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Pairing: Jay/Mal, allusions to Ben/Mal, Evie/Mal/Jay/Carlos and lots of other pairings.

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This is not for us to ponder (this was pre-ordained)

I: Outside the world seems a violent place (but you had to have him, so you did)

Like the stars chase the sun

Over the glowing hills, I will conquer

Blood is running deep

Some things never sleep

Queen of Peace – Florence and the Machine

The year they turn sixteen is the beginning of the end.

Or the end of the beginning.

No one quite knows what happened or how it happened, just that it did.

(Never underestimate youths who have revenge on their minds and each other painted in their hearts.)

She meets him on the roof of an abandoned building in the alley behind the market. She's young and tired of Evie talking about Princes and how 'one day I'll get my Prince Charming and he'll sweep me off my feet. You'll see, Mal. I'll be happy.' And Mal is evil, but she's not evil enough to tell Evie that no one, let alone a Prince will want her, them, any of them.

So, when Evie isn't looking and instead, is trying to talk to George, Gaston's son who is already surpassing his dad in brawn, Mal slips away, her short legs taking her across torn down houses, people worn down by the hard life they live (the hard life they all live, the life they were banished to) and she crawls up ladders and balances herself on ledges until she's atop a roof that overlooks the Isle of the Lost and straight at the United States of Auradon.

She feels a hatred that rips through her very soul when she looks at how bright and sunny it is. She can just imagine how happy they all are, a land full of princes and princesses and everyone is so happy and grateful, well fed and lacks for nothing. She thinks of children who have never known hardship and she wants to make them pay for everything they've done and everything they will never do.

(Free me. Free us.)

"Planning your escape, little one?" A voice calls out from the shadows.

Mal would have jumped, had she wanted to give whoever it was the satisfaction of seeing her shocked. Instead, she steadies her heart and whips her head towards the sound, eyes glowing green for a moment. "Show yourself." She snaps, her voice hard with practice. (She stands in front of a mirror in the dark of the night, a piece of wood as her specter and imitates her mother, trying to emulate her and Mal vows that one day, she'll surpass her and no longer will Maleficent be the name most feared, but hers, Mal.)

"Bossy." The voice replies and she can tell there's a smile on his face before she even sees him. He walks out of the shadows, clad in black and red leather, hair reaching his shoulders. "I like it."

She knows this boy. She's seen him around, has seen how he can walk into a room full of trinkets and walk out with half of them tucked into pockets (and she sees how his eyes immediately seek out a lamp and she watches as he rubs it and sees the lidded anguish when no genie appears). She knows who his father is (Jafar), but she's never actually met him. Never actually spoken to him, has never seen the need to, not when she has Evie.

"I don't care what you like." She responds haughtily.

He laughs and it sounds like bells and then suddenly, he's behind her, his hands ghosting over her shoulders and his lips next to her ear, his breath sending invisible shivers down her spine. "Sure you do, little one."

"Mal." She says and she's proud how her voice doesn't falter despite her fingernails digging crescent shapes in the palm of her hands. "My name is Mal."

"I know." He tells and he swings around, sitting next to her, legs dangling from the ledge and taking out his latest pickings. She watches him with veiled interest. He doesn't say anything afterwards, just examines his treasures and gives her half-lidded smiles. (His eyes are brown and his smiles never reach them.)

When he's done, he leans backwards and stares into the distance at Auradon. "You ever wish you could go there?" He asks her after what feels like a lifetime of silence. (It's fine, she thinks, she rarely ever gets silence at home, always the recipient of her mother's rants and tirades.)

She feels that familiar hatred, the familiar rage bubbling inside of her and she answers him honestly, "only to watch it burn from the inside out."

He doesn't seem shocked, instead he seems almost proud and he laughs, leaning into her until his shoulder is pressed against hers and he's close, (so, so close), "make sure I'm there to see you take the throne, little one."

She allows herself a little smile as she imagines herself on the throne, crown on her head and a kingdom on its knees.

(Queen Mal the Malicious, it's got a nice ring to it, wouldn't you agree?)

Long after the sun has set and Auradon still glows in its never-ending light, they make their way down the ladder and over ledges until they run by torn down houses and worn down people. "What's your name?" She asks him, out of breath and feeling exhilarated, adrenaline coursing through her veins.

