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This is not for us to ponder (this was pre-ordained)

iii. Hell is empty (and all the devils are here)

I'm worse at what I do best

And for this gift I feel blessed

Our little group has always been

And always will until the end

Smells like teen spirit – Nirvana

The dungeons in the Castle haven't been used since the Beast put Belle's father in there that one fateful night. Mal always found that the saddest part of those stories. In between the revolutions and revelations that good supposedly conquers evil (and didn't they just blow that right out of the fucking water), the dungeons, that once put fear in the heart of many, sat unused, collecting dust, deemed to be inhumane.

They don't see it that way. In fact, they have no problem cramming people into every abandoned dungeon in the kingdom. (Population in the dungeons became a little bit of a problem and Mal had no problem in cutting off the heads of a few dozen.)

(Mal's eyes stare at the petite blonde girl, eyes red and nose puffy from crying. She recognizes her instantly, her eyes seeking Cora's over the crowd and she can see Cora's eyes narrow in recognition, stomping through the crowd, her tattered red dress, black leather jacket and chunky boots, giving her the aura of a person not to be fucked with. "Cora," Mal states, "meet Alison. I believe your mother knew hers."

Cora grins, all teeth and no sincerity, at Alison who pales and shrinks into herself. "Please, please, please."

"I believe you've been looking forward to this?" Mal asks Cora.

Cora's grin grows wider, she takes in a deep breath and in a loud shrill voice that echoes throughout the Castle and reaches the ears of everyone outside, "OFF WITH HER HEAD!"

Cheers erupt, stomping ensues and a blonde head rolls.)

She sits on her throne, crown perfectly straight on her head and knows she was meant to be here.

They've hardly seen each other since they took over, each busy with their own little rule, but they rule together, they discuss strategy and Mal knows where they all stand.

Because they may look innocent, they may be young, but they've been groomed for this. They know evil inside and out and not even Hades himself dares to question them.

Mal and Evie still share a room, not able to let each other go, when all they've known for so long is each other. Most of the times, Mal finds her way to Jay's bed, burying herself under the blanket and into him, but other times, she holds Evie and they talk into the night until their voice slur with sleep and their foreheads press against the other in a show of solidarity.

While she had plans to go to Jay that night, one look at Evie, her eyes facing the dungeon towers, back straight and tense, Mal knows that she won't be sharing Jay's bed. "Evie?" Mal asks, making her way towards her, a hand against her shoulder. "What's wrong?"

"Were you planning on doing anything to Doug?"

Mal frowns. Honestly, she barely spared the son of a dwarf, a thought. "I figured I'd let you deal with him."

Evie nods absentmindedly, fingers gripping her blue dress. She looks exquisite, all pale and blue, her lips a bloody red and Mal knows that Evie turns more than one head (and she knows that the only one she wants is locked in a tower of his own violation.) "He won't see me."

"You're a Queen. Make him see you."

"How?" She asks, her voice broken and tears pooling in her eyes. "He won't even look at me." She takes a deep breath. "I was brought up to want a Prince. To believe that I was worthy of a Prince. And now…now all I want is the son of Dopey the Dwarf. Isn't life so ironic?" She chokes on the last word and gasps for breath. "Oh god. What's happening?"

Mal wraps her arms around Evie's waist, holding her, forehead pressed against her shoulder. She rocks her back. "What do you need me to do?"

After a few minutes, Evie sniffles and wipes at her face and nose. "There's nothing we can do." She sighs, her breath stuttering and lies down on the bed. "Can you just hold me? Like we used to."

Mal nods, toeing off her boots and with her arms still wrapped around Evie's waist, she holds her until Evie falls asleep.

The night is dark, the sky starless, clouds shrouding the moon, as she walks from the castle to the dungeons. Her footsteps echo on the stone steps and she comes across Trent and the rest of the guards, all keeping watch, taunting their prisoners. He stands at attention when she stands before him, eyebrow cocked, his whip swinging by his side. "Finally wised up that I'd be a better king?" He still has a slight French accent that compliments his cockiness, but Mal silences him with a look and he stares at his shoes, the remnants of a dying grin on his lips. "Yeah, yeah, we all know that you four are indestructible. Have at 'em, your Majesty."

She walks by Trent and the others, sparing them a nod as she walks by the prisoners who wake at the sound of her boots. Some hiss at her, others start commotion by banging on the bars, only to be silenced when Trent and the others yell at them, Trent cracking his whip against the bars.

