Hey everyone, if you've read some of my other stuff then welcome back, nice to see you again. If not then hi *waves*. So this is the first thingy in a series that I'll be writing called I'm Sorry, It's Okay. The...installments are unrelated, all different pairings from all types of media types. One chapter per person in the pair. The first chapter is of one of them apologizing to the other, the second is of the one that was being apologized to saying its okay. This is not a happy series, there is a few things that each installment will share: death, pain, and sorrow. At least one half of the pairing will die either before, during, between chapters or immediately after the second chapter from whatever seems fit. This is something I'm going to use as a thing to release any dark feelings I may be having. Understand that I actually care for most of these pairs, there's only one pairing that I don't particularly care about, Alois Trancy and Claude Fraustrus or whatever his last name is. As for the rest of the pairs, yes I do care deeply for them and I wish them no ill will. As for this installment it's modern AU and a nicer Alexander...kind of. You'll see. Well I already told you what to expect from this series. It will be posted on both Archive and Fanfiction. Enjoy.

I'm Sorry Daniel

It was raining, I didn't mind. It was getting pretty bad, people were rushing to get inside, others getting into crashes on the slippery road. I made my way through the graveyard, wondering how many people were going to have to be buried after the storm. I didn't care, all I cared about was the young man that was buried here. He was buried at the back of the cemetery, away from the other graves. I hadn't brought whole flowers, I'd come back after the storm with some so they wouldn't be destroyed or washed away. I stopped when I reached his grave.

"Hello Daniel," I said sitting down.

I cleared away the dead flowers, leaves and twigs from his grave that the rain had yet to clear away. I took out the flower head from my pocket, shielding it from the rain using my body. I carefully soothed out any imperfections, Daniel deserved the best. It was the head of a rose from the rose bush he helped me plant the year before he died. People said I was stuck in the past, that I should let go of my dead lover. They all left when I didn't listen. How could I do that to Daniel? I was the reason he was dead. It was an accident they said. I didn't need them, I needed Daniel. Tears mixed with the raindrops running down my cheeks as I started digging a hole in the soil in front of me. When it was big enough I placed the rose head in it and then covered it up, patting the soil to smooth it out again. I wiped my hands on my pants.

"Oh Daniel, I'm so sorry. I'm the reason you're here instead of at home drinking tea in front of the fireplace. I killed you, the cops didn't see it that way but I did. I tried to catch you as you fell through the railing but I wasn't fast enough. You were gone, just like that. I saw you lying there all broken and bloody, I knew nothing could save you," I said, voice choked with tears.

I pulled out the knife that was in the hidden inside pocket of my jacket and toyed with it, running a finger along the blade. Why did I feel so strongly towards the other man? I never cared about other people, I was a cold man. Daniel had torn away all that even if he cut open his hands in the process. Hands I healed for him. Why? Why did I love him? My hand gripped the knife and plunged it into my chest. I coughed up blood and lay on Daniel's grave. The rain felt harder now, or was that because I was dying? Blood ran down my chin from my mouth. I coughed out three simple words before I died.

"I'm sorry Daniel."

what? Nice (ish) guy Alexander? I confuse myself sometimes. Next chapter coming seconds after this one so that was pointless to say but whatever. I'm gonna go type up the other half now. Hope you enjoyed.