"Jay." He tells her, tucking a loose piece of hair behind his ear. "My name is Jay."

"I could always use your skills." She tells him innocently, pouting her lips and eyes blown wide. "You see, my friend Evie and I have a plan for world domination." Well, Mal has a plan for world domination, Evie just wants a Prince. (Evie is a work in progress, but she's Mal's work in progress.)

"Where I go, Carlos goes."


Jay nods, "Carlos de Vil."

Mal smirks, well, mother, won't you be so proud, "the more the merrier."

"See you later, Mal." He says and then he's off, disappearing into the shadows until she's can't see him anymore, all she hears are the disgruntled yells when his victims realize their belongings are missing.

Carlos de Vil turns out to be a little bit broken and wounded from his mother's sharp hand and psychological mind games.

Mal can see how protective Jay is of Carlos, even though he hides it with teases and taunts, she knows that one wrong move on Carlos and Jay is likely to cut the hand off the one who hurts him (this is what the Isle of the Lost is made of, people who steal, cheat and plunder but also of those who stick together when one of them is hurt. They're a family, if only thrown together by virtue of their bloodlines.)

Mal likes that. She feels the same protective nature towards Evie.

Evie, for her part, is thrilled with two newcomers.

"We're just like a family, now!" Evie exclaims, her hands reaching out for Carlos, who reaches back hesitantly and then his face blossoms into a smile when Evie clasps his hands in hers and grips them tightly, never letting go.

She looks over Evie and Carlos' heads and catches Jay's eyes. He's staring at her with an intense gaze and she's not quite sure what to make of it, just that she never wants him to stop.

As the years go by, they become more hardened. The hate fills their heart more and more as Auradon continues to shine brightly, a beacon they will never reach.

Mal schemes ways to get their parents approval and the rest follow her, despite their reservations. They're up at all hours of the night, perfecting their plans and Mal thinks this could work; this could really work, when they finally disperse to go home, agreeing to meet back at lunch the next day.

Except, when the next day arrives and Mal arrives, only to find Evie and Jay huddled around a cowering Carlos, who has a pack of ice on his face, Mal's rage boils to the surface as she feels her heart drop into her stomach.

"What the fuck happened?" It's the first time she curses (it's the first time any of them curse, but it doesn't phase them).

Evie scrambles up and pulls at her arm. "Do you know what today is?" She asks quietly.

"Sunday." Mal responds, her eyes never leaving Carlos or his bruised eye and she catches sight of dried blood on his neck in the shape of nail marks and she looks at his eyes, wild and crazed, body twitching in fear and her chest collapses all over again, the pain insurmountable, because it's Carlos. He can be just as evil when he wants to be, but there is a certain child-like innocence to him that reminds Mal of Evie.

"It's Mother's Day." She replies.

"So?" Mal snaps. She knows it's Mother's Day and just like every Mother's Day, her mother isn't here. They don't celebrate Mother's Day because it's not like their mother's are entirely grateful to have spawned them for any other purpose then to perpetuate evil and disgrace (which apparently, they're failing in.)

"So…" Evie drawls out, glancing back at Carlos who shuffles closer to Jay as Jay talks to him in a low voice, "Carlos forgot and didn't get his mother a gift and Cruella…well, she wasn't entirely too happy about being forgotten."

Mal feels sick to her stomach. But underneath the sudden nausea, there is still her simmering rage. Because despite her mother's reputation, Maleficent has never laid a hand on her daughter and neither has the Evil Queen to Evie. "She did this to him?" Mal asks, her voice breaking, until she takes a deep breath and steadies herself. She can feel Evie nod without even looking at her.

She stares and stares at Carlos as he listens to what Jay is saying, not able to hear what is being said between the two boys. She watches as slowly, but surely, Carlos starts to relax, body unwinding in trust and safety. She remembers Carlos' face every time they leave to go home and she remembers seeing Jay and Carlos leave together and arrive together and when Carlos isn't with Jay than he's with Evie. A little piece of her thinks that this is her fault. If she didn't keep them so late the night before than he could have went home sooner and remembered this God-forsaken day and may have had the time to create a present to please his mother. But instead, she kept them until the early hours of the morning, when Carlos was dead on his feet.

