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Prologue: Time Primordial

Long ago, before the advent of chakra and the rampage of the Shinjū, the lands were roamed by gods and men alike. For the humans, it was a time of war and conflict, but the gods were largely unconcerned by the deaths around them.

Then, one day, one woman overturned the status quo of reality and stole the Chakra fruit. By eating it that woman, Ōtsutsuki Kaguya, granted mankind the ability to manipulate their life-force.

Once again, the gods did not particularly care. Or at least, they wouldn't have, if not for the consequences of eating the fruit.

With one of its fruits stolen, the great Tree came to life with a vengeance, mutating into a vast, terrible monster of pure destructive force. As it tore the continent apart, creating new ones, it was given many names: Daidarabotchi, Datara, Ame no Hitotsu no Kami and more famously, the Jūbi.

At last, there came a day when Kaguya's sons, the sages Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo and Hamura, rose up with their almighty power to lay low the Jūbi. This led to the creation of the nine Bijuu. However, that is neither here nor there.

As the land was reshaped by the Jūbi, the gods fled for their eternal lives. Eventually, after running out of places to hide, they came up with an elegant solution; they would cast away their physical forms and hide themselves away within the Wheel of Samsara. With luck, their all-powerful souls would be reborn into new vessels, long after the danger had passed.

However…even their actions had consequences, and mankind once more paid for the recklessness of others. The male half of the population began to dwindle. By the time Senju Hashirama passed away, preceded by his brother, the world found itself bereft of men. Fortunately, the remaining women (mostly the Uzumaki), designed a seal that, when applied, could grant another woman a temporary penis, with which children could be conceived.

Unfortunately, only kunoichi could write and power the seals, so the population continued to drop to near extinction.

But then...on October 10th, a boy was born between two kunoichi.

It was the turning point of the century, not only because of his gender, but also because of his soul and heritage.

The advent of the god of Fertility and Lust had arrived.

Chapter 1: Incarnation

There in the middle of a stone altar, a miracle of miracles happening. No one could hope to replicate such an event; due to its rarity among the world's population, it was considered something of an honor to witness, especially because of the two important individuals at the center.

While it wasn't exactly uncommon for such a thing to happen, it was still respected like a rarity and a miracle because of how rare it is in comparison hundreds of years ago. This of course, was the miracle of birth. To cover all the bases, doctors and nurses were scrubbed up and wearing face masks while attending to the pregnancy.

Now normally this event was rather loud. Contrary to what one would expect from a self-proclaimed 'miracle', it was a bloody, painful, angry and loud affair, but in the end it was all worth it…right now though, it was anything but.

"... Are you sure she's coming?" asked Mako, kneeling beside her tired wife. The Yondaime Hokage was covered in voluminously thick robes and a vest, hiding her breasts and making her chest almost completely flat. Her hair was cropped and spiky. If it wasn't for the clearly feminine features and smaller hands, one would swear she was a mythical man.

"M-Mako… we've been over this. I know when the baby is coming; I can feel her moving towards my opening right now, I'm the mother here!" She sighed, the exhale of air quickly becoming a small yawn, "I know what is leaving and entering my body."

Deep crimson hair cascaded over the altar, all the way to the ground below as a testament to its length. The light of the torches shone off her sweat-slicked skin, large, full breasts jiggling slightly with her ragged breathing, nipples standing at attention in the cool air. She was, of course, completely naked and totally exhausted, legs splayed carelessly open. This was Uzumaki Kushina, wife to Mako and the bearer of their child. A large, red-inked tattoo spread across her hugely swollen belly in a swirling design.

"I'm sorry...it's just- look, I haven't been there for all the birthings in the world, but I've seen a few, and these ladies will surely agree with me," she gestured to attending nurses, three of them, who nodded in turn with their leader, "Birthing is usually pretty painful. When you ask a mother how they know a baby is coming, they said you'd know when it is, painful, uncomfortable and all that."

"Why didn't you tell me that nine months ago?! Not exactly a ringing endorsement," The redhead muttered angrily.

"I'm just saying…it might just be a false alarm?" The female Hokage shrugged helplessly, at a loss at what may be wrong with the process; she'd been woken up in the middle of the night by her wife and had been told the baby was coming in one of the most calm and patient voices ever. The complete OPPOSITE of a woman in labor and how she would normally act if it was true.

It took three tries but eventually Mako relented and called upon what nurses and doctors that were available at the time. Now kneeling in a special altar, with designs and seals placed by Mako herself, they awaited the child to come.

Yet an hour later, there wasn't anything except the tired expression on Kushina's face.

"I said I know when something is going south in my stomach, especially when she is the size of a loaf of bread and is crawling out of my damn cunt!" One thing that was apparent was that while not screaming in pain and aggression, she still retained an annoyed persona during the supposed 'birthing,' a rather vulgar choice of words and rather blunt, and it was like she silenced the room after each sentence.

"I know dear…I know." To be honest, Mako was out of her depth. She'd prepared herself for everything when it was expected they would have a child. She expected shouting, anger, yelling, maybe the bones in her hand breaking from Kushina gripping too hard. She didn't expect this completely…disinterested and nonchalant behavior.

"I'd stop with the same question over and over again if I were you. She's on the way, and it's- hmm…" The expectant lover looked down at the sudden interruption, Mako as well sat up straight and looked at her wife's stomach.

