What do you expect me to say? I said everything in Alexander's chapter or the end of this. This is Daniel's. All I have to say for now is: Enjoy.

It's Okay Alexander

It was raining but I didn't mind, I was dead after all. I watched as Alexander approached my grave. He didn't have to but he always did. His yellow eyes seemed troubled, they always seemed troubled when he visited. I wish he'd smile like he did when we were alone, let his cold demeanor slip away. I always loved his smile, the warm one that was only for me. If I was alive, I'd be blushing.

"Hello Daniel," he said sitting down.

I knew he couldn't see me or hear me so I stayed silent. He cleaned my grave and pulled a rose head out of his inside his coat, shielding it with his body so it wouldn't get rained on. I smiled, I loved that rose bush which was why Alexander had decided to plant it so it was viewable from our bedroom window. He ran his fingers over the petals, fixing them. As he did he looked distracted, I wished I could help him but I couldn't. I watched as he started crying, his tears mixing with the raindrops on his face. I walked around my grave and knelt next to him, placing a hand he couldn't feel on his shoulder. He was digging with one hand, the other held the rose head close to his chest. I know it's ridiculous but I felt jealous of that rose head, I wish it was me he held close to his chest. Soon he placed the rose head in the hole and buried it. He smoothed out the soil and wiped his hands on his pants. He started talking after a minute of staring blankly at the writing on my grave.

"Oh Daniel, I'm so sorry. I'm the reason you're here instead of at home drinking tea in front of the fireplace. I killed you, the cops didn't see it that way but I did. I tried to catch you as you fell through the railing but I wasn't fast enough. You were gone, just like that. I saw you lying there all broken and bloody, I knew nothing could save you," following the words he pulled out a knife from inside his coat and toyed with it, running a finger along the blade.

I had fallen to my death after falling through the railing of the staircase in our house. I had jumped out in front of Alexander and when he jumped he hit me. I lost my footing and crashed through the small piece of railing that met the wall at the top of the stairs. Alexander had tried to catch my outstretched hand but our fingertips only brushed together and I fell to the floor below. Now Alexander was going to kill himself over it.

"It wasn't your fault! We knew that the railing was old and weak. We were going to have it replaced the next week. Alexander please don't do this!" I pleaded.

It was useless. He. Couldn't. Hear. Me. I never thought I had softened him this much. Never thought he'd kill himself over me. He could act cold towards others but not me. I watched helplessly as he stabbed himself. Did he know he'd end up doing this? Was that why he made sure my grace was where it was? He coughed up blood and lay on my grave. Blood ran from his mouth and down his chin.

"I'm sorry Daniel," he coughed out and then he was dead.

I felt a slight tugging and everything went black. When my vision came back there was a fresh grave next to mine and next to me was...

"Alexander!" I threw my arms around him and kissed him.

"I'm sorry," he said and I kissed him again.

"It's okay Alexander."

I'd tell you when the next one was gonna come out but I have no idea. The series won't necessarily be added to when I feel miserable, I could be sunshine and rainbows and add to it. You never know. Well that's it for now everyone. Hope you enjoyed.