4th Month of 282

Knight Commander Brandon Stark

Riverrun was alive with music and joy, the wedding had gone according to plan. There was some part of Brandon had not approved of having to marry within the sept of Riverrun. He understood well enough why it needed to be done, to ensure there were no raised eyebrows and yet there was a part of him that protested at doing such a thing. To him it seemed wrong, so very wrong, and yet he had gritted his teeth and gotten on with it. After all Catelyn had looked completely stunning in her elaborate dress with her hair done up in an intricate southern braid, Brandon had felt something within him quicken then. He had said the words as had she and when they had kissed, it was as if something of a fire had lit within him. Even now there was a feeling within him that he merely wanted to move on with the feast and get straight to the bedding. His wife sat beside him, and if the way her hands were moving under the table on his leg were any indication she felt the same. He grinned into his cup before lowering it to speak with his goodfather.

"I hope you do not mind that my father could not attend the wedding, Hoster. He had business that he needed to attend to within Winterfell and the north." Brandon says.

His goodfather, Lord Hoster, a knight general of the order nods. "Of course it is of no worry son. Your father is an important man and a busy one at that. We shall be meeting on the journey to Winterfell of course."

"You are certain you wish to come?" Brandon asks. "One would have thought with how things are looking with the Blackwoods and the Brackens that you might wish to remain here to ensure the prince has no allies within to use?"

He takes his wife's hand then just as she goes to move upward toward his manhood, she is clearly drunk, but he cannot allow her to do as she wishes, not just yet. No there is business to discuss. Her father merely laughs and says. "Blackwood and Bracken are two hot headed idiots that much is true. But they are not mad enough to even consider beginning something whilst I am away. The last time they tried, the order destroyed their lands and left them to ruin. No, they will remain quiet, and the Prince will not dare to do anything."

Brandon nods. "Of course my lord. Still the Prince has been known to be make moves that some might consider questionable. After all, the man does spend time in Summerhall all on his own, and he has not been seen within King's Landing or Dragonstone for some time."

His goodfather looks at him for a moment and then says. "The Prince is a man of many talents, and his closeness toward Tywin Lannister is somewhat worrying and yet they are of course members of the brotherhood, to betray the brotherhood would be to break those vows we all hold dear. And I am not sure if such a thing is within the man's nature."

"Harrenhal seemed like it was well enough. That whole whispering beforehand was very much within the man's nature. I do not doubt that had Myles not told His Grace, the prince, fool that he is would have gone on to do something that we would have all had cause to regret. Thank the gods old and new that that did not come to occur." Brandon replies.

"The wisdom of the king is to thank for that. It was a rare moment for him to show such strength against his fools at court and come to Harrenhal. No doubt there would have been something or the other that would have tried to stop him from coming but he came." His goodfather concedes.

"More than he has done since Duskendale at least. That is another concern of mine, do we know any more about that damned place since it fell, or has Rykker been keeping things wrapped up to prevent a lack of trade?" Brandon asks, as Knight Commander he was privy to some of the goings on of the order, but not all.

Lord Hoster as a Knight General however, is privy to almost all, the only person who would know more is Brandon's own father who as Lord Seneschal co-ordinates such activities. "I believe Rykker has done his duty and has allowed us to search for such hints that might be left behind in that accursed town. But alas nothing solid has been found. Other than the fact that there might be more to Serala of Myr than we originally thought."

That gets his interest. "And what might this be? I did always think it odd that Darklyn wed someone from Myr considering the most trade was done with Lys."

There is a long silence and then his goodfather says. "She might well have deeper roots than we first thought. Something about her stinks of the old blood, but not of the purest sort. Something of taint might well have been within it, and it might well have been that which drove her toward doing as she did."

Shock hits Brandon then, as the implication of his goodfather's words sinks in. "You mean to say she might well have been what the king was searching for all these years, and yet none of his attempts were successful. Why did she not come forward when she had the chance to become Queen? Or even when Lord Steffon was searching for a bride for the Prince, surely that chance would have been too tempting for anyone with a mind?"

"Unless, there was some other plot that they had. Who knows what went on during those years under Tywin, all that is for certain now is that something went on within Duskendale and it is not completely what it appears to be. Nor is what happened to the king since, what it appears to be." His goodfather replies.

Brandon runs a hand through his stubble then and muses. "This could well have some far reaching problems should it prove to be true." Before he can go on, he hears a shout go up and looks to see Robert Baratheon, the Lord of Storm's End is pushing at Ned drunkenly and his brother seems most put out by this. Brandon feels his jaw tighten then, he does not like the young lord of Storm's End and considers him nothing but trouble, yet Ned seems to like him, something Brandon just cannot understand.

"It seems Lord Robert has had much to drink, is this a regular occurrence?" Lord Hoster asks.

Brandon sighs then and says. "I believe so. I do not know my lord. But I do not think that he would do well within the order, he would only bring shame upon us and the king."

Hoster merely nods and then asks. "And what of your brother, would he make for a good member? A knight squire perhaps?"