"... Just a kick, still taking her sweet- HNN!" She bit her lip, cutting herself off. This time Mako quickly gestured at the medical staff, who quickly rushed to look over the body of the redhead.

"It's alright Kushina, looks like you're right, she's coming!" Excitedly, Mako stared at her lover's bulging belly, enthusiasm rekindled as Kushina twitched, shivered and shook all at once.

But something was…off. Mako couldn't be called a true shinobi without recognising the smaller things; her wife wasn't in pain, but she certainly wasn't tired. If anything, she had… a rather familiar look to her face. It was subtle, but Mako's blush took on a new shade of red. Her first thought was, Is Kushina...getting turned on by this?!

No, she must have read her face wrong. Facial reading wasn't Mako's best subject in school, but she had a decent memory and the memory that face, tongue hanging out Kushina's mouth, the glazed eyes rolling back in her, all pointed towards her wife getting off on her own pregnancy! There were a number of kinks; some for little girls, others for old ladies, but she was sure that this was kind of a strange thing to suddenly get into. Priorities, woman! Baby first…Kushina's ahegao second.

Over the course of the next hour, Kushina was in labour. However, with every second that went by, her pussy glistened more and more with a wet sheen until it was practically streaming down the rock as she moaned, the lusty sound echoing off the rock walls. Mako blushed a healthy red, thankful that the doctors were professional enough not to comment. Yet, the eager looks they gave were enough to make her cringe in jealousy…with a hint of arousal and curiosity. Of course it was nothing compared to her concern, embarrassment and worry for the future, so it was quickly forgotten.

Then, one of the nurses cried out that she saw the head; the next ten minutes were spent in plain tension and anticipation as they eased the child out.

Finally, Kushina gave out a satisfied moan of pleasure, before slumping back, almost like she was enjoying the afterglow. Mako decided to put the experience behind her for now… and simply looked at her child, smiling happily.

She was struck dumb however, her smile freezing as she caught sight between her daughter's legs.

"…What the hell is the futa seal doing on my daughter?" Mako questioned. Was this a prank of some sort? She couldn't explain why there was a tiny penis sprouting from her child's crotch. That couldn't, shouldn't be right…could it?

"I don't believe it…" The doctor holding the child muttered, her eyes betraying the utter shock and disbelief at what she was seeing, "T-this, this child… it's, it's a BOY!"

With that statement, the very cavern became silent, Mako simply stared at her child… her lovely child, her daugh- no… her-her SON! A large smile broke onto her face as she stared at the miniscule pink body of her boy!

A feeling of pride coursed through her, and immediately she turned towards Kushina who was still slumped against the rock. Fixing the seals and weaving them back to normal, she turned towards her son, and then back towards her wife.

Kushina looked up with out of focus eyes, her arms outstretched to hold her child, she had heard 'son' vaguely, but right now she didn't care. She stared into the cute face of her little child and smiled.

"You… you're going to do great things when you grow up…" She said weakly, hugging her son to her chest, "...Naruto…"


[5 Years later]

"Mako…" The blond Hokage looked up to see her wife hefting a toddler Naruto in her arms, rocking him gently to try to calm down the excitable child. Said child had a slight habit of pulling on her long hair, or at the cloth around her chest. Which was strange, considering that he'd been weaned from her breast milk for three years already.

Kushina secretly let him indulge every now and then, but she hoped he would get used to the bottle soon. It's just he looked so cute and impatient when it happened, she couldn't deny him.

"Mama!" She cringed slightly with the volume in her ear, and adjusted her excitable son so he was lying down in her arms.

"I think it would be good if I go back to being active soon…" She looked up at her wife and smiled sheepishly, "Naruto has already gotten old enough for a babysitter, don't you think?"

Mako sighed heavily, "Kushina, you DO know that we have a son right? A son." She held up a hand at her wife's swelling with indignation, "Let me finish. If it were our daughter, then there wouldn't be any problem leaving him with a normal sitter. The reason we kept his real identity a secret because he is the only male. We can't just expect someone to swear to secrecy from a normal caretaker agency."

She sighed. "I would do it myself, but a lot of things have been brewing lately; I can hardly move from my desk without another issue coming through the door, and I hardly think Naruto is going to enjoy sitting in the corner. We've been able to disguise his gender for now, but when he needs changing or a bath, it's going to be impossible to cover up."

Kushina slumped at her wife's words. It had been hard being a nobody, but she didn't regret a single moment raising Naruto; he was beautiful, positive and excitable, but she couldn't help but envy the mothers that could take some time off from parenthood. She no longer had a clan to help take care of Naruto, and Mako couldn't simply drop her duties as Hokage on a moment's notice.

Wait, clan? "How about we only let the clan heads know about Naruto?" at Mako's curious expression, she continued, "I mean, we have been having some discipline issues and other problems, maybe letting them into this important secret will help them rekindle any wavering trust."

Mako considered this. There were honestly no downsides to the plan. They would only have to worry about foreign powers that might try to kidnap the only male in the world. Iwa was the biggest concern since it was a fifty-fifty chance they would either use him for breeding or kill him outright for vengeance over Mako's kill count in the last war. With Kumo, it was more like seventy-thirty, if what happened with Kushina and the Hyuuga clan were any indication. Letting the clan heads know would help with the underlying tension, and beef up security against any possible kidnappings. No clan would want to lose the first male since the Shodaime, after all. In short, a win-win solution.

