A/N: Time jump! This is set after Truth and Consequences, but after that I completely ignore what happened during season 7 and onwards with the exception of Ziva becoming an agent. Just think of it as the Harry Potter Intermezzo :)

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PART TWO: Red Soaked Poppies

Chapter 1: Reaping On The Docks

November 2, 2009

One, two, three pair of headlights shone against the mist as the cars navigated the quay. Their pace was slow but deliberate gliding through the fog seamlessly as if the drivers blindly knew where they were going.

They halted briefly in front of a warehouse where a man got out of the first car and opened the large hangar doors. After the three cars slipped in he closed them again soundlessly. The hangar was filled with construction material but the middle was surprisingly empty with the exception of a steel table. The cars stopped side by side leaving some room between the vehicles and that table.

As everyone got out like a well-oiled machine two bound men were hauled out of different cars. Only one of them was fighting the bulky men who restrained him however. The other one was barely conscious; his feet just dragged behind him across the concrete until they stopped just in front of the table. Meanwhile a well-dressed man walked passed the prisoners humming a cheerful tune and placed a briefcase on the flat surface before him.

"You won't get away with this, Llewellyn." One of the captives hissed through clenched teeth while two others forced him on his knees. The British accent was hard to miss just as the man's rather battered appearance. One eye was almost swollen shut and an ugly looking cut on his cheek was still bleeding sluggishly. He looked considerably healthier than the other one though.

"If that idea gives you comfort, Agent Wilkes, then please hold on to that." Llewellyn, who clearly was in charge, spoke amiably revealing his origins as well. He was a tall thin man with short impeccable brown hair. He wore an expensive, yet inconspicuous grey suit giving him the appearance of an insurance agent or a corporate lawyer. The only notable thing about him was a small red poppy pinned next to his left jacket pocket.

"This gives me no pleasure, but examples have to be made." Llewellyn went on sounding honestly apologetic about the whole situation. He clicked the briefcase open and took out a pair of black leather gloves, "Surely a man in your profession understands that." He reasoned while putting them on ostentatiously.

Wilkes struggled against the hold the two men had on him but it was a feeble attempt. His strength was nearly gone. Meanwhile Llewellyn took a gun out of the briefcase next and leisurely screwed a silencer onto the barrel.

That done Llewellyn, without further ado, went over to the nearly unconscious man and shot him through the head. The men holding him up let the body fall to the ground and hurriedly stepped back mindful of the growing pool of blood.

"Any last words?" Llewellyn asked as he stepped closer aiming at Wilkes' forehead now, "I would have offered your informant the same consideration but he was already done talking."

"Go to hell." Agent Wilkes said stubbornly while looking up at Llewellyn unwavering. His soon-to-be-murderer smiled appreciatively, "Very well, after you."

Outside of the hangar there was no shot to be heard. A mere five minutes later three cars rode back into the fog immediately disappearing from sight.

"Wow, McShiner!" Tony called out and whistled admiringly as Tim walked into the bullpen, "What did you do to deserve that?"

"Ha ha, Tony." Tim said moodily and sunk down behind his computer, "It's none of your business."

"Ignore him," Ziva said, who had been watching Tim's entry with as much curiosity as Tony, before asking, "Are you all right, Tim?" Her fellow agent was sporting a pretty impressive black eye that was certainly not there before the weekend.

"Yeah, thanks for asking." Tim said with a shrug turning his attention towards his screen hoping that the matter was closed.

"Hey, I asked!" Tony protested and strolled over to Tim's desk where the other agent was observing his approach with some trepidation and mostly annoyance. Tony rested his elbow on the television screen and whispered conspiratorially, "You know, if you're in trouble, you could always send Ziva after them. She might be retired from the assassins business, but if you ask nicely…"

"Not necessary." Tim blocked him off.

"You sure, Tim? I'm happy to help." Ziva offered as she joined Tony and looked down worriedly at her colleague.

"See!" Tony exclaim enthusiastically, "You can take the ninja out of the cave but you can't take those bat senses out of-" He paused pondering what word he could use. Ziva's expression right now was sort of hard to pinpoint.

"Quit while you're ahead, Dinozzo." Gibbs advised as he suddenly appeared behind his Senior Field Agent.

"Yes, Boss."

"Grab your gear. There are two bodies down at the docks. One of them is a Marine." He went on as he walked into the bullpen, grabbed his bag and strode back out in the direction of the elevator. The three agents shared a brief look before they scrambled to their respective desks grabbing their stuff as well.

"What's with the hurry?" Ziva asked as they rode the elevator down to the garage.

"We weren't the only one who got that call."