Doug shares a cell with other boys his age, most notably Chad who sports a bruised eye, busted lip and cracked nose. There is another boy she hasn't seen before but she recognizes him, she'd always recognize him, he looks more like his father than his mother. "You're Ahmed." She says, nodding her head in his direction. She gives him a sharp grin. "One day, I'm going to need something from you."

"I'm not giving you shit, you bitch."

Before Trent can whip him, Mal holds her hand up, stopping him. "Aw, that's sweet you think you have a choice." She turns her head to look at Doug who looks worse for wear. "We need to talk."

He doesn't look at her and his hands tighten into fists, she's sure he doesn't know how to use.

"Doug." She repeats, "we're going to talk and you're going to look at me. It's about Evie."

"If it's not us singing 'ding dong the witch is dead' then he obviously doesn't want to hear about it." Chad taunts, a callous smirk gracing his busted lip.

Mal reaches through the bars, her fingers tightening around his neck and yanking him into the bars, slamming his face against them and relishing in crack that reverberates against the walls. "Chad, Chad, Chad. Little Prince Chad Charming. You have no idea what we have in store for you, and if you're not careful, we'll make it worse than it already is."

"Do you honestly think you'll last?" He croaks, his face turning purple.

Mal watches as her purple nails press into his skin, breaking it and blood pooling under her fingertips. "This is a new world order, Chad. This is our new world order. Get used to it. Your so-called goodness will persevere reign has come to an end and evil lives. You think I'm joking?" She slams him against the bars harder and by now, the rest of them have woken. Some are howling for her to let him go, others are staring at her with fearful eyes, shrinking away from her gaze. "Look around you and tell me, we're joking. That this is all one nightmare you'll wake from. It's not. You are living your nightmare and we're living our dream."

He makes choking noises, hands trying to bat hers away. The more he struggles, the tighter she holds him, choking the life out of him and she gets a rush in knowing that his life is literally in her hands, all the pain she's seen in Evie comes rushing at her and she wants him to pay, she wants him to die and by her hands as comeuppance for his sins against Evie.

"Stop!" Doug cries, her eyes red with tears and his cheeks stained with dried tears and dirt. "Just stop. I'll talk to you, whatever, just don't hurt him."

Mal lets him go slowly and he stumbles away from her, Ahmed grabbing him as Chad grabs at his throat, struggling to breathe. "Witch." He croaks. "Bitch." He points a finger at her. "You're a cunt." He wheezes. "And you will die."

She blows him a kiss. "Not before you, you asshole." She turns her head to look at Trent. "I want to talk to Doug. Shackle him and bring him to the room."

Trent nods without saying anything and when Mal leaves, Trent's friends and guard's part, head bowed with reverence and respect (and, Mal thinks, a little bit of fear.)

"You know," Mal starts, her fingernails tapping against the wooden table, "Evie once asked me if we could spare you."

"You didn't." Doug says.

"I was going to." Mal confesses, "but you chose to go with everyone else. You chose this when you could have had Evie."

He frowns and shakes his head. "She wasn't who I thought she was."

Mal laughs and sits up straight, her eyes narrowing into slits. "Who did you think she was? A misguided soul in need of a soft hand? Did you think that she was just misunderstood and once she saw everything Auradon was, she'd switch sides? Is that what you all thought of us? We were raised on the Isle of the Lost. We were the Lost Children."

"I thought she was smart and kind and loving."

"She is." Mal stresses, "and she cares for you. She cares enough to cry, knowing what could be and likely is happening to you here." When he doesn't say anything, Mal leans forward, elbows on the table, "Look, Doug, you still have time. You can come with me. I can take you to Evie and you can have your happily ever after that you are all so fond of. You can be happy with her and know that the Evie you thought existed is who she is. I'm giving you a chance to get out of here and never look back."

He stays silent for a few moments, his head bowed but Mal can feel her heart sinking, knowing his answer before he even utters the words. "I will not leave my friends here to die."

"Friends?" Mal laughs harshly, "These so-called friends, bullied you. They made fun of you. They tormented you under the guise of being good people. They ostracized you because they could and they still thought themselves to be good people. At least, we know we're rotten to the core. At least we know, we're evil and we know true friendship. We've helped keep each other alive in hard times. You all had one fight to overcome and happily ever after was yours. We lived our entire lives in a never ending hardship." She points her finger to the wall, "those people are not your friends. Evie was your friend. Evie is everything you could ever want and need."

He gulps, his Adam's apple bobbing. "My answer is no."

"So, let me get this straight. You're choosing them, you're choosing Chad, over Evie." He doesn't say anything and Mal slams her hands on the table, shocking him. "Say it Doug. I want you to fucking say it."