Mako nodded at this and frowned, "Still… it's a bit awkward to just ask the clan heads for an informal 'play date,' don't you think?"

Kushina merely chucked, "I've known a few other mothers before I had Naruto; it won't be awkward at all."

Mako merely shrugged. "Very well, but that just takes care of the mothers; most of the other clan heads are 'fathers,' so you don't know them that well."

"Well then just let the mothers invite them, then you won't have to worry about every detail dear." And with that Kushina walked out of the room and worked out the details in her mind. While she was certain that most of her old friends had had a child or two, it would be nice to finally take a break while their children played with one another.


The meeting itself was rather eventful, the first son born since the last century played with the most prominent of clan heiresses while their mothers discussed business over a tea ceremony. The usual things to be expected of a Hokage's child being born were carried out, among the items of discussion was who would be the lucky heiress to marry into the Hokage's bloodline.

Normally this topic would be brushed over, but several of the present clan heads, upon learning that Naruto was actually a boy, were pressing the issue particularly hard. The purpose of the meeting was after all to decide the boy's future, but all the ladies could talk about was marriage, with security and information control being put on the backburner. The Hyūga were the only ones to not bring their children, for understandable reasons considering the recent kidnap attempt on both of their heiresses. If it weren't for Mako's reputation as an efficient S-Class shinobi and her silver tongue, Kumo may have even tried to work the attempt in their favour.

Mako gritted her teeth and simply tried her best to move the subject on.

Naruto had met several girls that day, all of them varied and different in appearance, one swathed in layers of cloth and only had the top her her head peeking out of her jacket, a soft droning emanating from within. She was nice, but she kind of freaked him out. Another actually didn't want to play that much and took up a place at the wall, taking a nap, much to his disappointment.

The one that played with Naruto the most however was one Sasami Uchiha of the Uchiha clan. Due to her status as heiress, she was rather isolated from her peers in the clan, so any opportunity to play was very much appreciated. Sadly, her older sister's time as a prominent kunoichi ate up whatever time she would've liked to spend with her. She was pleasantly happy to have a new playmate.

She was joined by a girl in a fur-lined hoodie, as well as a chubby girl that insisted she wasn't fat (which, to be fair, she wasn't really). The girl that was 'it' was a blonde with teal eyes and a crown of flowers on her head.

Nearing the end of the get together, Mikoto Uchiha, mother of Sasami, hoisted her daughter up on her shoulder and greeted Kushina with a smile. "So this is why I couldn't see your bundle of sunshine when he was born! I wondered if you had forgotten me or something Kushina."

The red haired kunoichi likewise picked up her son, the two young children looked at each other fondly.

"Well now, they certainly took a shine to one another." Mikoto commented in amusement, and looked back over to Kushina, "Remember when we were like that? We became friends the moment we joined academy together."

"Hmm, let's hope that Sasami-chan is more well-behaved than you were when she reached that age," Kushina commented mischievously, "I can't even count how many times that happened with us!"

"Well, seem to recall you managed to get into your own fair share as well…"

"Well of course!"

The two old friends chuckled together, briefly lost in nostalgia.

"Well come on Sasami, it's time to go."

"Mama, can't we stay longer, I'm still it!" The little black haired girl whined.

"Please mama? I want to play with Sasa-tan more!" The blond haired boy likewise agreed.

"Well…" A look was shared between the two mothers as the Hokage's wife continued, "I suppose we can set up a future playdate."

The two mothers predicted the outcome of this statement and held their children at arm's length as they shouted out a cheer. They smiled despite it and began making arrangements for the Uchiha pair to visit.

Eventually Naruto was even able to go outside and visit the pair at the clan house, posing as a girl because of the combined lack of knowledge on what a male looks like, and that he was too young to really distinguish anyway. Just to be safe, Kushina dressed him in a flower-patterned kimono with pink trim.

He would unfortunately gain an attachment to the color due to wearing it so much. It would be the impetus of a highly effeminate wardrobe with it being in the future.


[One Month Later]

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief as she looked around the personal bath, taking in the empty tile floors lazily.

Things had been progressively less lonely the last month. She had been able to carry Naruto in public without anyone being suspicious and was able to meet with her friends and have a good social life once again.

However, what she really missed was the bathhouse. Sure, compared to the personal facilities in front of her, the public bathhouse was hardly a luxury, but it was also smaller…nobody but her inside.

She was once part of a special little gathering with the older ladies of Konoha years ago, before Naruto was even conceived. It had been a nice time to let off some steam and talk about what was happening around the village. After the new freedom she had gained from the meeting, returning to the norm appealed even more to Kushina than it would have normally. She considered going to Mako to ask her opinion, but then stopped herself. She was already pushing the boundaries with how her son could be out in public; but in a bathhouse? Naked? With other possible observers?

Of course, Monday was the only time the bathhouse was empty, as the kunoichi would regularly reserve it for that particular gathering…at around 8 PM, which was about an hour from now, coincidentally enough.

And there were the ones who were already in the know about Naruto's gender, so there was no real harm in the end anyway.

On that one impulse, she pulled the plug and made her way out of the door, slipping on her slippers and picked up Naruto along the way… of course dressing him up first. It was certainly strange how he couldn't keep his clothes on most of the time. Besides, why not have some company while I'm at it?


