Title: Harry Potter and the Pregnancy Potion (Reposted)

Author: Kitai Shinsei

Disclaimer: After reading this, you'll be glad I DON'T own them. ~.~v

Warnings: This fic contains MALE PREGNANCY and SLASH between HARRY POTTER and DRACO MALFOY, RON WEASELY and NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM, DEAN THOMAS and SEAMUS FINNIGAN and SIRIUS BLACK and SEVERUS SNAPE. Please, if you do not like any of this, then DO NOT READ. And please DO NOT leave me a review saying that I am sick. I know that already. :p

Good things: The boys are pregnant. This is probably every woman's dream, especially among those who have had babies. I haven't had a kid, but I've often wished while PMSing, that guys could go through that kind of stuff. So this fic is dedicated to everyone with my views, but especially to Miss Peche, Mrs De La Harpe, Mrs De Sousa, who have recently had babies (CONGRATS GUYS) and also to Mrs Kent-Brown and Ayanda who will be having their own in a couple of weeks. (GOOD LUCK!!!)



Harry Potter and the Pregnancy Potion Chapter One: We're WHAT?!

"Today," Said Professor Snape to his seventh year class, one double Potions lesson in October, "We will be making a strength potion."

Hermione raised a hand. "But sir, we made one of those in fourth year. Why are we."

"Because, Granger, this is a far stronger potion. This will increase strength tenfold, not fivefold like the one you've already made. I will be requiring a few students to test it when it is done. Any volunteers.or do I have to choose myself?" Snape leered pointedly at Neville Longbottom who almost wet his pants.

Harry and Ron immediately raised their hands. Malfoy, seeing this, volunteered as well. Neville, finally tired of the others always sticking up for him, tentatively put up his hand, as did Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas, with encouraging smiles in his direction.

"And I will be taking some myself just to make sure none of you come to any.harm." Snape sure seemed to be in a chirpy mood today. "You will be required to work in pairs. Weasley and Longbottom, Potter and Malfoy, Thomas and Finnigan, Parkinson and Goyle, Zabini and Crabbe."


Once everyone had settled, and stopped glaring at each other if they weren't friends, Snape gave them their instructions. "You will need to use Mingletree Root, Armadillo Bile, Trillimig Oil, and Striget leaves which I will supply you with from my stores. Well, what are you waiting for? Come and get your ingredients!"

Harry went and got the Striget leaves and returned to Draco, sitting down as far away as possible from him. They turned to look at Snape.

"Now each of you will cut your own Striget leaves. This will ensure, by mixing energies, that one partner is no stronger than the other. You may each add the other ingredients as you see fit. Now get to work!"

Snape threw some powder in the fire, causing it to burn bright blue. "Sirius. I need your assistance."

Harry watched amazed as his godfather, who had been Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher since his name was cleared two years before, climbed out of the fire. "Yes, Severus?" Sirius said mildly.

"This strength potion only works when two people make it. And I need to take some to prevent any fights breaking out amongst the students." Snape said. The two had grown considerable warmer towards each other since Sirius had saved Snape's life a couple of times in the last two years, and vice- versa.

"Come on, Potter. This potion isn't going to make itself." Draco muttered.

Harry, wishing great pain on Draco, began to cut his Striget leaves into tiny pieces, imagining that each leaf was shaped like the blonde's head. Unbeknownst to him, Draco was doing the same thing, only imagining the leaves were Harry's head.

"Have you got any Armadillo Bile, Potter?" Malfoy asked, after checking in his bag for some and finding nothing.

"Yes, Malfoy." Harry replied irritably. "Do you have any Mingletree root?"

"Yes, and it appears we both have Trillimig Oil. So let's add."

They proceeded to simmer their ingredients in a large cauldron, and watched as, over the next fifteen minutes, the liquid turned from brownish black, to orange, to canary yellow, bright, neon pink and finally to a nice pale purple.

"Now, if the volunteers will take a ladle-full and drink it." Snape said in a bored tone, as he and Sirius spooned into their own lavender-coloured potion.

They did as he said, rather enjoying the taste, which was kind of like banana puree. Harry felt a warm feeling descend in his stomach, but he didn't feel much stronger. He looked around at Ron who shrugged.

Snape and Sirius on the other hand, looked positively horrified. Snape looked at the Striget leaves, opening the jar and sniffing them, before carefully matching the shade of the leaves with a picture in his book. "WEASELY!!!" He bellowed.

Ron looked up in shock, dropping his ladle. "Yes professor?" He asked, worriedly.

"Do you know what those HAIR-BRAINED brothers of yours have DONE?!" Sirius now roared.

"I caught them in my office last night! It appears they switched Striget with Proccit leaves!" Snape yelled. Fred and George working part time as Quidditch instructors while Madam Hooch recovered from a nasty accident involving her broom, Sir Cadagan's painting and some itching powder, while also running a joke shop in Hogsmeade.

Everyone but Hermione, who clapped her hands to her mouth in horror, looked puzzled. "What does that mean professor?" Draco asked, worried.

"Do you not remember, Malfoy, what happens when Proccit is mixed with Trillimig oil?" Snape asked glaring.

"It produces a very powerful pregna." He trailed off, horrified.

"Yes. It produces a VERY powerful pregnancy potion." He leered at his students. "Which means.that myself, Professor Black and the six of you are all pregnant."

Neville fainted.


Oh.goddess.what have I just written? A slash-filled male pregnancy fic. I SWORE TO MYSELF I WOULD NEVER WRITE ONE OF THESE!!! *Glares at her muses angrily* Trellen!!!!! Put down that baby plot bunny!!!

Anyway, I'm not sure how I'm going to make this work. The mix of their energies while slicing the Proccit leaves is the same as mixing a sperm and egg cell, so the kids will look like their 'parents', most of whom are going to fall madly in love with each other over the next nine months/chapters. Wait. I know what caused this. I wrote my biology exam the other day. I had to draw, label and annotate a big diagram of the *ahem* male reproductive organs. _

And yes, this will be full of mood swings, swollen ankles, uncomfort, doctors appointments, and of course CRAVINGS!!! (Teehee, I know a lot about those. My cousin Ann had weird ones when she was pregnant with Ashleigh and later Chiara. Bovril and bananas on toast. Ice cream and pickled onions. She was very into sweet and savoury mixes.)