He looks up and in that moment makes eye contact with her and gives her a small smile and a little wave and the pain in her chest intensifies, until she growls and turns around, stomping into the street.

"Where are you going, Mal?" Jay asks as he appears beside her.

"I'm going to skin Cruella de Vil the way she was never able to do to those Dalmatians."

"Do you know where he lives?" He asks her.

No, she concedes, she doesn't. Carlos has never invited them over to his house, instead, always going to theirs. "I'll find it."

"I'll show you." Jay offers. "Personally, I think it's about time Cruella gets a dose of her own medicine and who better than the daughter of Maleficent?"

"Evie knows to stay with Carlos?" Mal wants to make sure because she doesn't want anything more to happen to Carlos and she most certainly doesn't want anything to happen to Evie.

"Evie is taking him to her place."

"Good." Mal says, turning her head to look at Jay. "Lead the way."

She thinks it's the way their faces are set in stone, murderous intent showing, and the way they walk, determined and synchronized, that makes people jump out of their way.

She slams on the door and doesn't step back when it's ripped open and she's face-to-face with a woman, hair half white, half black with Carlos' eyes and chin. Mal growls and forces her way into the house, Jay falling in behind her, shutting the door gently. "You don't know me," Mal starts, "but you will."

"Well," Cruella says, her eyes staring down at Mal, "if it isn't the daughter of Maleficent and the son of Resident Thief. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"You will never touch a hair on Carlos' head again, do you understand me?"

Cruella's eyes harden, "who do you think you are, telling me what to do with my child?"

Mal smiles and it's a vicious sort of smile, one that she never even had to practice but was just always present. "My name is Mal and if you think you're the only one who knows how to torture someone, think again."

(Jay doesn't say anything the entire time and she can see, through a broken mirror hanging lopsidedly on the wall, the shadow of a grin as Cruella breaks down into hysteric sobs blubbering promises that she will never touch a hair on Carlos' head again.)

They close the door; effectively cutting off Cruella's ugly sobs and Mal shakes off her hand, not even grimacing at the dried blood across her knuckles.

"You've got a mean left hook, little one." Jay says as they walk towards Evie's house.

"I hate that name." She tells him, as she takes the lead and walks in front of him.

"No, you don't." He calls out.

(No, no, she doesn't.)

"She'll never lay a hand on you again." Mal tells Carlos quietly as Evie ushers them into her room and grabs Mal's hand, gently pressing and feeling around, only leaving her side to get ice and gauze.

"What did you do?" Carlos asks.

Mal blinks and shrugs. "I made sure she remembers who I am and what I'm capable of doing."

"You didn't have to do this." Carlos says, his eyes never leaving Mal's hand, even as Evie starts wrapping it.

"We're family, Carlos." Mal says firmly, ignoring how Evie's head snaps up and how a smile so large and brighter than how Auradon shines graces her face and ignores how Jay smirks at her, eyes staring at her as if he's reading her soul. Instead, she focuses on Carlos who's blinking back tears but instead coughs and lifts his head high. "I'll kill whoever hurts my family."

"We all will." Jay promises.

"Because we're family." Evie whispers, her index finger caressing Mal's knuckles and something catches in Mal's throat as she looks at the three other people in the room.

Carlos nods, "Family."

The day after Mal's visit to Cruella, she wakes up before the sun and can't fall back asleep. So, she gets out of bed, slips into her clothes and makes her way out of the house, careful not to wake her mother.

She makes her way by torn down houses and worn down people and crawls up a ladder and across ledges as she hefts herself onto the roof of her favorite building. Auradon still shines brightly and Mal finds that she can't take her eyes off of it.

"Still want to watch it burn from the inside out?" Jay calls out as he makes his way out of the shadows. "Pretty early for you to be out here."

"I could say the same to you." Mal replies.

"Why are you here?" He asks her as he settles next to her, sitting too closely.

And even though the air is cool, she finds herself burning hot. "Couldn't sleep." She answers. "You?"

"Couldn't sleep." He parrots back.