[Bathhouse Changing Room]

"Kushina! It's great to see you back!" greeted Mikoto. She had yet to enter the bathing area, still clad in dark gray bra and panties, her own kimono folded and placed on a bench before storing it in the locker.

"Yeah, I've missed the experience myself…" She then took notice of the pointed glance towards Naruto, "Sorry, I couldn't just leave him at home. I was hoping the other girls wouldn't mind?"

"No, it's fine; there are a few others that actually joined in while you were gone, however…" Kushina sighed at the unexpected flaw to her plan, "But don't worry, they're kunoichi and loyal. they wouldn't gossip or anything like that about the Hokage's son."

After a moment's conflict between her son's secrecy and her trust in Mikoto's words, Kushina finally relented and held out Naruto to her friend, "Hold him for me, would you?"

With a quick nod, she transferred her hold on her son and began stripping off her clothes. Soon she was naked and pulling the complimentary towel out of the locker. She slung it over her shoulder, taking a moment to glance in the mirror. She'd recovered her form well in the five years since she'd given birth to Naruto. Her breasts were still full and ripe; just slightly larger as a leftover sign of childbirth, surprisingly lacking even an inch of sag after Naruto had suckled her milk dry. Yet the pudge that was present before had become the taut, toned stomach she'd been familiar with before conception. Beneath that, she frowned slightly, running a finger absently along the crimson hair that crowned her sex. I should probably shave that soon, she thought.

Turning to Mikoto and smiling, she was about to ask for Naruto back before her mouth dropped in near horror.

"N-No! Naruto! No!" She hastily pulled the excitable boy away from Mikoto's boy had pulled down the bra enough to expose the pink nipple of the black haired beauty.

"Aww, I want Miko-obachan's milk…" mumbled Naruto in discontent. Kushina flushed even at the slight chuckle coming from her friend.

"You do know that they stop breastfeeding at two years old correct?" she asked teasingly, shaking her head at her friend, "Kushina you poor thing, didn't you heed my advice when you were still pregnant?"

Kushina giggled nervously, with a touch of embarrassed hysteria. "I-I can't help it! H-he makes this face, and it's hard for me to resist, b-but I'm getting better; it's only once every two weeks now!"

The Uchiha Matriarch eyes widened briefly in shock, but she hid it behind an amused smile. "Oh my… so little Naruto-kun is quite a hungry boy, aren't you?" she teased, rubbing her hand against the boy's cheek and making him sigh happily, "Well, so long as you're okay with it, I won't complain, Kushi-chan. Be careful, though; Mako-san might not be so happy if your child gets more than her~"

"You-" Kushina bristled, but her reddening face betrayed the action as being from embarrassment, rather than anger. "Hah~ seems like having two kids hasn't made your jokes any more decent-ttebane!"

"So can I have your milk Miko-obachan? Pleeeeeassse?" Naruto pleaded like a man dying of thirst. Mikoto was struck by how those familiar puppy-dog eyes, which she had endured from her own children. For some reason, it was suddenly so much more effective on the face of the cute young boy. Was this some kind of lost charm that males had possessed?

Unbidden, she felt a tiny pit of worry in her stomach and a urge to give into the little boy's demands, "S-sorry Naru-chan, t-this milk is for Sasami-chan, and you can't take her milk away from her, she'll be sad."

Naruto frowned at that, but nodded reluctantly, "Okay…"

Mikoto sighed internally with relief.

…Before looking up to see Kushina smirking at her, albeit still pink in the face.

"Not as easy as it looks, dattebane?"

Mikoto gave her a dull look, which nonetheless carried a spark of sympathy. "Alright, fair enough. Your little boy is a handful."

"Aa. Shoulda believed me when I said so-ttebane. Oh, and..." she looked up to see Kushina give her another smirk, this one of foxlike proportions, "Sasami-chan's giving you the same trouble, huh?"

The ravenette woman gave a long-suffering sigh, which told her friend everything she needed to know. Oh well. Something to talk about for a few months...

"... Alright, I'll ask Sasa-tan to share next time!" Both mothers eyes widened in alarm, and spent the next five minutes telling Naruto to NOT do exactly that. It didn't help that they felt awkward and kept using vague reasons why.

Eventually they managed to strip down completely along with Naruto to get into the bath, where several figures were already getting relaxed in the water.

The bath was open to the sky, which on this day was a beautiful, cloudless sapphire. Within the high wooden fence, the entire bathing area was made of a dark, uneven but smooth stone. The stone was warmed pleasantly by the large, steaming bath.

"Ara! Kushina-san, is that you?" greeted an elegant, well-endowed woman with dark purple hair and pale eyes, "It's been quite a long time, hasn't it?"

"Yo, Hara," said Kushina, grinning at the Hyūga Matriarch, "Yeah, I decided I was feeling lonely and decided to come around for old time's sake."

A brunette woman with spiky hair and red, triangular tattoos on her cheeks spoke up. "Aa, but not alone I see. You're pretty brave, bringing the pup with you after all the trouble you an' Hokage-sama went to hiding him."

Kushina shrugged, not breaking eye contact with Inuzuka Tsume. "Well? Mako-chan is busy at work, so it's not like I could leave him behind, y'know?"

"...Him?" A slender, silver-haired woman who'd been lying down with a towel over her face suddenly sat up to stare at Naruto with a single dark eye, causing him to jump. "That's...Mako-sensei's child, then? Except, you did say 'he,' right? Does that mean…"

"Oh!" Kushina's eyes widened in recognition, "Hatake Hisago-chan, is that you? Now there's someone I haven't seen in a long time! Mako's told me all about you since you left the ANBU. How've you been?" She very deliberately avoided the questions, however.

