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Summary: Late night drinking leads to awkwardness the next morning…

Warnings/Author's Notes: This has very, very light slash in it (for one random kiss and unexplained night-before-goings-on). Guess there's a warning of spoilers, kind of, for being at the CDC bit and mention of the group drinking (season 1). It quickly veers off into AU-ish territory. The tone of this ficlet is also not heavy or dark. I'm not really sure what it is. It's weird/crack-y I guess... Hmm further warning for the drinking I guess. I like this pairing, but I don't know when/if I'll writing something else for them. I don't feel one way or another for this thing I wrote—and I can't see myself turning it into something else or something more. Saku challenges me to all kinds of weird shit when we do drabble wars, so I might produce more of this pairing in the future. Enjoy I guess.

Rating: T

WC: About 240 words

Saku's Drabble Wars Prompt: Daryl/Glenn- Daryl had a feeling he'd never live this down. Though he was still lost on how he'd ended up upside down and kissing Glenn.

Without Warning
By Yo's Subordinate, Written 8/14/15, & Posted to ffdotnet 8/16/15

Daryl couldn't believe his eyes. He had no idea how he'd gotten in his current position.

The last thing he remembered from the night before was drinking at the table with the others at the mess hall in the CDC—he and Glenn had been the last ones up. They'd been challenging each other to see who could get whiskey shots down the fastest (which Daryl won every time, of course, because he learned rather quickly that Glenn was definitely a pansy when it came to alcohol tolerance).

"Daryl?" Glenn groaned from beside him.

Daryl turned to eye the Korean, a bleary, glazed look in his own eyes, as his worldview was currently upside down. The archer also was half naked on top of the table with his head hanging off. With the blood rushing to his head, he felt the beginnings of a migraine starting to buzz behind his eyes.

"Um. Daryl?" Glenn called his name again.

Further ignoring the Korean, Daryl just continued to stare at Glenn wondering why the hell the man was sitting upright on the floor (and still fully clothed), supported by one of the table's metal legs, while Daryl was shirtless himself on the table. What the hell were they doing last night?

"Hello, earth to Daryl!" Glenn said, waving a hand in front of the archer's face.

"Tch," Daryl sneered and got himself off the table.

He crouched down next to the Korean and, without warning, kissed him.