They sit together in silence when she feels him shuffle and take a deep breath. "Here." He says as he reaches over to her and holds out a fingerless leather glove with silver studs at the end.

"What is this?" She asks, not taking it. She feels her throat close up. No one has ever given her anything before. No one.

"It's for your hand. It won't stop damage, the next time you decide to rearrange someone's face but at least it'll cover it." He shrugs, "besides, it'd look pretty badass on you."

She still doesn't take it, body gone into shock. Jay rolls his eyes and grabs her hand with surprising gentleness and she watches as his fingers smooth over the wrap on her hand, fingertips tracing every callous on her hand until he tugs the fingerless glove over her hand. "There." He says, voice huskier and deeper than normal, his lips so close (so, so close) to hers that she can feel and smell his breath. She finds her lips making the same shape as the words leaving his mouth, just begging for him to press them to hers. "Pretty badass, if I say so myself."

He leans forward and for a terrifying second, Mal thinks she's going to throw up, but the feeling goes away when he presses his forehead to hers. "You never did answer my question."

"What question?" She asks.

"Do you still want to watch Auradon burn from the inside out?"

"I want to be the one to set it aflame."

He laughs gently, breath puffing in her face, hands coming up to cradle her cheeks and it's only then that she notices the black fingerless leather cover his left hand and she thinks they match (like a Queen and her King). "My little one breathing fire like the dragon she is. It's poetic, when you think about it."

"It's revenge."

"That too." He responds and then they don't say anything and he steals whatever she was going to say next when his lips press against hers, one hand sneaking behind her neck and the other roving down her side, to grab hold of her hip.

She wraps her arms around his shoulders, pressing herself tightly to him until she doesn't know where he begins and she ends.

(It doesn't matter, because when his tongue touches hers, she explodes brighter than any dragon-fire.)

When they turn sixteen, Hank, a descendant of Captain Hook starts to notice her. He makes excuses to touch her and she's threatened to break his fingers. He laughs, calls her 'spunky' and tries to kiss her.

Jay comes out of nowhere and punches him in the face. Carlos and Evie staring at him as if seeing him for the first time.

Mal won't lie, she thinks the way Jay fights is extremely sexy and her breath catches when he looks at her, eyes wild and filled with promise of him and her and only him and her.

That same day, Dawn, Drusella's daughter, trails her fingers down Jay's chest in appreciation of his physique.

Evie doesn't even have time to hold her down before she's yanking Dawn by her hair and hitting her across the face, backing her up against the wall with her hand around her throat. Evie is the one who pulls her away, arms around her waist and breath heaving in Mal's ear.

Dawn laughs shrilly, "I knew it!" She cackles, blood dripping down and staining her mouth and teeth red. "I always knew there was something off with you four."

"Shut your mouth, Dawn." Evie snaps. Mal isn't surprised, because she knows Evie better than anyone and she knows that Evie, when pressed is pure evil packaged in blue and all of five feet.

"What are you going to do, Evie? Poison me with an apple?"

"Open your mouth again and you'll see exactly what I'm capable of doing."

"Open your mouth again," Carlos says as he and Jay step closer to them until they're all side-by-side, faces fierce and bodies ready for a fight, "and you all will see what we're capable of doing."

"You're nothing but has-beens." Dawn says, her voice hard and vicious, eyes scanning the collecting crowd of youth.

"Look around you Dawn," Jay says, "we're all children of has-beens."

"This," Mal continues, arms swinging around, gesturing to their surroundings, "is what we've been reduced to. This is what we've been condemned to! You think I want to be here? You think that we deserve to be here? We're children and descendants of the world's greatest villains and these fucking do-gooders and princes and princesses were so terrified of us that they banished our parents to this God-forsaken island with nothing! And it's about time we take back who we are." She steps on a chair and makes sure all eyes are on her and she watches without hesitation as Evie, Carlos and Jay grab chairs and stand on them next to her, "we are rotten to the core and it's about time we remind the world why."

"How are you going to do that?" A voice asks from the back.

Mal recognizes the voice, as Cora, the great granddaughter of the Queen of Hearts. "We're going to find a way into Auradon and we're going to burn it down. We're going to reclaim what is ours and have our revenge on everyone who fucked us over. We are not our parents."