"Maa, maa, I've been alright," Hisago demured, the look in her one visible eye fading away into laziness, "Kept to myself mostly…so, how's Mako-sensei been?"

"Oh, well...same as ever. Worries a lot about this guy…"

"Heh~... so your kid really is a boy, Uzumaki-san?" Naruto yelped and hid behind his mother's leg as a head of purple hair, shorter and slightly longer than Hara's rose from the water just at the edge nearest to them. The woman grinned at the blond boy. "Heh...so it really is like the futa seal. Pretty small, though, isn't it?" Kushina really didn't like the woman and how she craned her neck to peek at her son's privates…

"Anko!" protested a woman with black, wavy hair, grabbing her friend by the shoulder and pulling her back, spluttering, "Just because you're in the bath is no reason to gawk at people, especially the Hokage's son!"

"Heh… " groaned the woman in dismay, "C'mon Nai-chan, it's not like I was gonna do anything else..."

"Kushina." The redhead looked over to see that Mikoto had already slipped into the water, folding her towel to use as a pillow against the rocks. "Just get in already. You came here to relax, right? Don't worry, Naru-chan is perfectly fine with us; Mitarashi-san is a bit crude, but she won't harm him."

Kushina paused, taking a moment to reorient her thoughts. She looked down at Naruto, who peered owlishly back up at her and she smiled ruefully. "Ah, right. I'll hold you to that, Mikoto!"

And, taking Naruto's small hand in her own, she gently guided him into the water alongside her. After they settled into the bath, Naruto's eyes drifted and took in all the large breasts casually on display.

Before Kushina could hope to stop him, he asked aloud: "Can I ask these obachans for milk, mama?"

She groaned and hid her face in her hands, which did nothing to drown out the laughter that arose from her friends. Surprisingly enough, Anko was not one of them.

"Well if you really insist…" *SMACK!* "Ow, c'mon Nai-Chan! It was just a joke!"

Well, not that surprisingly.

[Outside the baths]

A woman peeked through a hole in one of the planks. She had long, feathery white hair that went down to her waist and slight wrinkles on her tanned body that suggested she was in her fifties. Her clothes were simple, with an iron-gray suit being worn under a red vest, a pair of red geta, and a special forehead protector with the kanji "油" brushed on it.

In her hands, she was scribbling down everything she saw in a notepad. "C'mon, I need some action, ladies," she whispered to herself, a shit-eating grin on her face as she watched the women conversing with each other.

As her eye wandered, the peeping woman's eye fell upon a blond child with an interesting little addition affixed to the junction between his legs. Ah, so that's what the mess was about, she thought, perverted scenarios running through her mind, Maybe I can use him as material for a new book series…assuming Mako-chan and Kushi-chan won't kill me for it. Or at least don't find out. Ah, who am I kidding? Of course they'll slaughter me, but it'd be totally worth it!

'The first male in a century~ Born from the Hoka- nah, that hits too close to home. Even the first male is too close now that I think about it…eh, never mind, the first male, born from the Hokage, in a land of women. He was their promised savior, so he had to- heheheh, seriously, this stuff is writing itself!'

The white haired, slightly aged beauty smirked pervertedly as she heard Naruto's question.

'That's at least a chapter in the making! Best. Godson. Ever.'

Keeping a lid on her chuckles, she briefly stopped and took a closer look at Naruto, smiling fondly. Godson… that had a nice ring to it.

Standing up from her peeking hole, she walked away while looking over the notes of her newest smut. A little bare-bones for now, but it could work…hmm, but it needs more of a kick…Incest? Well, if you're going to dig your own grave, better dig it in some good soil.

Mm...speaking of which, I bet he'll be quite the stud when he's older~!


[4 Years Later]

Naruto gazed proudly at the clothes he'd laid out. Tomorrow, he'd wear them to his first day at the Ninja Academy. The kimono was a bright shade of pink with white sakura petals, tied up with a blood-red obi.

"Heh. All the girls will be so jealous of how awesome I look-ttebayo," he muttered smugly. In a land without men, such ideas as pink being unmanly were rightly foreign to the young boy. In terms of maturity, sure, pink could be seen as 'kiddish,' but not girly.

Naruto himself only barely understood his gender and how it differed from other girls his age. He knew he didn't have breasts and had a natural penis, but other than that he wasn't truly aware of the differences between himself and the women around him.

It wasn't until that day he that was given a kickstart into the wonderful world of what would define his life. It all started with a weird feeling…

Naruto suddenly gasped and staggered, feeling a little lightheaded. "H-huh? Whoa, w-what's goin' on-ttebayo?" Then, as the light above seemed to dim slightly, he felt an intense, but pleasant tingling between his legs. "Oh...th-that feels kinda good…" he mumbled, eyes swimming behind his eyelids as he tried to understand the foreign sensation in his body. After several moments, it died down, leaving him with his heart pounding and his face flushed. "M-mama," he said to himself in a daze, "Mama will know what's happening…"

With that, the young boy pulled himself upright and made his way to his mother's room. He didn't know exactly why she would be able to help him with his problem, but something in his gut told him that she was what he needed… or something else. Either way, he could tell it was the gut region somewhere.

