This is it. The last of Girl Meets Subway Crash. I never wanted to release it but I realised people read this.

They visited everyday. The 3 of them were sad. It had been 2 months and they still visited. Everyday she texted herself threw Maya's phone. Everyday He flipped threw the pages of the sketchpad. Everyday He would play her song Ranger Rick on her guitar. Everyday they cried. They sat in the bay window and cried. Shawn visited her grave whenever he got back from a trip. As for her. She enjoyed her new life. She will be forever in a better place. She will be in Heaven at age 14 forever. Maya Hart's Life now is the worst life. She has no Mom, Riley, Farkle, Lucas, Shawn, or any Matthews. She is upset. This is when the Riley Matthews wanted to change the world. After all magic existed. Maybe she could bring Maya back. She will always remember. She will never forget.