He takes a deep breath and looks at her, "If the situation was reversed and you all were in here and I were here with Evie, giving her the same ultimatum you've just given me, what do you think she would say?" Mal doesn't have to think. She knows. She knows Evie would take one look at him, laugh herself hoarse and then tell him to go fuck himself and she'll see him in hell. She knows that Evie would come back to the cell and tell them and Mal would be so angry with her because she could have lived. She could have been free and Evie would tell her that she would never be free knowing that she would be able to live and they wouldn't. Or that she would be free and they would be sentenced back to the Isle of the Lost, never to see each other again. This is what Evie would do.

In a way, Mal understands Doug. She understands that while Doug may have been a victim, he is still one of them. They are still the people he grew up with and the only family he's ever known. It's all this self-sacrificing shit that's giving her an ulcer. "I want you to say it." Mal says through gritted teeth, hoping against all hope that she's wrong.

"I'm choosing Chad over Evie. I'm choosing Good over Evil."

She stands up and walks to the door, suddenly feeling weary. "Then you really are your father's son." She sighs and turns her head, looking over her shoulder. "I won't spare you. Evie won't spare you. This is your last chance."

"If you're going to kill me, I'll die with honor."

"You'll die a coward, Doug. That's what you'll die as, because those people, they won't mourn you. Stop fooling yourself into thinking they will."

(But Evie will, Mal thinks as she walks out of the room and nods to Trent who walks in and grabs Doug, roughly pushing him back into the dungeons and his cell, Evie will mourn you, right after she kills you. Because a Queen can only be questioned so many times before she orders execution.)

When she gets back into the room, Evie is still sleeping and Mal slips back into the same position she was in before she left.

"What did he say?" Evie asks, her voice weary with sleep and sadness.

Mal has never kept a secret from Evie (except for when she and Jay first got together, but even then, Mal could hardly keep it from her for long) and she doesn't intend to start now. "He chose Chad."

Evie doesn't say anything; instead, Mal can feel her body tense. "Then he chose his side."


"Mal," Evie interrupts her, "don't." She turns around and wraps her arms around Mal's waist. "It's us against the world."

"It's always been us against the world." She murmurs. "We could banish him."

"No." She says immediately and Mal can feel her voice hardening into steel and it is in that moment she knows her as Queen Evie, with a voice like ice and leaves no room for argument. "Death."

"Death." Mal whispers back.

(Death is an old friend they know well.)

(The next day, in front of an audience and his weeping father, Evie makes Doug eat a poisoned apple down to the core. He chokes on it; vomit coating his shirt, gasping, struggling, hands reaching out for Evie who stares back dispassionately. As he lies twitching, sobs struggling to fall from his throat, Evie rises from her throne and stares down at him. "I am a Queen," she says, her eyes devoid of any emotion, "and you will die as nothing."

When Doug stops breathing, Evie turns her head, eyes falling on a familiar figure. "Chad." She purrs, walking towards him with a vicious smile, "Chad, Chad, Chad."

Mal shivers, first glancing at Carlos who turns his head and bites back a smirk and then to Jay who is trying not to show excitement on his face.

"There's someone I'd like you to meet." Evie continues. "I'm sure you two will get on fabulously."

Before Chad can open his mouth to say anything, a voice cuts through the crowd. "Hello, Step-Cousin." Dawn elbows her way through the crowd, a cackle making its way from the depths of her throat as Chad's face turns ashen, eyes widening and his head snaps left and right, trying to find his parents in the crowd. "If you're looking for mommy and daddy dearest, they're otherwise engaged." She grabs his face and squeezes, ignoring his groan of pain, "It's a shame Asher couldn't be here. You know who Asher is, right? No? She was my cousin, more like a sister really. She died on the Isle from starvation. Your fucking family killed my sister and I have been waiting for this day for years."

Chad whimpers and starts crying.

"Save your tears, Chad," Evie says, patting him on the head and makes her way back to her throne, stepping over Doug's body and sitting down elegantly, not a hair out of place, "you'll need them.")

When she's finally able to catch a moment with Jay, she all but collapses on him. He laughs and holds her tight, turning her so she's under him, legs wrapped around his waist and hands shoving at each other's clothes. "I've missed you." She breathes.

"I love you." He confesses into her skin.

Mal's heart bursts and she doesn't bother muffling her sounds, letting the entire kingdom hear her screams.

"I heard a rumor." Carlos tells Mal in the library one day.

"There are a lot of rumors, what's this one?"

"The rest of our parents are attempting to overthrow us."