However, what Naruto failed to notice was that his mother's door was shut, usually meaning she wanted privacy. However, Naruto wasn't particularly known for his foresight.

"O-oi! C'mon Socchi, knock next time!" complained Kushina, crossing her arms over her chest. She had been in the process of changing into more comfortable clothes after a long day doing errands in town. Naruto was treated to the sight of her large, pale mammaries, which were hugged gently by the sky-blue bra she'd just unclipped. Her long, sleek legs pressed together in vain to hide her matching panties, which were stretched tightly across her wide hips, just enough to indent the skin slightly to show the suppleness of the flesh there.

Now normally, Naruto didn't really understand the need for privacy when changing, especially in one's own home, he had a pretty good idea about modesty. But other than that, seeing another woman naked didn't really affect him; this not the case today, however...

"Ma-Mama," gasped Naruto, his face going red as he found himself unable to look away. Then he squealed as his mothers hands moved away from covering herself, getting off the bed to see what was wrong with her son, thus exposing her breasts carelessly. The pale peaks where even bigger up close, with pink nipples that hardened a little in the open air.

There details, while only lasting a couple of seconds, seemed to stick in Naruto's mind like it took days. A pressure grew in the front of his boxers and he groaned at the uncomfortable feeling.

"Eh? N-Naruto, what's wrong? What is it, baby?" asked Kushina, realizing that her son was obviously in some distress. Of course, as expected from motherhood, her concern immediately overrode any lingering embarrassment at the sudden intrusion. It also prevented her from realizing it as such, adding fuel to an already fierce fire.

"M-mama… I feel weird…" Naruto moaned out, the rubbing of his shorts over his appendage and causing his eyes to become unfocused briefly. Even when they refocused, they were greeted by his mother's bared, jutting boobs.

What a conundrum for our protagonist. When his mother couldn't discern the problem, the next logical step was to examine his body closely; the first step was to check for a fever.

Naruto then fell from the frying pan into the fire, as his mother placed her face dangerously close to his own as she put a soft hand to his forehead. Her lips were nearly erotic in their own right, absentmindedly chewing on her bottom lip as she compared their temperatures.

Of course, she once again wasn't helping the problem, as his temperature spiked at her close proximity.

"Natuto! You're burning up!" She pulled away and led him to the nearby bed by the hand, giving Naruto a close look at her plump, full backside. Her panties were starting to ride up a bit into the crack, giving a bigger view of the porcelain cheeks.

Naruto moaned, eyes rolling up briefly and let his legs fall open a little, unwittingly thrusting the small tent in his boxers into greater prominence.

If Kushina was a little more observant she would have seen this right away. However, being part of a culture that hadn't had such a member below the belt outside of breeding, and her eyes only seeing the sweating face of her child, she simply laid him on the bed and made the situation even more difficult.

For a short moment, relief seemed likely as Kushina drew away and gave her child space, which was both an ease, and mysterious disappointment for Naruto. However, his head slumped to the side to look at his mother once again, as she bent over to get something out of the drawers, thrusting her ass out into further view. And if that wasn't enough, not finding what she was looked for, she stretched up look on top of one of the shelves, her bare back on display as every muscle showed off her body as she moved.

"Oh…~" Naruto moaned out, his hips instinctively thrusting as he watched the figure of his mother do so many enticing things that he couldn't even describe why they made him feel so good.

Eventually, Kushina returned with a herbal medicine, and leaned her child to get the blanket on the other side of him. Her fat nipples passed one or two inches away over his mouth, and Naruto was suddenly reminded of a few years prior where he had been privy to them before he stopped craving her milk. Now, that craving suddenly returned with a vengeance and his heated breath seemed to make them go harder as he watched… preparing for him to suck on them.

His mouth opened unbidden, tongue outstretched to taste that delicious, creamy treat, but not only for that, he had vague visions of him simply suckling from his mother. The thought of the act alone excited him, not just the taste. Too soon, however, those juicy nubs were pulled out of reach of his needy lips, before his tongue could touch them. Kushina was already kneeling beside his head.

She pulled his limp head into her lap, resting it on her firmly muscled thighs. "Alright Socchi. Now open up so I can stick this in. Come on, under your tongue. Yes, that's it," she murmured soothingly, her normally tough facade completely absent.

For some reason that seemed to excite Naruto even more than his head being inches away from her concealed womanhood… but that certainly helped at least. Obediently he opened his mouth wider and let her insert the thermometer, staring dreamily up at her oval face. Her red hair formed a curtain about their heads, darkening the ambient light.

After a few minutes, Kushina leaned back and tossed her hair back over her shoulder, sending her breasts jiggling greatly, and removed the thermometer to take a look at the temperature.

"You don't seem to have a fever…" she muttered, frowning thoughtfully. Meanwhile Naruto slowly, dazedly rubbed his head against her thighs, relishing the feel of her velvety skin against his cheek. His eyes were half closed and glazed, locking onto the shape of his mother's figure, fitting into the seemingly small pair of panties.

"Well I don't see what else exactly could be-" She stopped on her glancing look over her son's body, more of a customary action, to lock onto a certain piece of anatomy. For a long, frozen moment, she simply stared at it, not comprehending what it was. Then, all the blood in her body seemed to flow into her face and she let out a mortified squeak.

