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Chapter 26: Heart-to-Heart

The following Monday found Naruto in class, as per usual, paying attention to Iruka-sensei's lesson. Today, they were covering the Great Ninja Wars.

"…Now, the first war took place about a century ago, when the Five Great Hidden Villages were still being formed," Iruka explained, "At that time, the male population was in a sharp decline. As such, a common tactic was to kidnap or kill males from rival villages, so as to harm their ability to reproduce."

Naruto was surprised when topics that bordered sexuality slowly became more prominent in even lessons such as this. Perhaps it was learning about it and always having the topic evaded and lied about; he usually expected adults to do it all the time. It was kind of to be expected, but then here was a history lesson about 'reproducing' like it was natural for him to know about it.

Reproduce…yeah, he learned about it a long time ago from Hanabi and all; he was supposedly meant to be giving women babies with how much sex he'd had, and yet, nothing.

His thoughts on 'reproducing' turned back to Kurenai, and how wonderful that night with her had been, everything he desired and more…not to mention, her reaction at the spring…and everything else.

[Flashback: the previous day]

It took some maneuvering for Naruto to get into the water before any of the other women could spot the (admittedly faded) lipstick on his cock. He sighed blissfully, sinking into the warm water and letting it wash away the sweat from yesterday's exertions.

His mother chuckled, ruffling his hair playfully as she slid in next to him, pulling him into an affectionate, one-armed embrace. The boy let himself be drawn into her side, feeling her firm, warm flesh against his. It soon had his member tingling as blood was redirected to it, slowly swelling up and stiffening. Of course, deep underwater as he was, no one noticed his boner. So he just snuggled with his beautiful mother.

Kurenai showed up last, on shaky legs and looking quite disheveled. While the females of the group gave small looks of concern, Naruto hid a smug grin as he slipped the lower part of his face underwater.

As always, the conversation between everyone seemed to follow the same pattern…until, it came to the topic of Naruto's usually dick routine.

"S-so…as it turns out," Kushina said, "It seems that N-Naruto-kun doesn't just get hard once a week."

Naruto initially panicked…before realizing that most of the other women just nodded; they knew this already and were surprisingly okay. "I did wonder when you were going to broach the subject," Hara commented slyly, "The poor boy needed me to help him out the other day when he helped me with my shopping."

This, was more than a little of a surprise.

"Is that true Naruto? I never heard about it…" Kushina screwed up her face, suddenly thinking back…it was rather hard to remember every little thing Naruto had done.

"E-Eh, well…I thought Hara-san already said…"

"Ah…me as well, Naruto had visited the house one day and it…well, sort of happened…" Mikoto nervously wrung her wrists.

"…Naruto, from now on you'll be sure to tell me about this for the future."


"And I already know that you helped him before he told me, Kurenai-san." The raven-haired woman froze, paling. "But you don't have to worry about that now." She nodded silently.

"…Well, all sorts of interesting things happen to other people…" Hisago mutters, leaning back and looking up at the sky, the topic apparently not worth much note.

"Are, you, KIDDING me?! All you girls have special 'one-on-one' time with him and I don't get to help at all?" Anko crossed her arms over her chest, huffing, "Geeze, I always miss the good s-"

"Anko…" Kushina hissed in warning.

"This, him, his, suck, GAH!" Anko threw her arms up, and just gave up, the logic of the prude mothers who sucked on Naruto's dick baffling her to no end. "ONE TIME I try using my mouth and the lot of you condemn me for it! It's not like I was going to go further!"

Kushina looked like she would bark out a 'shut up' once again…but then, Anko's words seemed to catch up with the other women in the group. The redheaded MILF and Mikoto both blushed slightly, which the rambunctious woman quickly picked up on. "…Oh, I see how it is, you hypocritical bitches! Well, I know when I'm not wanted!" Anko hauled herself out of the water, not even bothering to cover her naked form as she stormed out.

Hara sighed. "I'll go talk to her."

"Me too," added Kurenai, who was desperate to leave more than anything, but also felt guilty about her friend's hurt feelings.

The two of them left the water to follow Anko. They managed to catch her in the changing room, so Naruto could hear snatches of conversation.

"…I'm not hearing it! I knew something like this…"

"…It's now like that Anko, i-it's just…"

"…They're like everybody else, friendly till a point…"

"…Alright…what if…"

"…Bribing me? Really? Think it's a little late for…"

Naruto was only able to catch a few snatches of conversation drifting through the steam. All the other Kunoichi, on the other hand, were able to hear everything, likely due to being ninjas in the first place. His mother in particular shifted, a slight look of discomfort on her face.

