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Sookie woke with a grunt after sleeping for a couple hours. At first, she was confused. Eric gentle hand on her arm made her found the way back. She was lying on the couch, with Eric's leather jacket as a cover. Snuggling in the soft material, she looked up to his face, which was closed and turned to the opposite side of the room, to Pam, who was lining against the wall. If Sookie didn't know better, she would say that the female vampire looked scared.

"I found who stole the money", said Sookie in the hopes of making the situation less tense.

Still not looking at her, Eric said: "I know. You did well, Sookie. We'll talk about your recklessness later. Now, Pam has an apology to give."

Confused, Sookie looked at the vampire standing with her arms crossed.

"Human…", Pam started to say only to stop at Eric's warning growl.

"Sookie… I'm repentant to have given you the impression that Eric was considering dispensing you. It was an ill-conceived… prank. A useful one at any rate", she finished softly only to have Eric growl again.

Sookie felt like an idiot. They knew who had stolen the money. Pam manipulated her, but why?

"Why was it useful if you knew who it was?"

"We had little proof of Long Shadow's acts. It was obvious, as he was the only other with access to the money. The waitresses don't touch the registers. Pam's plan was to draw him out." Eric was now turned towards the telepath.

"Exposing me to his fangs while at it", sullenly spoke Sookie.

A silence filled the room. Taking her eyes from Eric's intense blues, Sookie stared at the ceiling trying to understand where a feeling of sudden dread was coming from. Suddenly she remembered the pain in her arm.

"He bit me!"

"Yes, he did. And I healed you."

Sitting up, Sookie noticed that Pam had left the room. For how long did she stare at the ceiling?

Eric was on a chair beside the couch, attentively examining the girl's facial expressions and feelings. She had yet to fully react to what happened. Or perhaps, as he suspected, she was taking the bartenders attack in stride, as she had everything so far. He decided to use the moment of apparent calm to his favor.

"There has been some turbulence in Louisiana in the past few weeks. It's one of the reasons for Pam to test you so irresponsibly". Sookie motioned for him to continue. It was not every day that Eric shared information about vampires.

"I'm sure you must have guessed that we have a form of organization, otherwise I wouldn't have a title such as Sheriff", he begun to explain. "The country is divided into kingdoms, which usually, but not always, represent the same territories as the human states. Each state or states are ruled by a Queen or King. In Louisiana Sophie-Anne Leclerq is the Queen."

Eric stopped to take a look at Sookie, whose feelings had shifted from curiosity to amuse. She was stifling a laugh when he continued.

"The states are divided into areas, which are overseen by Sheriffs. I'm the Sheriff of Area 5. My job, so to speak, is to coordinate and manage all activities involving vampires and other supernaturals from my Area", Sookie nodded to indicate she was listening. She had sobered up after hearing the change in his voice. He was about to say something she wouldn't like.

"Sophie-Anne's not a loved monarch, but she has had in the past century the loyalty of most of her people. I'm afraid she's about to lose it. The Queen is facing a great debt with the human IRS and other monarchs can sense her weakness. There have been reports of secret meetings between her and the King of Arkansas. An alliance among states is not an extraordinary thing to happen, although, in this case, it wouldn't be an alliance it would be a full sell."

"And so… all vampires working for her would have to work for him. Without choice", slowly commented Sookie.


"And you guys don't want that."

"No, we don't."

"Right, but what it has to do with Pam's stupid test?"

Smiling, Eric replied. "A telepath would be a tremendous ally in an eventual deposition of the Queen."

Swallowing hard, Sookie thought about the mess she had got herself into. Vampire monarchs, coups, getting bitten.

"Hey, didn't you say that by having your blood in me no other vamp would touch me?"

"Long Shadow broke the rules. I was in my right to end him." Eric had a longing smile on his face; his fangs were slowly descending while he leaned forward invading Sookie's private space.

"So you staked him." She was astounded at how firm her voice was.

"No. I severed his head with my sword. It seemed appropriate considering the nature of his offence."


Eric was very close to Sookie now; she could smell his natural scent. Dry and cool. Her heart was thundering; it had been almost two weeks since they had kissed in that same office. Eric had not stopped his advances on her; instead he had been playfully respectful to her rhythm, which had become too slow for both of them.

Sookie was coming closer and closer to Eric. Attracted by his presence, by the force he seemed to emit, by his burning gaze.

