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Chapter 1. Guilt trip


In life no one knows anything but the Fates but I for one don't care because now I hate them with all my being. With two wars not even in two years time so many live lost to then be forgotten in years time. Whether it could be a decade a century or a thousand years they would be forgotten. Unless they accomplished an heroic achievement but does that really matter at all but ether way no one cares but me and few others. By the way I'm Perseus Jackson son of Poseiden with a whole bunch of titles that I don't care about let me show you what I'm talking about.

Flashback to the second Titan war

oh your here well (sighs) I can give a long list of the people who died here whether in Camp half Blood or Manhattan so ill start at CHB. It was at the entrance to the Labyrinth where the battle began and the lives lost there (chokes up a little bit) were Lee Fletcher son of Apollo, Castor son of Dionysus, Cherry James a Dryad, Aqua silver a nymph, Sarah Paul Daughter of Aphrodite, Sam Wings son of Hermes, Kelena Rose Daughter of Aphrodite, Aaron Smith son of Athena, Adrian Harmony son of Apollo and many more who died.

Now the worst battle the one of Manhattan even more teenagers who died who may never love who may never see their mortal parent who may never get their answers on why this war happened but I know why and that was me (he says sadly) but continuing Charles Beckendorf son of Hephaestus, Jake Madison son of Apollo, Michael Yew son of Apollo, and many more ( A/N: I know I did not mention Silena but that was because I forgot her last name can some one remind me what it was please) I would continue but it's to hard ill talk about the second Giant war + Queen dirt face later.

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