Soon enough, the three Kunoichi came back together, Anko still looking a little ticked off and angry, if a little…happier, if that made sense. Kurenai gave a small look of apology towards Kushina. Hara had a passive and controlled expression, albeit a little embarrassed.

While the latter two took their previous places, Anko boldly stepped up behind Naruto and picked him up. The boy froze, but the unexpected action was silently accepted as the wild woman shuffled under him and placed the boy on her lap. Naruto's felt her naked body press against his back, causing heat to pool inside him as her breasts and bare snatch pressed against parts of his body, inciting his arousal.

For a few seconds, nobody said anything…and then Anko stripped off Naruto's towel.

"A-" Kushina stopped…and breathed, "Look…uh, c-could you wait until Naruto is…ready before you expose him?"

"Seems like he's getting ready to me." Anko replied sarcastically, her hand coming down to cup Naruto's growing junk. Indeed, exposed to the air and pressed against Anko's mature body, his cock finally made it's function know, half hard and growing even harder.

Most of the women in the spring stared silently in interest. While they knew that it grew hard, they were never able to catch it between its two stages of appearance. Seeing the boy's dick slowly grow to its full stature was a sight to behold.

The purple-haired Tokubetsu Jonin smiled a little in satisfaction, giving the meaty tube in her palm a squeeze before starting to stroke it. When it reached its full size, her fingers just barely reached all the way around it.

"Heh, looks like someone wants to see me at least, eh? Little Naru-chan~?" Anko's line had a playful edge to it, but it was clear she was still mad since the words themselves carried a angry bite to them. It was the reason why everybody else held their tongues at Anko's usual abrasive attitude.

It was either put away their morals, or risk losing another friend.

Everyone was beginning to walk on eggshells as it is.

Although, Naruto himself didn't have too much to worry about; Anko didn't consider him all that implicit in the deceit of the other women. That being said, he couldn't help but moan as she roughly massaged his cock with one hand. The pressure definitely felt good against his hardness. Her other hand kept him pinned against her torso. Kurenai's eyes darted to the young ninja's throbbing cock hesitantly, before quickly looking away, stealing glances nobody else caught.

"See?" Anko mumbled in Naruto's ear, "I can make you feel good too. Stupid mother-hens don't know what they're talking about…!"

Indeed, while handjobs were rather rare these days for Naruto, who preferred sucking and fucking usually, the inexperience Anko had personally handling one wasn't present in her fingers, as they seemed to dance and press against his rigid member with a delicate edge that put some of his girls tongues to shame, competing with Hinata, Kurumu and…

Hanabi, when she'd used her feet, not that she'd ever hear that. Naruto was more at ease blaming the stockings for the arousal than anything else.

Eventually, the older woman started grinding the palm of her hand against his bulbous glans while jerking him off, which definitely sped up his impending orgasm. Naruto squirmed in her arms as she held him close, his heat building up higher and higher within himself.

But, Naruto didn't want to be done so soon, despite the surprising amount of skill present in the kunoichi's fingers, Naruto wanted to hold on and experience it longer, otherwise, it would be over too soon. So, grunting a little, he did his best not to release his load, which was threatening to explode within the woman's soft, yet firm palm. Anko squeezed his shaft tightly, watching the veins bulge as they supplied the cock with the blood required to stay as hard as it was. She loved testing the hardness of the masculine rod under the velvety skin; the heat radiating off of it was almost feverish as it pulsed and throbbed against her grasping hand. The head was firm and equally swollen against her palm, but much smoother and squishier.

Meanwhile, the other people in the bath were still watching. Kushina felt some indignation for how roughly Anko was treating her son, but she could also tell that it wasn't unpleasant for him, judging by his panting and wiggling his hips under her grasp.

Hara was admiring Anko's dexterity with her hands. For being inexperienced with this, she's not all that bad, she thought. It didn't really occur to her that this was not something to really praise in such a situation.

For Mikoto, she just couldn't stop staring at the young boy's large dick. Once again the memory of him plundering her throat with it ran vividly through her mind, making her blush. At the same time, she couldn't help but observe the reactions that Anko's ministrations were causing in the organ.

