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Makoto and Sonoko

(dedicated to bluedetective)

These were the stuff dreams were made of.

It was a scene straight out of fairy tales.

The hotel was full of beautiful people in beautiful clothes.

There was dinner. And music. And dancing. And champagne.

And wearing her new gown, her hair styled to perfection, Sonoko knew she was exceptionally beautiful. And she felt like a princess.

The only thing ruining her perfect night was the fact that her prince was nowhere near her.

A familiar laughter reached the golden-haired girl's ears as she filled her nth cup of punch.

It was Ran. Sonoko bit back a groan. Even Ran was with Shinichi. It seemed like that she was the only person in the room without a date.

But it wasn't.

She had a date.

In fact, this whole party was being held in honor of her date.

"Congratulations and welcome back," she read the banner hung near the entrance of the ballroom.

Japan's national team had finally brought home the trophy that they all worked hard for.

Sonoko was deliriously happy for Makoto.

But she was feeling ignored.

And Suzuki Sonoko was not used to being ignored.

She bit back an ironic grin.

Had this happened months ago, she would have been out for blood now, throwing a tantrum.

But she was not the rich and snobby Sonoko of months ago. The events six months ago had taught her a lot of things.

Like how to be patient, for one. She knew the rewards would be so much better if she waited.

And to put others before yourself.

Tonight was for Makoto, not about her.

And if she had to fill a thousand cups of punch tonight just to pass time, she would do just that.

She almost giggled. Man, if her mom could hear her thoughts. She would never believe that such deep musings would come from her youngest child.

Scoop, lift, and pour. Sonoko had the act of pouring punch in a cup down to a science. She placed down the latest cup she filled. Scoop, lift, and pour.

"You're not enjoying yourself," a deep voice whispered in her ear.

Surprised, Sonoko suddenly threw a punch.

"Whoa!" Only the boy's quick reflexes saved him from having a shiner. He easily caught her hand.

"Makoto-kun!" Sonoko's face scrunched up in apology. "I'm sorry, it's just that you surprised me and—"

Makoto grinned sheepishly and scratched his head. "I probably deserved that,"

Sonoko's hands subconsciously went to Makoto's neck, adjusting his bowtie. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, I've been a lousy date."

Sonoko shook her head. "It's your party. Of course you'll be busy working the crowd." She smiled at him to let him know that she doesn't mind.

"It seems that your left-across isn't the only thing that changed," Makoto returned her smile. "You've changed, Sonoko-san,"

Sonoko blushed. And for the first time in her life, she was rendered speechless.

"May I have this dance?" Makoto asked.

Sonoko grinned. "Yes, you may."

Makoto led her to the dance floor. Once there, he tentatively wrapped his arms around her as they started to sway to the music.

Sonoko encircled Makoto's neck with her arms and laid her head on his chest.

They moved in companionable silence.

"Sonoko-san?" Makoto asked a moment later.


"Er," Makoto began awkwardly. "The team's on a break. We're going to stay here for a while,"

Sonoko pulled away so that she could see his face. "Really?" She didn't even try to contain her excitement. "That's great!" She gave him a hug.

They moved in silence once more.

Sonoko sighed. These were definitely the stuff dreams were made of.

"May we call team captain Kyougoku Makoto on stage please?"

Sonoko stiffened as Makoto reluctantly released her. She should've known that such moments with him couldn't last.

Makoto looked at her apologetically. She smiled at him and waved him away.

But she supposed it could be worse.

He could be stuck in a body of a seven-year old who's pretending to be just friends with her… Oh, wait. Sonoko smirked. That was Ran's story.

Speaking of Ran, the karate-expert had disentangled herself from Shinichi to move by her side.

The organizers of the event had asked for Makoto, as team captain, to make a speech. He began to thank the people behind the event and the karate team.

Sonoko was only half-listening to the whole thing when she felt Ran elbow her sharply. She forced herself to listen.

"And most of all," Makoto was saying. "I would like to thank a special woman who means a lot to me. She was my inspiration. She was my reason for training. She gave me the strength to win." He smiled as his gaze locked with Sonoko's. "I know that I have been a awful friend to her, but still, she waited for me with the patience of a saint."

Sonoko blushed.

"Sonoko-san," Makoto looked at her seriously.

Sonoko's breath got caught in her throat. Her heart was beating erratically.

"It's no secret that I like you," Makoto bravely plowed on. "It was only recently, during the insanity of the tournaments, when I realized just how much. I know now that I love you."

Sonoko gasped.

"And I know that I don't deserve you," Makoto took a deep breath. "Suzuki Sonoko, would you—" Makoto faltered. But he took a deep breath and bravely plowed on. "Would you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?"

Tears began to stung at Sonoko's eyes. She then realized that the whole room was waiting for her answer. She began to vigorously nod her head. "Yes, Makoto-kun," she breathed. "I love you, too."

A smile dawned on Makoto's face as he leaped down from the stage towards Sonoko.

The crowd clapped. Ah, to be young and in love.

Later, wrapped in Makoto's strong arms as the two of them swayed to the sweet music, Sonoko affirmed that great things definitely come to those who wait.

But she was wrong. This wasn't the stuff dreams were made of.

This wasn't a dream.

This was real life.

And that made everything a million times better.


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