Well, Mal thinks, that's one I'd never heard. "Are they recruiting?"

Carlos shrugs. "Attempting to. We've apparently struck fear into the hearts of everyone."


They're silent when Carlos sighs, "How did it feel to kill your mother?"

"Like freedom."

"That's what I thought."

"Carlos, it's highly unlikely that your parents will go through the attempt to overthrow us. My mother was the ringleader. Yours were just pawns in her game."

"I know." He replies. Suddenly he grins, "We may want to invest in soundproof walls though."

She lets out a loud laugh that's caught between an indignant gasp and he roars while dodging a book that flies at his head.

(The next day Cruella de Vil is found dead, face first in the mud and body shredded by what looks like claws.

The day after that the Evil Queen is found dead from what they deemed suicide, poison, in the form of an apple.

The day after that, Jafar is found dead from what looked like a mugging gone wrong.)

No one can ever say they don't take threats seriously.

Ahmed is the only one left in their apparent little circle of friends. He looks worse for wear. His face bruised, his body limp, as if the fight had left him (and Mal thinks it did, because he's watched his friends die, he's watched them be tortured, poisoned and he's the only one living. Survivor's guilt is hard, or so at least Mal figures.)

The cells are sparser than when she was in last. Mal can't even make herself feel guilty.

"Ahmed." She greets, stopping in front of his cell, grabbing a chair from the corner and dragging it in front of his cell before sitting on it.

He looks at her with accusing eyes and his fists clench in anger and she thinks in wishful retaliation. Trent is behind her with a few more of his guards and she knows that Ahmed won't do anything. Not if he values his life.

(If she's honest with herself, he probably doesn't and she probably thinks that they're all waiting and wishing for a death that still eludes some of them.)

"What do you want?" He spits at her and she can see missing teeth in his mouth.

She remembers when he wasn't a bruised and battered mess, he was quite handsome, and ironically, exactly her type, all tall, dark and handsome with a slight Arabian accent. "I think you know exactly what I want."

He chuckles, it's dark and empty, and Mal wonders why in the face of death, destruction and adversity is it that the dark side of people shows? Because if everyone embraced their dark side instead of for the sake of good that doesn't exist anymore, they wouldn't be here.

(But no, instead they still fight for the so-called goodness that they've known and hope for a salvation that was granted to them in the past. They should know better by now. There are no saviors anymore. Just devils and the damned.)

"If I don't?"

Mal shrugs, "Your parents and sister are still in Agrabah, aren't they?"

He's up and against the bars faster than she can blink. She expected this though, so she schools her face and doesn't jump. "You can't touch them there."

Mal cocks her head and almost laughs in his face. "Actually, I can. Because you see, Agrabah is an Auradon colony and well, who's in charge of Auradon, again? Right. Us." She leans forward, elbows on her knees, "you can either tell me where or I will make you watch as your precious little family dies."

He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. "Either way, someone is dying right." It's not a question, more of a statement.

"You're smart."

He rolls his eyes. "For the son of a street rat, right?"

She has it wrapped and it's carried carefully in her arms when she walks into Jay's room. He's bent over a desk, papers and books sprawled out, maps with lines drawn on it and he's studying them intently when she closes the door. He lifts the arm closer to her up without even looking and she folds herself into him. "I got you something." She whispers, as she places it on the table.

His mouth falls open, head whipping to face her and there is a sense of wonderment in his face. A sense of gratefulness in his eyes and all Mal wants to do is drown in him. All she wants is to see this happiness in his face everyday. "Is that…?"

She nods eagerly, "yes."

He picks her up and she shrieks and laughs, wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist as she kisses him roughly and he walks them to the bed, where he falls onto it and she follows him, legs bracketing his.

She peppers kisses over his face, collarbone and practically tears his shirt off. God, she misses this. She misses him. "I love you." She gasps, out of breath, hands steadying herself against his chest. "I love you."

He smiles and it reaches his eyes, brightening them and she's thankful she's on the bed and not standing because her knees go weak. "I love you too, my Queen."

She shakes her head, "just Mal. It's always been just Mal with you."

(They kiss each other, until they're close to devouring each other and she slides onto him, hips moving eagerly and desperately with him pressing open-mouthed kisses, whispering 'I love you' and 'Mal' across her skin, leaving a mark on her heart, body and soul.)

(Jay sends Ahmed back to Agrabah, the day after that.

"Why didn't you just kill him?" Mal asks him, pressed tight against him, chest heaving and body soaked in hers and his sweat.