She then leaned forward, and without much thought put into what she was doing, pulled the waist of the boxers away from her son's hips. She blushed even further at the confirmation that yes, her son was rocking a boner. A small, two or three inch boner, but a hard-on nonetheless.

"Mama… what's wrong?" asked Naruto, his mind still foggy due to the stimulation.

His mother didn't answer for a moment however, because honestly she had no idea at all WHAT was happening. "N...Naruto. Is this what was was bothering you?" she finally asked, a slight trembling in her voice as she stared at her son's member.

"W… what is bothering…?" Naruto was not in the realms of clear thinking as of the moment. "What are you talking- ha~n?!" he trailed off into a cross between a moan and a squeal as several warm fingers curled around his small, unbearably sensitive shaft.

Kushina froze, looked at her son's pleasure stricken face and back at his twitching penis held in her grasp.

She let go immediately, berating herself for not remembering that this wasn't the regular futa seal, which couldn't feel anything; this was her son's penis… which for some reason became harder LIKE a futa seal penis, and she had no idea what that meant.

She then latched onto comparisons, as was natural for a women who only lived with women could; a penis…when used by a woman, was to make babies, that was common knowledge. So did that mean…that her son, was ready to…he needed to…She flushed terribly. First the attachment to breastfeeding and now this! Were all boys so hard to raise?!

Kushina looked back and forth between her son's blissful expression and her… son's little Naru-chan, thinking. While he definitely seemed to be enjoying it, she couldn't just leave him the way he was, could she? How could he do well at the Academy if he was always in a state of arousal? And not only that, they were trying to keep his gender a secret! How were they going to do that with it jutting out?!

With Mako-chan, the seal deactivated after I made her cum. Maybe… But that offered yet another conundrum. If that happened, would her son's penis disappear? No, of course not; he'd been born and had lived with it all his life. Men wouldn't have been so important if they lost it after only one time, it might go soft again…In...In that case-!

She gulped. Whether it was from nervousness or because her mouth seemed to be watering, she didn't want to think too hard. I-it's not like it means anything. I mean, it's not like I'm going to be putting it inside me… s-so that means I won't get pregnant! A-and since this must be a normal thing f-for a boy's penis, like when girls have their periods, maybe other mothers helped their sons when this happened!

"M-mama…" panted Naruto, thrusting his hips lightly as he gazed imploring up into her eyes. It was the dreaded 'puppy-dog eyes of submission!' "That...that felt good...do it more~!"

Any hesitation or second thoughts went out the window; this was her son! He needed support and help while going through this har-...difficult state of growth! Once more her calloused but soft hand dipped down to the blonde's crotch, gently taking the delicate shaft between her index, middle finger and thumb, and slowly started to rub at the skin. The penis throbbed happily at her touch, and as her fingers wandered against her will, they caught lightly against the flap of skin that covered the head, pulling it down a bit more. Judging by Naruto's gasp, which she could feel against the underside of her breasts.

This made Kushina even more aware of her position and she decided she couldn't look at her son and watch what she was doing in case she did something wrong. So she shifted her position so that she now kneeled in between her son's legs, letting them hang off her hips while his little penis jutted up further, his waist raised up on her lap. Something about this new position struck her as being something that lovers might do, but she quickly squashed that thought. Naruto needed her help, there was no need for hesitation!

She resumed her tentative stroking, occasionally squeezing experimentally. Despite its size, her fingers came up against almost rock-hard tissue beneath the soft skin. Did it grow a bit bigger? she wondered distantly. The skin about the head had been pulled all the way down, exposing the pink, squishy helmet at the tip. Beads of a clear, sticky fluid oozed from the slit at the end, getting onto her fingers and slickening her grip.

She had a vague idea what it was: cum. But this is too soon! Maybe a misfire? Some kind of… she had no idea. What were the details in those old anatomy books!?

The penis was still hard, that meant her job wasn't over, that was the thought process she has as she continued jerking the cock in her hands. The other hand busied itself by massaging his balls tentatively.

All of this was well-received by Naruto, who panted as the ministrations of his mother's hands sent tiny shocks along his system. For such a simple thing to have such a grand effect on his body, the heat, the pounding blood, was screaming at him to do something; he had no idea what was even happening, but he wanted more. He would have likely wanted experimented to find what 'more' was in this strange situation, but for now he was at the mercy of his mother's clumsy, yet satisfying fingers.

Hearing her ten year-old son's erotic moans, it was hard to judge whether it was right to do this. Was it wrong that this reminded her so much of Mako? Minus the penis between them of course, but the fact was that she was looking down on her son in nearly the exact same way as when she was conceiving him with Mako, even if the penis couldn't stimulate her there were other ways… and right now she couldn't help but compare the two.

It didn't help that Naruto had inherited his father-figure's signature blond spiky hair. It made Kushina mad that she couldn't get Naruto to grow it out more so that she didn't have to be confused over these weird similarities.

She then nearly pulled the rod in her hands skywards, causing a particularly vocal moan to echo through the room. She even felt his small balls tense up in tandem with it. In some respect, what she was doing was intriguing in a way. After all, she was witnessing all of these features that were unique to a male, and had been privy to other such things that made no sense to normal women today.

This however was more unique because of the intimacy involved with it all; Kushina of course didn't register this feeling quite so deeply like that, still trying to keep a straight face. She blushing redder than a tomato to compliment her hair.