Her lips touched his asking for more. Eric didn't waste time. Swiftly he had her placed on his lap, an arrangement always preferred by him. His tongue battled with Sookie's, who soon gave up the dominance of the kiss. One of his hands was running her exposed back, while the other held her head in place.

Sookie hands were idly placed on his broad chest, she felt protected in his arms, but shy. Dazed, she opened her eyes and saw that he was hungrily watching her, enjoying her moans. She wanted more, she wanted everything. But the room was turning dark; her head was so light, her lips unresponsive to his delicious kiss.

Eric let her go. He felt when she ran cold. The blood lost catching up to her. It was time to enlighten the telepath a little more.

"Lover, I would like to give you some of my blood. You lost too much to Long Shadow."

Sookie was resting her forehead on his shoulder; making an effort she lifted her face. For the second time that night, she was surprised with the expression she saw at a vampire's face. Eric was slightly apprehensive.

"What will happen if I drink your blood again?"

Kissing her cheek he clarified. "It would strengthen our connection. When a vampire drinks from a human, no bond is formed. But when a human drinks from a vampire, only the vampire gains access to the human's feelings."

"Which is what happened to us. I drank from you. So now you know where I'm all the time", interrupted Sookie.

"I as well can feel your emotions, Lover."

"My emotions? You didn't say anything about that when I drank from you." Sookie was indignant. She knew he had been hiding something when he first proposed that she drank his blood.

Sneaky, sexy, delicious vampire.

Eric was having trouble not devouring her. He could sense how angry she was, but underneath all the ire, lust was making an appearance. Sookie wanted him. Wanted his blood.

"When a human and a vampire exchange blood a connection is made. When you first drank from me, I didn't drink from you. At the time, I believed it would only cause you unnecessary distress to learn about the effects of drinking from me. I don't need a blood connection to read your emotions, Lover. They're plain as it is." He captured her earlobe with his teeth. Sookie couldn't contain a moan.

"As I've tasted you tonight while tending to your wounds, it's certain that if you drink from me, it will begin a blood bond, which will be permanent when we exchange for the third time"

"I don't understand, Eric. What will it mean to have a permanent blood bond?", Sookie's head was spinning from the lack of blood, from the information she was getting and from the large bulge se could feel on Eric's pants.

"It'll mean that you and I would forever be connected. It would be possible to be apart, but difficult. You would feel my… emotions as I can now feel yours. And it would prevent any vampire, from any rank, to take you from me" Eric stated calmly.

Truthfully, he did not want to form a bond with Sookie, not so soon anyway. A bond is a serious matter to the immortal. It isn't common for a vampire to give a human his blood, much less form a blood bond. But for keeping Sookie he might consider it. If there's no emotional attachment on the mix, a bond was a practical move to make. Eric liked Sookie, enjoyed her company, desired her body and blood, and definitely was not prepared to separate from her, but he had yet to feel anything more for the girl.

Sookie didn't know what to say. When we exchange for the third time. Eric seamed so convinced of all this, that she was sure he was probably already planning exchange number two and three. She was wary of all this, but she could feel the blood loss. Long Shadow had time to drink a lot, before Pam arrived.

"Alright. I'll drink from you. But I don't think it's a good idea that we exchange blood again. We don't know each other that well to start something that seems a lot like a marriage to me.", she firmly stated.

Eric was already opening his wrist and offering it to her before she even had the last words out. Placing her soft lips over his open wound, Sookie sucked deeply locking eyes with Eric. She saw his hunger and his effort to not drink from her. And boy, she wanted him to bite her.

Closing her eyes, she moved her hips. A slow circle, round and round, over his sensitive member. She could feel it through her dress. The friction was driving her crazy. Eric's hand was on her thigh, squeezing. A low growl formed on his chest, and vibrated through her center. She wanted more. But he would not give her. Not tonight.

"Let go, lover."

Eric gently pulled his arm away from her. His cut had healed already. A droplet of his blood was dripping from her slightly open mouth. Capturing her lips, Eric kissed the last drops of his blood away from her mouth. The girl was playing with his fangs while pressing down on his erection. Her rolling hips reached a frenzied rate. Her arousal saturated the air. With a delicate wail she sliced her tongue on his piercing teeth. He wanted all of her, but she was not ready. Feeling her release matching his, he realized there was no escape from getting addicted to Sookie Stackhouse.