(Drumroll, please.)



After 16 months of drafting…

Despite the fact that I'd only actually spent about 7 months binge-writing before that…

Because I suck…






So ANYWAY, the new draft, IN ITS ENTIRETY, has now been posted OVER the old one, thus making it all one, fully-chronological piece, with the ADDED bonus of actually making sense. (YAS!) In the meantime, I'm thinking I'm going to leave this announcement thingy here, so that I can use it as a better place to answer questions, respond to reviews, ETC. and let the author's notes be a bit shorter moving forward. Eventually, that list of references that I was SO SURE was a great idea, back when I was young and stupid (AKA 16 months ago) might even end up here. THERE'S NO WAY TO TELL. Oooo, SUSPENSE! (Because 16 months of suspense WASN'T ENOUGH!)


In the meantime: I would love it, LOVE it, if you kind, FANTASTIC people would go back and read some chunks of the new draft that I just posted. I've given Sneak Peeks of what NOW comprises chapters 1-13, and I posted what is now chapter 14 (and then removed it) last fall, but basically MUCH/MOST of 15-27 has been MASSIVELY re-written. Here are some things that are new, or at least, were HINTED at, taken down, blah blah blah:

1. That Elsa/Olaf chapter, which is now chapter 14!

2. Kristoff's center, as revealed in that scene where he interrogates Jack!

3. King Edvin being much more realistically scary! (Less overt mustache-twirling!)

4. Jack, having an actual REACTION to Olaf's existence (now that Frostine the Snow Monster has been chopped, because she was a pointless character)!

5. More sexual awkwardness!

6. A completely rewritten snowball fight scene, that DOESN'T completely suck! With an extra-large scoop of sexual tension on the side! Because I CAN, THAT'S WHY! (Nope. NEVER attaching my real name to this. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER…) ;)

7. A dramatically-extended/rewritten Monsters or Miraclesscene, with a LOT more dialogue, and a MUCH more realistic reaction from Jack when he admits to how much he likes Elsa's—clothing. Yeeeeeah, you all know what I'm talking about. (I am NEVER living that one down, am I?)

8. The satire chapter, which is EXACTLY the same, except that it now includes the definition of the word "satire!"

9. Even MORE sexual awkwardness!

Long story short: IT'S BEEN A LONG HIATUS, YA. But, there actually IS a TON of new material (that was never posted in the sneak peeks!), so that should hopefully help all of you to forgive me for taking so long working on it.


ALSO: I'm adding illustrations! I REALLY want to learn how to draw, and adding some illustrations to go with Ice Alliance seems like a good enough excuse to do so. I'm a little scared (okay, a LOT scared), but I've made a tumblr account in case any of you are interested in seeing my stuff (I've already posted the first one). If you have any tips or critiques for me as I figure this out and try to work on my skills, I'd love to get your feedback! Type in nopenottelling-dot-tumblr-dot-com, and you'll find me. :)


You are ALL AMAZING, I cannot thank you ENOUGH for standing by me and still being here, a huge, HUGE thank you to all of you FANTABULOUS people that reviewed, you are wonderful, you can't know how much this has all meant to me, and in conclusion, WE'RE BACK.




Guest23: Okay. I love the fact that you LITERALLY used my suggestion, "Guest23," as your username. That is so snarky it is AMAZING. Thanks for your awesome feedback! :)

FrostbiteSJC: You have no idea how much that means to me; thank you SO much!

WooHoo: Ah! THERE thou art! Sorry it took so long, and thanks for waiting!

Microfire: Hey, you! Book recommendations? Heck yeah! Just let me think here… (*instantly forgets every book I've ever read*) Seriously, though, before I can give any recommendations, I need to know what you like, and how old you are. There are things that I'd recommend to a 24-yr-old that I would NEVER recommend to someone who's 12!