When the door finally opened they all jumped up. They had been thrown into yet another large facility with almost no chance of getting out. Of course that time they had not been thrown in there with no memory and this time the people seemed to be helping them. Newt was basing it on the fact that they rescued them form the maze and they shot down all of the 'cranks' as they screamed and delivered them all safely inside. "You kids doing alright? Sorry about all of the fuss. We had ourselves a bit of a swarm."

"Who are you?"

"I'm the reason you're all still alive. It's my intention to keep you that way. Now, come with me. We'll get you kids squared away." They did not really think they had a choice, but why would they refuse. He seemed to have good intentions so they followed the older man in the turtle neck and black leather jacket, "You can call me Mr. Janson. I run this place. For us it is a sanctuary, safe from the horrors of the outside world. You all should think of it as a way station. Kind of a home between homes. Watch yourselves." He instructed as they walked under some machines generating a good amount of sparks.

"That mean you're taking us home?"

"A home of sorts. Sadly, there wouldn't be much left of wherever you came from, but we do have a place for you. A refuge, outside of the Scorch, where WCKD will never find you again. How does that sound?" Going home would have been ideal. Not like they could remember their homes or who would be waiting for them. Newt glanced at Minho, curious as to who exactly these people were.

Minho piped up, "Why are you helping us?"

"Let's just say the world out there is in a rather precarious situation. We're all hanging on by a very thin thread. The fact that you kids can survive the Flare virus makes you the best chance of humanity's continued survival. Unfortunately, it also makes you a target. As no doubt by now you've noticed." Mr. Janson stopped when he reached another large steel door. He pulled out some sort of key card, "Beyond this door lies the beginning of your new lives… First things first… Let's do something about that smell."

Newt smiled as he could hear the cheering of the boys next to him. Warm, running water rained down on them. He chuckled a small bit as he heard Minho laughing as he teased Frypan. He still really had no idea who exactly was helping them, but it was hard to be too concerned as he enjoyed the first shower he had in three years and outside of the stall was a fresh towel and clothes… Despite all of the locks and men with large equipment this place already felt like a paradise compared to where they had come from. Newt saw a few drops of blood mixed in with the water, between everything that had gone on he had not even noticed the cut underneath his eye. He assumed it must not have been that bad since he had not realized it until the warm water hit it.

Once they had properly bathed for the first time in a very long time they dressed and were guided to some sort of medical wing. Newt was not too fond of being observed and tested again, especially not all of the blood they took, but he endured. He only said something when a man in blue scrubs and a white coat pulled out a very large syringe, "Uh, wait, what is that?"

"Just a little cocktail. Calcium, folate, vitamins A through Z. Pretty much everything you've been deprived of out there. Try to relax." Somehow the man's words did not calm him down. The needle piercing his flesh stung quite a bit, and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from making a face.

Thomas was led away from all of them, Teresa separated by a thin blue sheet, and soon afterwards the rest of them were led to the 'cafeteria' one of the soldiers said. As soon as they stepped through those doors all of his thought and feelings were flipped upside down and inside out. Janson had told them that beyond those doors was the beginning of their new life and until that moment he had not been able to comprehend what those words meant. In front of them was a huge room with more kids than he could count. He had to imagine that they all had come from the same situation, that's what this place was, right? They saved people just like them from the maze. Boys and girls sat about a dozen or so metal tables eating from a plastic tray. He could hear someone talking, but all of a sudden his eyes landed on something that made all of his other senses go dull. The voices he had been previously paying attention to were now just a low hum and he was no longer focusing on the smell of the food his stomach desperately longed for.

There she was… Exactly how he remembered her. Honey colored hair that looked freshly washed and gorgeous eyes that just seemed to invite him to stare. Newt should had been more cautious about their surroundings, he should be have been curious about why he dreamt of her when he had no recollection of who she was, he should have wondered if it was WICKD screwing with his head the whole time now that she was in front of him, and he should have wondered if Janson and whoever else was running this place knew anything of it. All his mind could process was how attractive he found her and if she had any idea of who he was and if not how was he going to win her over all over again. Ellia was right in front of him. Suddenly all of the struggling it took to make it to… wherever this was had just most definitely become worth it.

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