"No," Carlos interrupts, "we're better."

"And we'll do what they weren't able to do." Continues Evie.

"We'll rule the world."

"Burn it down!" Cora yells after a moment of silence.

And then the hall erupts with cheers of 'Long Live Evil' and 'Evil Lives.'

(Mal meets the gaze of Evie and Carlos, leaving Jay for last.)

"You punched Hank in the face." Mal moans out as Jay peppers kisses across her collarbone, his hands pulling her shirt out of her pants and pressing against her bare skin.

"You almost killed Dawn." He replies, lifting his head and pressing a kiss to the corner of her lips. "Have I ever told you how fucking beautiful you are when you're ready to kill someone?"

She rolls her eyes and presses her lips to his, hard enough to bruise.

They don't talk for a while afterwards, just kiss and touch, until Mal is squirming against him, his cock hard and trapped between them. "Jay." She breathes as she runs her hands down his back. "Jay, please."

"Please what?" He teases her.

"I want you."

She can see the way his pupils dilate and she thinks that they should have done this sooner.

She's thankful that her mother is gone for the next few days because the sounds Mal is making are fucking sinful. The things Jay is doing with his fingers are fucking sinful and she grasps her blankets and yanks on them as he presses another finger inside of her, lips sucking at every available skin surface, leaving angry red marks on her pale skin.

She gasps, arching her back as her body starts hurtling towards something she's never experienced before. "Jay. God. Jay. Oh."

And just like that, he's left her bereft and she almost snaps his neck. He chuckles and leans forward, searching through his discarded pants until he comes back up with a square foil and her face flushes.

"It'll be worth it." He tells her, kissing her on the nose and then the lip as he rips open the package and rolls on the condom. "Mal…?" He lets the question die on his lips.

She nods quickly, "do it."

She sees him take a deep breath and then watches as his hand disappears between them and a moment later she feels his cock press against her as he slowly slides in.

No one ever mentions the sounds of sex. It's obscene and somewhat uncomfortable and-Mal stops thinking and all she registers is pain. She lets out a curse and Jay presses forward, stealing her sharp cry with a kiss and he's murmuring his apologies and proclamations against her lips. After a minute he moves and it still hurts and it's uncomfortable and she can feel tears prick her eyes but a little more movement on his part and she's moving back and while the pain is still present, she's able to feel some pleasure and now she knows what the big deal about sex is. And God, the way Jay feels against her, the way his chest rubs against her erect nipples and the way his skin is sweaty and sticking to her makes her moan aloud. The way he presses into her, his cock reaching into the deepest part of her that no one has ever touched before, makes her lose any semblance of composure.

He starts losing his composure and Mal presses against him eagerly, trying to find that completion that escaped her the first time. Jay understands (he always understands) and he presses his fingers to her again and Mal explodes, back arching, moans that sound like sobs falling from her lips as she feels him ride her through her wave of pleasure. In her haze, she sees him above her, bent backwards, his mouth open in a O shape as his hips stutter and he follows her into bliss, gently falling atop of her.

Mal wraps herself around him and silently promises never to let go.

It's early in the morning; the sun is just starting to rise, bathing the room in hues of orange and pink. Mal can feel it against her back and she can almost see the light shining through Jay's eyes but instead, just concentrates on how his hands are trailing up her sides and between her thighs and the way his heart is pounding under her hands and God, why does no one tell her how awe-inspiring, life-changing and fucking altering having sex can be?

(But it's not just sex, the darkest part of her mind whispers to her, it's Jay. Jay. JayJayJay.)

She throws her head back, purple hair sticking to her neck and cheeks and she cries out, bending down and swallowing Jay's grunt with a kiss. She places her forehead against his and pants, exchanging breaths and trying to gain control of her mind as it reels back in from spiraling out of control with pleasure.

Jay drops his head and places kisses over her neck, collarbone and shoulders, muttering soft words that Mal doesn't quite catch until he looks up at her with hooded eyes and whispers softly into her skin, "my queen."

(Her breath catches and her chest explodes.)

