Title: Dawning of a New Life

Author: Mei2

E-mail: mei1ca

Category: BTVS/Highlander crossover

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the demented plot. All BTVS characters belong to Joss Whedon. All Highlander characters belong to Davis Panzer Productions Inc.

Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth and . Otherwise, please ask first (I'll probably say yes).

Challenge: Based on a challenge from a board long since dead: What if the monks sent Dawn to someone else to protect? You don't have to use Glory or anything else from Buffy if you don't want to. In fact, some ideas would probably work better if you only use Dawn and made up your own villain. (I'm using virtually nothing from BTVS and have changed some characters to suit my needs).

Notes: The story begins a few years before the TV series starts. For story purposes, "Highlander: Endgame" did not happen, and Richie did not die. For those unfamiliar with Connor MacLeod, he was the Highlander in the original movie. Special thanks to Pat who put up with my endless questions and did not smack me upside the head.

Summary: A chance meeting drastically changes the lives of Connor MacLeod and a little girl named Dawn Summers.


Chapter 1: Strangers on a Train

"I'll be home tonight," he said.

"And Jansen?" she asked.

"Will not be a problem."

She sighed. "Have a safe trip."

Connor MacLeod smiled slightly as he disconnected the call and put his cellphone away. Rachel had always been a bit of a mother hen ever since she was a little girl. He walked over to the waiting area of the train station. His car had been a casualty of his skirmish with Jansen, and he decided to take the train back to New York.

He sat down and opened his newspaper. A few moments later he felt someone watching him. Looking up he noticed a small girl with two brown ponytails leaning over the back of a chair. The sparkle in her large blue-green eyes hinted at the smile hidden behind the teddy bear's head.

"Dawn, honey, come here," said the man beside the girl and pulled her into his lap. He turned to Connor. "It's her first train ride."

"I bet that's exciting," Connor said to the girl who nodded giggling. "Is it your first time in New York?"

"Actually we're just in the process of moving there," the man explained. "I was offered a job, and since we don't have anything holding us here in Boston, we decided to go for it before Dawn started school."

A woman joined them, and the girl moved over to her lap.

"By the way, I'm Hank Summers, and this is my wife, Joyce, and our daughter, Dawn," the man introduced.

"And Toby," Dawn said.

"And Toby the Teddy Bear," Hank added.

"Connor MacLeod," he replied shaking hands with everyone including Toby which sent Dawn into another fit of giggles.

They boarded the train soon after. Connor sat behind the family allowing him and Dawn to play a rousing game of peek-a-boo for about forty-five minutes before Joyce was able to coax the girl to take a nap. By the time he came back from the restroom, she was curled up on the seat with her eyes closed and a chokehold on Toby. Taking his cue from her, he sat down and fell asleep.