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Even though it's only four in the afternoon, the sky is already dark and gloomy, add that with the freezing cold weather, it felt like New Year's never existed.

Katniss and I were hunting, but with the amount of snow Panem had, we had to ditch hunting and go back in town.

We concluded with going to the Hob. The Hob is my favourite place to be honest. I knew almost everyone there. It always felt like a big family reunion going to the Hob. Yes, the meadow is quiet and peaceful, but family is an important issue with me. I pity people without a family, they don't know what they're missing out on.

I glanced down at Katniss as we pushed through the crowd. She isn't the twelve I first met anymore. She grew up and I have to admit, she's very pretty beautiful. Not that kind of "drop-dead-gorgeous" beautiful, but beautiful from head to toe, inside and out. She was rare. I sometimes wonder if anyone had an eye on her. Or maybe too intimidated by her. I mean, I don't wonder about that all the time... that would be weird. Plus, I already have a girlfriend, a girlfriend Katniss knows nothing about. Ugh, where are all these thoughts coming from!

We finally found Greasy Sae.

Greasy Sae gave us a heartwarming smile, which I returned. I spotted Darius next to her, probably trying to bribe her with compliments in exchange for some soup.

Katniss propped herself up on Greasy Sae's counter with her legs crossed while I leaned against the counter beside her.

Greasy Sae's soup wasn't it's finest, but it was still hot and my fingertips were frozen.

I only took a few sips when I nearly spat my soup out. Darius was teasing Katniss about trading one his kisses for a rabbit. I wiped some soup dribbling down my chin with the back of my hand as Greasy Sae and Katniss laughed. I got even more annoyed as he picked up the end of her braid and started tickling Kaniss' cheek with it. Darius caught my eye and winked.

Poison burst through my veins and I clenched my fists. I need to punch something. Or someone.

Hey, maybe I can punch that silly grin off Darius' face.

Katniss smacked Darius' hand away, which brought me back to my senses.

Whoa. Where did all that anger come from? I tried relaxing the muscles in my face and remove the scowl painted on it. But, my eyebrows seems to be permanently knitted together.

I looked over at Katniss. She didn't appear to be bothered by Darius.

So then why are you?, A little voice in the back of my mind asked me.

That question really shook me up.

Why am I so bothered by it...?

That night, I lay in bed still thinking...

Why am I so bothered about another boy talking to Katniss?

You're jealoussss, that same little voice hissed. You're over jealous that Katniss might marry someone that isn't you...

Why would I be jealous over that? Even though that statement infuriates me, that couldn't be jealousy, right?

I'm just protective of Katniss... yeah protective...

Again, why would I be jealous?

Because you loveeeee herrrr , that voice fizzled.

Because you love her.

I love her.

"Because I love her..." I whispered under my breath, making sure not wake anyone.

"I love you Katniss" I mumbled, not caring if I woke anyone anymore.

I love you Katniss

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