Her hand stopped jerking, causing Naruto to be thrown off by the rhythm on his cock disappearing. Anko smirked at the small whine of protest only audible to the both of them and slowly ran her thumb along the top of his shaft, tracing the head slowly and sensually. Naruto's precum smeared it as she did so, spurting out from the pressure of her grip. It only made her grinding hand all the more pleasurable as the oily fluid coated it and made his head slippery. "Oh? This thing sure gets pretty messy when it feels good, doesn't it? No wonder everyone ended up using their mouths…heh. Well, we can save that for later~" she murmured in his ear. He squeaked slightly when he felt her teeth lightly nibble at him. She switched hands, using her slimed-up palm to spread his own precum back all over his shaft while her much warmer hand resumed rubbing at his fat prick-helmet.

"Naughty boy…feeling so many different mature mouths on this? I wonder why so many have…" A contemplative tone broke Naruto out into a small nervous sweat, but it was quickly overturned with a couple quick and pleasurable strokes from Anko. "Come on little Naru-chan~ Let out some of your thick and heavy essence, let me see you spurt like a hose, dirty the bathwater with all these ladies watching~" With a firm and lengthy lick onto his earlobe (Which Naruto was finding extremely sensitive for some reason) Naruto's balls tightened. He couldn't hold on anymore.

He moaned, unwittingly arching his back against Anko as his cock flexed and twitched in her hand. With how tightly she was gripping, the first few throbs came up empty. Once the kunoichi lightened her grip as the cock pulsed painfully, then the cum erupted from the tip, spilling all over her hand as he jizzed powerfully. Practically a stream of flowed, thick and fast and pouring into the bath water. Some of it oozed down his shaft, blocked by Anko's now totally filthy hand, even as his prick started to soften.

Mikoto gulped, watching the thick, pearly white fluid dissolve into the water. "S-so much…" she mumbled.

Hara raised her eyebrows. That's nowhere near as much as when I used my breasts, she thought privately. Though she did admit that it would've been far more messy if he had cum as much then.

Kushina froze as Naruto spunked directly into the bath. Oh god…I'm bathing in my son's sperm…!

Kurenai stared, near mesmerized as the copious amounts of Naruto's jizz mixed and floated on top of the water's surface, like a genjutsu was cast upon her.

Hisago's brow wrinkled slightly. "…Glad I'm on the other side of the bath, here," she said to herself.

Naruto fell back against Anko's chest, settling his head in her cleavage in exhaustion, his cock giving random twitches and dying spurts as it settled into its soft state.

Anko chuckled, not saying a word as she gave one final stroke, cleaning the dripping fluid off with her hand, and admiring it as it glistened in the light. Without so much as a drop of hesitation, she put her index finger into her mouth and sucked. Her eyes gained a faraway look as she swirled her tongue around to clean it. "Mmm…" She moved on to the next finger, then the next, and so on until she ran out of fingers. Then proceeded to lick the back of her hand and palm. "Oh god, it tastes even better than before~" she moaned ecstatically, slurping it up, "Thicker too! Oh~ you must've been working extra hard to produce so much of that dirty, dirty cum, Naru-chan~!" She giggled and pulled the small boy even more tightly against her. "Mm…if you ever feel like giving your Onee-chan a visit, just stop by, okay~?"

"T-That's enough now…please Anko?" Kushina sounded tired, which was probably true, the last hour could not compare to the amount of exhaustion she felt wearing into her bones. To think, springs were meant to be relaxing.

Really, the only people who felt anywhere near relaxed were Naruto and Anko, who kept their happy, blissful position throughout their time there, hugging naked and dripping with semen. Nobody felt bothered to even point it out or get them washed.

Hisago…really didn't care, flipping through a water-proofed book she had brought in.


Flashback End

And THAT, was why Naruto needed to seriously get back with Anko at some point in the future.

And now I'm hard again, dattebayo.

Sitting in class, Naruto surreptitiously rubbed the bulge in his shorts to try and relieve a little bit of the pressure. It didn't help that much, of course, but it did feel a little good.

He immediately caught glances from his girlfriends, giving a subtle hooded look. Naruto took a second to appreciate his various sources of release; before, it had been a challenge to help keep it hidden, but now? He had nothing but mouths and other appropriate holes to stick it inside. maybe when he made a bigger network of girlfriends he wouldn't have a problem relieving himself around the village.

The thought, sadly, did not help his boner go down. Watching his teacher pace back and forth at the front of the room while she lectured didn't do much for that situation either; she had a pretty nice ass, round and firm.