Naruto at that point was made aware of something building up in his body. A hot, tense sensation in his lower belly and his mind had been distracted so that it didn't become noticeable until it was too late. He gasped, eyes crossing as suddenly the buildup became apparent when it simply let loose. The pressure of his penis's hardness seemed seemed to multiply, and the organ itself swelled a little, then twitched wildly. Simultaneously, his balls pulled up tightly against his body and clenched repeatedly. Kushina flinched back as a hot, sticky white substance squirted forth from her son's member, gasping as some of it hit the sensitive undersides of her breasts. In the relatively cool air of the room, it felt almost scalding.

She took a small moment to examine the sperm (for that was of course what it was) stuck to her fingers. Absently she dabbed at the stuff on her breasts, grimacing as all she seemed to do was smear it around. It was strange to see it from the real deal; the seed generated from the futa seal wasn't white in color, more gel-like and transparent, here it was thick and… musky.

She could smell it even from half a foot from her face.

Turning her attention back to her hand, still gripping at the appendage, she sighed in relief that it had went down and was comfortably the same small and soft penis she remembered before.

"Mama… what was that?" Naruto asked, surprisingly having recovered from the pleasure fueled state he had been in before. It was like releasing a valve that had built up too much pressure, and now he was only left with curiosity.

"That… was…" Kushina failed to put it exactly into words, as she had no right idea either… "Th-that was a natural thing that happens t-to boys where they get older."

She wasn't so ignorant and prideful as to not admit when she simply didn't know something. There had been several times in her life when she had displayed unshakable honesty, admitting her faults and working past them. But she couldn't do that here, she had no way of improving, anything about raising a male teenager would have been a helpful piece of advice instead of ancient medical records!

She had to be the parent, the one who knew what to tell their children when they asked an awkward question.

For now… it's simply a white lie, nobody needed to know.

"So… my thing gets hard and you rub it better?" Naruto was not the most learned individual. When asked to recite something learned beforehand, he would say it in the simplest term to bluntly get the point across. Even then, he managed to accurately describe the events that took place in that room rather well.

"Y-yes… and that's simply a normal thing in a boy's life, yes." His mother nodded repeatedly, trying to reassure both her son and herself.

"Oh… so it will happen again?"

Kushina froze at that question. Again?

Comparing information again. Futas were no good here, since they were short term things; repeated appearances weren't really an issue for them, but Naruto's was still there. Would that mean it would get hard again?

Comparing it to the common problem in female anatomy… possibly once a month, for a few days. Could she really do that up until Naruto grew up and had a girlfriend to help? That would be at least four years if she was lucky. Naruto was sweet, but he was also rather oblivious; she could tell he wouldn't notice a girl as easily as others could.

But again, Kushina took a deep breath and calmed her thoughts, the 'Will of Fire' itself making her ignore her horror at the fact. She was a mother. This was her son. He needed her where it really and hesitation had no place between parent and child! Kushina opened her eyes and gave a wide smile. "You don't have to worry Naruto. I'll make sure that it doesn't affect your life whatsoever. You can count on it, dattebane!"

Naruto himself was still a little confused on what she was talking about, but it didn't seem to be too bad. After all, if it meant being able to do that really good thing with his mama again, the details didn't matter all that much. He decided to treat it like a new game, a secret game even. Naruto, even with his childlike mindset knew that whatever this was, it was meant to be only his and mama's, just like only Sasami could have Mikoto-obachan's milk! Mama could only have his...stuff. He assumed it was like milk; it didn't smell all good to him, but maybe mama liked it? He decided to hold off asking questions for another day, as he felt tired after experiencing such an ordeal foreign to his body.

Sure enough, Kushina told him not to say anything about this to other people, and that whenever he had a 'stiff' moment, he should hide it as best as he could and make sure that he went home for mama to 'take care of it.'

As the day wound down, Naruto put the intimate details that had happened in Kushina's bedroom to the back of his mind, for tomorrow he was going to the Ninja Academy! He would be the best ninja there ever was, and maybe even better than his father Mako!

However, when he relaxed enough to go to sleep, his dreams were filled with confusing and amazing sights. Some were memories of what had happened in his mother's room; closeups and focus on whenever she would casually show off her butt or breasts, and then quickly went to fantasies where she had stripped naked completely and simply stood smiling down at him reassuringly, all the while massaging his penis lovingly.

In between those, however, things got very strange indeed. He would find himself walking through barren, grassy landscapes, with no sign of the village anywhere. Or at least, he didn't think so; it was hard to see. He did, however, encounter other, much smaller villages. When he approached them, the plants would sprout quickly from the fields and the people, both older boys and women, would join together. He wasn't sure what they were doing, but it made him feel content. He would then find a similar thing happen that had with dream Kushina, jutting breasts, close ups of round butts and faces that were filled with expressions of utter joy and carefree pleasure. Towards the end, the two perspectives were almost indistinguishable

Was it any surprise, then, that the next morning he found himself having a 'stiff' moment? The real surprise, however, was how high the blankets covering him were lifted by the action. Overnight, young Naruto's penis...no, cock, had abruptly doubled in length and thickened in girth. Where before he'd had a tiny, cute, three inch pecker, a six inch pole of flesh now jutted from his crotch at . As he sat up in shock, he also noticed that his balls had undergone a similarly dramatic change, the small sack having become seemingly stretched out to accommodate the testicles within, which had swollen the size of golf balls.

And so, Naruto did what was logical… and screamed.


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