Evie stays silent for a moment before she double over and laughs. Her blue hair covers her face and she snorts, trying to gain her breath. "I knew it." Evie gasps out, tears running down her face. "I fucking knew it."

"Why are you laughing?" Mal demands to know.

Evie shakes her head and dabs at her face with a washcloth, leaving her spot on the bed and making her way to her cracked vanity. She pushes her hair back, grabs her concealer and reapplies her make-up. "I'm just surprised it took you two this long, really."


Evie rolls her eyes, "Mal, Carlos and I both knew that there was something going on between you and Jay. He's the King to your Queen."

Mal is quiet, looking out the window to Auradon and the barrier. She turns back to look at Evie when she notices that Evie is staring at her through the mirror. There is no judgment, no hurt, no betrayal in her eyes and Mal is left wondering if she imagined it all. "You're not angry?"

Evie smiles softly, "Mal, I love you. I will always love you but I think part of you loves Jay more."

Mal gets up and sits next to Evie, watching as she carefully applies her make-up. She puts her chin on her shoulder and Evie automatically leans into the embrace. "There is no one I love more than you."

Evie chuckles softly, "oh, I know that. I'm just saying that I don't mind sharing your heart with the boys."

(You don't share it, Mal wants to say, you three own it.)

It's almost as if they can't keep their hands off of each other. Especially, in the dead of the night, when her mother isn't home or when his father isn't home or when their parents are making their own schemes for world domination, unaware that their children are doing the same, more determined to beat them at the game they failed so long ago.

She has her head propped on his chest and his hands are trailing up and down her back, tracing her ribs and shadow shapes.

"Hey Mal?"

"Mhmm." She answers, closing her eyes and breathing in the familiarity of his scent.

"You think we can do this?"

She doesn't have to guess or ask for clarification. She knows what he's talking about. It's what they always talk about. Their plans are just that, plans, it's putting them in motion that's difficult. They're getting restless and she can tell the others are getting restless too. "We have to do this." She says, "We don't have a choice to fail."

"I got you something." He says, his face lighting up, changing the subject. He moves to get up and Mal groans, rolling over to other side of the bed and lying down on her stomach, arms under the pillow, head turned to face him as he rummages through his drawers.

She's not able to see what's in his hands as he puts them behind his back. At his behest, she gets on her knees and shuffles towards the edge of the bed. She watches as he takes a breath, eyes suddenly drawn and looking entirely too vulnerable. "I saw it and thought of you." He starts, as he pulls out a necklace with a bright red ruby gem hanging off the gold chain. "I figured a Queen has to have her jewelry and I know you don't have any and-"

She cuts him off with a kiss, arms thrown around his neck and lips pressed tightly to his, pouring out all of her feelings she has never been able to express into it. His arms go around her waist (and it's scary, how instinctive their embrace is, how perfect he feels against her and how she fits against him). "I love it." She tells him and she turns around, taking a fistful of her hair and exposing her neck to him.

She feels the cool metal against her skin as he clasps it and she shivers, half from the cold and half from the feelings that are threatening to choke her. She turns back around and tucks herself into his arms, pulling him down on the bed. "We're going to do this." She says determinedly, "you, me, Evie and Carlos. We're going to be kings and queens and nothing will stop us."

"Nothing." He repeats.

(They seal it with a kiss.)

The next day her mother tells them that they're being sent to Auradon Prep as some sort of rehabilitation exercise.

They're in the limo when Carlos, his mouth lined with melted chocolate, says, "So, this turned out well."

Mal smiles, fingers tracing her necklace. "It'll be easy from here."

"How do you know?" Evie asks, fiddling with her skirt.

"Have I ever been wrong? This is it. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives."

"Together." Jay says, popping some colorful candy in his mouth.

"Together." They repeat.

(Together is all they have.)

Okay, so a little back story to our four little villains. I don't know if anyone else is in agreement with me, but these kids have known evil all of their lives, I find it a little hard pressed that they'd change. Then again, I just wanted to write a dark story as soon as I saw them and wham-bam thank you ma'am, this monstrosity popped out. I hope you all like it. It's a three-parter and it'll just get darker from here. I've always had this head-canon that Jay stole the necklace and fingerless glove for Mal. And I just really ship them together.

Mad love and respect,