who it was. "That can be arranged."

          "In front of the bookstore in the park, right before it closes." The man on the other line instructed. "And you're to watch. The goods that are to change hands tomorrow night are high-profile. There are people watching."

          "I understand." Ran replied.

          "I'll send the information folder tomorrow for more details." With that, the caller hung up.

          Ran replaced the phone in its cradle.

          "Ran-neechan, who was that?" A sleepy Conan asked as he stepped out of his room, rubbing his eyes.

          "It was a wrong number, Conan-kun." Ran told him with a smile. "Anyway, I'm off to bed now, good night."

          "Good night," Conan replied. His sleepy look was immediately replaced by a sharp one the moment Ran closed her door. He had heard enough to know that it was not a wrong number.

          He wondered what Ran was hiding from him…

          "What's in the envelope, Ran-neechan?" Conan asked as he pointed to the brown manila folder Ran was carrying.

          "My essay for history," she replied. "Come on, Conan-kun. Hurry or we'll be late to class."

          Conan nodded as he drank the last of his milk and followed Ran to the door.

          The two called out their good-byes to Mouri-san and made their way outside.

          "It's such a beautiful day, ne, Conan-kun?" Ran asked with a bright smile.
          Conan nodded. He walked beside Ran, trying to read her face. She's hiding something, but he doesn't know what.

          "Oh, wait up, Conan-kun, I'll have to tie my laces," Ran said as she placed the manila envelop she was holding on the cement as she bent down to tie her laces.

          Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the envelop away.

          "I'll get it!" Conan exclaimed as he ran after the envelop.

          "Got it!" A man had grabbed it before Conan could reach it.

          "Thanks, mister!" Conan said cutely as he tried to reach for the envelop.

          But the man held it just above the little boy's reach. "Is this yours?" The man asked with a twinkle in his eyes as his free hand ruffled Conan's hair affectionately.

          "Ah!" Conan protested as he twisted this way and that to move out of the man's reach. And out of the corner of his eye, Conan saw the man discreetly switch Ran's envelop with one of his own.

          "Thank you for catching my envelope." Ran had said as he bowed down to the man.

          "No problem," the man smiled as he spared Conan from his grasp and handed the envelop to Ran. "Anything for a pretty lady," with that, he waved and began walking away.

          Conan tried to smooth his hair as he shot daggers at the man's retreating back. Then, he remembered the switch the man made. "Ran-neechan, that man took your envelope and switched it with one of his own."

          "What?" Ran gasped. "What are you talking about, Conan-kun?" She frowned. "This envelope is mine," she said as she inspected it. "See, it even has my name on it," she said as she showed Conan her name on the side.

          Conan frowned. He could've sworn that—

          "Let's go to school, Conan-kun!" Ran suddenly exclaimed as she took his hand in hers and led him away.

          Conan yelped and all thoughts about the envelope switching disappeared from his mind as he tried to keep up with Ran's long strides.



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