Brandon looks at his brother and thinks for a moment before shaking his head. "I do not think so. There is too much he needs to learn and the influence of Jon Arryn is something that I am not sure we can truly remove."

"You will not know unless you try Knight Commander." Ser Brynden Tully says.

"Ah but I have tried, and all I get is the words that that fool Jon Arryn taught my brother parroted back at me. Even my own Lord father is not willing to press beyond the bounds with Ned. No we must remain low for now." Brandon replies.

There is a moment's silence and then his new wife turns to him and her voice clear despite the wine she has drunk and the flush on her cheeks asks. "Where is Lya Brandon? I did not see her during the wedding, nor have I seen her during the feast. Is she not coming?"

The worry that has been nagging at Brandon for some time since the wedding comes back with a fury then. Taking a deep breath he says softly, well aware of his goodfather and his wife's uncle listening intently. "I believe that she was prevented from leaving for some reason or another. She was supposed to be here by the feast, but I know she shall be here no later than two days' time. She wants to spend some time with us before her own wedding."

His wife nods and when she looks at him, he sees such heat in her eyes that he wishes he could merely have her right here and now. It takes him a lot of effort not to do just that, and once he has forced the lust to lessen somewhat, he smiles and kisses his wife quickly on the lips before turning back to his goodfather. He can see the grin on his goodfather's face, and before Brandon can say anything, a rather drunken Robert Baratheon stands up and shouts. "We've had enough food and wine to feed a gods damned dragon. On with the bedding!" as the cry is taken up by many others, Brandon looks at his wife, who's cheeks are flushed and smiles. Soon enough he is being lifted up into the air as rude remarks are made and Brandon gives back as good as he gets, and before he knows it he is being deposited into the room he is to share with his wife for the night, stripped down naked. His wife is wearing nothing but a shift herself, being the daughter of a Knight General sparing her some modesty. Brandon looks at her and says. "You are well my lady?"

"I am my lord. Are you?" his wife responds shyly.

Brandon moves toward her and takes her into his arms. "Brandon, my name is Brandon. We are to be married I would like it if you called me by my name."

His wife looks up at him then and says. "Then call me Catelyn, Brandon." His wife giggles then and Brandon smiles.

"Well then Catelyn, I believe we have one piece of clothing that still needs to be removed do we not?" he asks.

She looks down and then back up at him, and then she asks. "What do you want me to do Brandon?"

"Do you trust me?" he asks, his voice hoarse from want. When his wife nods, he smiles and then guides her into lifting her arms up so that he can remove her shift, once the shift is off, he finds himself looking at her body. Her breasts are firm, and her skin is pale, he finds himself hardening at desire shoots through him. He is no maiden, far from it, but this, this is something new. He moves to her then and kisses her, pressing his lips to her softly. And then when she moans when he moves away, he presses his lips to her more firmly, and then she is kissing him back and their tongues begin to move against one another, fighting for dominance. He pulls away and begins moving down her body, from her mouth to her neck and then down her stomach until he is kneeling down before her clit. He looks at her and when she gives a breathless moan he moves forward. He begins by kissing the curls and then moving down and kissing and sucking on her clit. She groans aloud and grabs his hair, and he grins, his mouth is wet with her, and when he moves up to kiss her once more, he can feel himself pressing against her belly. He looks at her briefly then and asks. "May I?"

"Please." She all but groans and he grins, he lifts her and places her on the bed and then he takes his manhood and just as he is about to put it inside her wetness, she stops and leans up and before he knows what she is doing, her mouth is on his cock, sucking on it and gods that feels good, so very good. He feels himself coming close, so very close, and so he gently eases out of her and then she lies down and he puts himself inside of her. By her gasp he knows Baelish's words were lies, she gasps and gods she is tight, so very tight.

It does not take long, but gods does it feel good. He spills inside of her and by the gods is it good. So very good. he moves to the side then, and he turns then and kisses her softly. "I did not hurt you did I?" he asks.

"A little, but it was a good ache." She replies sweetly.

He kisses her once more and then taking her into his arms his chin resting on her head they fall asleep. It is an easy sleep this, and Brandon is grateful for it, there is much and more that has been plaguing him of late. But not tonight, tonight is the night where he knows he can sleep easy, and in the arms of his wife he does so. He wakes early that morning, Catelyn is still fast asleep, and the sun is just rising when he manages to move from his wife, he washes his face and then puts on some clothes and heads out of the room, making sure his wife is still asleep. He finds his way to Lord Hoster's solar easily enough, and finds the Lord and his brother there discussing something fervently. They stop when he enters and he asks. "What is it? Has there been word from Winterfell? Or from the king?"

The Lord of Riverrun looks at him somewhat worriedly then. "Neither. Word came from a reliable source within the riverlands, and it seems your sister has been sighted Knight Commander."

"Sighted? What do you mean sighted?" he asks.

"It seems the Lady Lyanna was at an inn with some of her companions, when the prince and his retinue entered the inn. It did not take long but Prince Rhaegar it seems has absconded with Lady Lyanna." The lord says.

Immediately, Brandon feels anger boiling within him. "Are you certain it was my sister?"