"Because," he replies, kissing her and thrusting into her, "I want them to be indebted to me. I want them to remember that I can kill him and them anytime I want." He bends his head and bits her earlobe, eliciting moans from her, "I want them to remember that we own them."

Mal gasps out and chokes back a laugh. She loves this boy. She always will.)

"It almost doesn't seem worth it." Carlos says one day in the throne room. "There's so little of them to have an audience."

"I don't want to banish them to the Isle because it's ours. I don't want them running around in the streets we grew up in." Evie confesses. "We could always cast them to sea and let the water do her work."

"They know how to swim." Jay counters.

Mal's hands stroke the ruby necklace, eyeing the tower in her sight. "We stick to the original plan." She says, cocking her head to the side. "We burn them."

(In the end, all that's left are Jane, Lonnie and her parents and Audrey, her parents and her grandparents and their screams are everything Mal thought they'd be and more.

"You're going to burn." Mal tells them. "There will be no escaping. There will be no salvation. You will not be saved. You lost. We won. And you will burn."

Lonnie starts crying, careening into her mother and father who hold on to each other tightly. Jane remains stoic, in the catatonic state that she's been in since her mother's heart was carved out.

Audrey stands up, her grandmother and parents reaching out to her. "You think you've won. You're wrong because evil will never win. You may have the throne and crown but you don't know the first thing about ruling a Kingdom. You will die and this will be all for nothing."

"Sweetheart," Mal tells her, "watching you burn is everything I've ever wanted. So sit your fucking ass down because nothing you say or do will make me change my mind."

Audrey levels her with a glare. "One day you're going to regret this."

Mal laughs until tears stream down her cheeks. "Not fucking likely.")

When the screams stop and the dungeons are nothing but a charred mess, Evie, Carlos, Jay and Mal raise their specters to the sky that cackles with thunder and lightening and Mal's eyes glow green.

The people in front of them cheer, feet stomping, chants of "Long Live Evil" and "Evil Lives" echoing across Auradon.

Running a kingdom is hard, but they do it with everything they know and everything they have. They've started and ended wars. They've conquered and lost but they're still reigning and they still command respect and fear. It's everything they've ever wanted and they're still together and Mal thinks that counts for something.

They still sleep in the same room sometimes. Mal and Jay in one bed and Evie and Carlos in another bed. She and Evie often spend the night staring at each other from across their place in bed and whispering back and forth until Jay groans and Carlos tells them to shut-up. They'll laugh as quietly as they can and bury themselves under their respective blankets and it feels just like home.

There will be times when Mal will look out the windows and see the Isle of the Lost, desolate and lonely, the golden path still there and she wonders how it looks. She wonders what became of their old haunts.

On her twentieth birthday, she wakes before the sun and extracts herself from Jay's arms and slips on clothes. The kingdom is still asleep and she nods at the guards and waves them off when they make to follow her for protection. Instead, she walks the path alone, mind reeling with memories.

The Isle of the Lost is empty and silent, dust kicking up around her as the wind gently blows. She runs her fingers across decrepit buildings and walls and walks across the market and by buildings that were once torn and now demolished with lack of use. She climbs ladders and windowsills, until she sits on the ledge of a roof, overlooking Auradon.

It still glows but there is a dangerous glint to it as the sun rises above it.

There are days when she thinks this is a dream, where she'll wake up and still not believe that everything happened and that her revenge, their revenge was accomplished and more.

"Do you regret anything?" A voice asks from the shadows.

Mal grins against her purple leather jacket, eyes not leaving Auradon as he walks out of the shadows. She had an inkling that he would know as soon as she left the bed and she knew that he knew exactly where she would be. She hears more than one pair of footsteps and knows that Evie and Carlos have joined him.

One day, Audrey told her, you're going to regret this.

She thinks about Audrey often, more than Mal would like to admit, but it has nothing to do with regret or even remorse, it's more to do with how wrong Audrey was. Mal doesn't regret anything because this is everything she has ever known. She has been tested and tried and Mal still stands true to herself and everything she stands for.

"Not a fucking bit." She responds. "Any of you?"

Evie chuckles and takes a seat next to her. "Never."

"Never." Carlos confirms taking the seat next to Evie.

"Never." Jay repeats as he sits next to Mal, arm wrapped around her shoulder and lips pressed against her forehead.

Mal leans into him and watches as the sky turns to hues of pink, orange and yellow.

"This is really ours." Evie says.

"Fucking finally." They breathe as one.

(The history books will remember them as more than children of villains. They will remember them as kings and queens.

Never underestimate youth who have revenge on their minds and each other painted in their hearts.)

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