"FBI is on its way?" Tony asked and made a face.

"Worse, the press." Gibbs answered stonily and added as he stepped out of the elevator, "McGee, go put some ice on that eye before it closes up."

"Now?" The younger agent asked unsurely.

"Yes, now." Gibbs ordered, "You're no use half blind."

"But-" Tim started wanted to say that A, they were about to leave and B, it wasn't necessary. Gibbs interrupted him however, "Hitch a ride with Ducky."

"See you later, McTardy." Tony called back just before the elevator doors closed.

Tony whistled again as he got out of the car a mere half hour later, "How many TV stations are out here?" He asked surveying the various camera crews and vans parked just outside the taped off area.

"Four and counting." Jimmy Palmer supplied as he walked past the agent and headed towards the middle of the hangar where Ducky was already leaning over two bodies.

"How did you three get here so fast?" Tony wondered out loud as he pulled out his bag and followed hurriedly.

"He didn't get lost this time." Ducky provided without taking his eyes of the right victim. The dead man was lying on his stomach with his head turned to the side giving them all a good look of both the entry and the gruesome exit wound. Laying conveniently next to the pool of blood were Marine Brown's dog tags.

"Do you have anything yet?" Gibbs asked.

"Ah, Jethro." Ducky rose to greet the agent, "I'm afraid the cause of death is rather obvious in both cases: one fatal shot to the head."

"Looks like an execution." McGee remarked and snapped some pictures while Ducky momentarily moved away from the bodies. Both of them had their hands bound behind their back with zip ties.

"Preceded by a good old fashioned beating." Tony added, "These guys look like they've been through the wringer."

"I'm assuming this is our Marine's driver's licence." Ziva took a picture of the two lone items on top of the steel table. One was the licence while the other one was a passport. "Our other victim is a foreigner." She went on saying what everyone was thinking, "Odd to leave these here, is it not?"

Gibbs silently agreed. Whoever had done this had deliberately left the ID's behind. He made a note to make sure Abby traced the phone call.

"Wait, let me guess." Tony said, "He's Italian, right? Because this looks like a mob hit."

"I thought the mob left no traces, swimming with the fishes and all that."

"Tim, great time to quote The Godfather," Tony gave him a thumbs up before lecturing on, "but that's only when they don't want to leave a trace. If they want to send a message…" He waved dramatically at the scene.

"He's British." Ziva said ignoring Tony's antics as she scanned the passport, "His name's Alexander Hughes. We'll have to notify the Embassy."

"They both died between 12 and 2AM." Ducky informed Gibbs after removing the liver probe. The older man motioned Palmer closer as they prepared the bodies to be moved back to the Navy Yard.

"I'll know more about the extent of their other injuries after I've examined them in better circumstances." Ducky said with a sigh and went on, "I do agree with Timothy. This has all the makings of an execution as they were shot from close range."

"Ziva, have you found any casings?" Gibbs asked when he approached the agent. She shook her head, "It appears they were picked up."

"Boss, there's a bullet hole here in the concrete but no bullet." Tony said as he crouched back up after carefully examining the floor, "The scene was cleaned." He went on.

"This is a staged crime scene." Gibbs stated as he surveyed the hangar with suspicion now.

"But to what end?" Tony raised. Nobody had an answer for that.

A couple of hours later the whole team was back in the Navy Yard. The only pieces of evidence they found so far were a couple of track marks - which didn't necessarily have something to do with the murders - and the footage of a lone security camera McGee spotted a couple of yards outside the hangar. There were no witnesses to question and the anonymous phone call was still waiting to be traced.

The second Gibbs had surveyed the scene he knew this case would be a difficult one. There was no apparent motive for the murders. He leaved through the sketches of the crime scene as he sat behind his desk and stared at them intently.

At the moment McGee was down in the lab helping Abby process the tape as she inventoried the victims' personal effects. And since Ziva was on a quick coffee run for everyone the bullpen was rather peaceful this time of day. Marine Sam Brown's only living aunt was flying in from Portland and Gibbs contacted the British Embassy about their dead citizen.

The agent was just about to head down to see if Ducky had something for him when someone stopped right in front of his desk, "Agent Gibbs?"

It sounded like the Embassy had send someone over already, the federal agent thought before looking up. He was a bit surprised since he'd only notified them an hour ago. Gibbs raised his head to greet whoever they send and froze as his brain short-circuited.

He was facing a ghost.

"Hi, I don't know if you remember me?" The young man asked somewhat nervously as Gibbs continued to stare at him. He tapped his visitor's badge for good measure, "I'm Harry, Harry Potter."

It took him a while but here he is! Oh, the fun they'll have... :)