"I am, my sources recognised her well enough." The man replies.

Brandon looks at the lord then and feels anger rising within him. It is something that drives him to a deep fury, the thought of his sister with the prince, with that traitor. He saw how the man looked at his sister at Harrenhal, it makes sense the idiot would so something such as this. He turns round then and heads for the door. Pausing he says. "I must go."

"Go?" Lord Hoster asks surprised. "Where will you go?"

"To King's Landing. The King will know what to do." Brandon says.

"Are you sure that is wise?" his goodfather asks. "How do we know that the prince has not gone to King's Landing himself."

Brandon snorts. "It is partially because of that that I wish to go. But the dragon will know what to do, he always does." Before his goodfather can respond he is out of the room and heading toward where he knows Ethan is sleeping. He bangs on the door and when his squire opens the door, he is not surprised to see the man already changed and awake, Ethan is an early riser, nor is he surprised to see Elbert Arryn in his squire's room. "Good you are both dressed. Where are Kyle and Jeoffrey?"

"They are further down the keep why?" Elbert asks.

"We must go." Brandon says curtly, turning and walking down the hallway.

"Where are we going my lord?" Ethan asks.

"To King's Landing to get answers from the king." Brandon replies.

"Why?" Elbert asks.

"Because the prince has taken Lyanna." Brandon says, before he walks down the hallway, he stops in front of a door and looks questioningly at Elbert who nods. He knocks on the door and Kyle, dressed only in some breeches opens the door. Brandon tells him the same story and soon enough his friend and the heir to Runestone is dressed and armed, the same happens with Jeoffrey. Brandon is not surprised by their promptness, members of the Knights know to be ready whenever. For none know when they might be called to service.

Soon enough they are down by the stables saddling their horses and leading them out of the stables. Lord Hoster appears then. "Please Knight Commander, I beg you, reconsider."

"No. I will go and get answers from my king." Brandon replies.

"What of my daughter?" Hoster asks.

"We consummated the marriage my lord," Brandon says coolly, impatient now. "And I will return forthwith." With that he mounts his horse as do the others. Before he spurs his horse on he looks at his goodfather and says. "Do not tell my brother or Baratheon just yet." Before the man has time to respond he is digging the spurs into his horse and riding off. His men following. They ride in silence, the purpose of their mission meaning they do not need to speak. They do not stop for anything but for food and water, and when they do stop there is nothing mentioned of his sister or the prince. Anger is still digging into his system though, and so after they have had their food, he forces his men back onto their horses and they continue their journey. They ride hard, very hard, they stop at night and rest, but say nothing before continuing on like this for another six days he thinks, stopping only to eat, shit and piss. Eventually King's Landing comes into sight on a bright and early day, the rage is still simmering within Brandon but it cools somewhat at the sight of the dragon banners, he is safe here. He will get his answers.

The gates open after he cites who and what he is, though the tone of the man on the wall is hostile, and that surprises him. What surprises him even more is the nature of the city, much has changed since last he was here. It seems as if the city has become dark and foreboding, as if the prince has taken it over, there are harsh looks at Brandon and his men as they ride up to Aegon's High Hill. None of the men mention it, but he knows they feel it too. When they get to the doors to the Red Keep, Brandon is relieved to find two of the order standing guard. He dismounts and says. "Brothers. We have come with most urgent haste. May we see the king?"

Ser Myles Mooton A Knight-Squire speaks in his deep voice. "You may. The king has long waited for you to come Knight Commander Brandon Stark." Mooton turns and calls out and the doors open, Brandon nods his thanks and leaves his horse with Mooton, as do his friends as they dismount.

Nerves wrack Brandon's body as he walks through the hallway to the throne room, the dragon banners are there flapping in the hallway, but there is a sense of something desperate in the air. He does not like it, and he does not approve of it, and yet when he sees Ser Jonothor Darry of the Kingsguard standing outside the door to the throne room, he merely shows the man the hilt of his sword, its dragon hilt showing him as a member of the order. Darry nods and allows him to enter announcing him as he does so. The throne room is packed when Brandon and his men enter, it seems the king has been holding court. He looks cleaner than he did at Harrenhal, is hair is not as long, but his beard is still thick. Brandon and his men get to the foot of the throne and bend before it. "Your Grace, Your Imperial Majesty. I Brandon Stark Knight Commander of the Order of the Dragon have come before you to beg assistance in a most grievous thing."

There is a moment's silence and then the king says. "Rise, you may approach Knight Commander."

Brandon walks closer to the foot of the throne then, stopping before the two Kingsguard, Ser Jaime Lannister and Ser Gerold Hightower. His voice soft he says. "I come to get my sister the Lady Lyanna back. She has been taken by Your Highnesses son Prince Rhaegar."

There is a long murmuring then, before the king raises a hand and the hall falls silent. Brandon looks as the king rises then walking down the steps of the throne, he looks like an old man though he is of an age with Brandon's own father. He stops before Brandon then and raises a ringed finger, which Brandon kisses. The king withdraws his finger and says. "I will help you find your sister Knight Commander. And together we shall get justice from my son."