Hm…I wonder if she remembers that whole dating thing we talked about. Maybe I'll just remind her…

After the class, which was the last one of the day, ended, he got his wish and remained behind after everyone had already left. As he'd gotten hard so soon before the end of the period, he'd had no opportunity to get one of his girls alone. As such, he had to adjust himself to not be uncomfortable before speaking with his sensei.

I'll find one of the girls later after I talk with her, he promised himself

With that, he approached Iruka. "Heya, Iruka-sensei," he greeted cheerfully.

"Oh, hello Naruto-kun," the older woman replied, smiling at him, "What's up?"

He shrugged. "Ah, not much. I was just thinking about that conversation we had a while back."

Iruka's face took on a confused look…before thinning out in exasperation.

"I'm…still not sure about that Naruto…" She scratched at her scar with a thumb, a nervous habit that Naruto recognised after all the times he spent with her, "I'm…well, it's embarrassing, but I don't know what exactly happens on a date. I know however, mock date or not, people might not take it kindly…"

"Then just make it a 'platonic' one like I said; don't go ahead with what's uncomfortable right?"

Iruka rolled her head back and forth, still on the edge of it all. "One date? That's all you really need right?"

Iruka stared at Naruto…before taking a deep breath inwards.

"Alright…We'll go now then, strike while the iron is hot."

Naruto tilted his head to the side, "Eh? Right now?" His pants were still tight…

"The sooner we do this, the better, I'll let you choose where we go." Iruka was gathering up her personal items from her desk and putting it within her satchel, oblivious to the slightly uncomfortable expression Naruto was giving.

"U-Uh, can I take a few minutes to talk to some-grrk!"

Before he could give an excuse to take some time away fucking one of his girlfriends, Naruto was picked up, his teacher exuding a strange amount of determination for the event she reluctantly accepted, and went out the door.

"While the iron is hot!"

"H-hai…" Naruto groaned, as he was carried off out the door, his protests unsaid as he left within the teacher's grasp.


They ended up stopping at Ichiraku's. Sitting at the stools and ordering their own food, they ended up lapsing into a stiff, unnerving silence. Naruto was having a difficult time thinking of something to say, owing to his cock still being rock-hard, not to mention trying to keep it hidden, while Iruka still trying to get the fact that she was dating a student wrapped around her mind.

So, the two were in silence, their own internal problems preventing a topic from being discussed. "Hi Naruto~ and…who's this?" Ayane appeared in front of the two. Sensing the heavy atmosphere, she took a nervous gulp, "S-So…what will you be ordering?"

"Usual, I guess…and, this is Iruka-sensei."

"I'll…have a meat one, surprise me."

She left, and the silence had been lifted slightly, enough that Naruto could finally come up with a topic to keep it going.

"S-so…" Naruto started hesitantly, "…what made you become an Academy teacher, Iruka-sensei? Aren't you a full-on ninja?"

"Well…yes, I'm a Chūnin, but I decided teaching kids to become ninjas was a better use of my time. I…well, I'm not all that great in a fight. Due to being more booksmart coming out of the academy, once I sustained an injury that took me off the active roster for a time, I found myself gravitating towards teaching as I recovered. So I became a teacher and didn't go active again." She drummed her fingers on the counter, smiling slightly. "You know, before me, there was never really a 'teacher' at the academy. It was put on the mission board now and then and open for volunteers, since it's a period of long standing peace. The village was really lax with teaching students early."

"That sounds pretty…dangerous."

"Well the war didn't help matters, new ninja needed to be trained in half the time, a quarter even, to get them on the field battle ready. Some clans even skipped the academy altogether and just taught them alone…I like to think that's primarily why there were so many deaths during the Third Great War…" she solemnly muttered.

Naruto decided to change the subject, "So…if you haven't dated students, did you date anyone else? Or were interested?"

"I…well, a crush, here and there. I already made myself clear on crushes, so you probably can guess how they turned out." She shrugged, "It was easy to 'fall in love,' so it was just as easy to fall out of it."

"Gee…that's a really strange view…so, anything you want to ask me? Conversation is a two way street."

She chuckled. "Alright then…is Hokage-sama as serious at home as she is when she's in the office?"

Naruto scratched his chin. "Hm…ah…I, wouldn't know really, I mean…I guess so. She's always kind and friendly with Kaa-chan, but she's not really around much before her work. I mean, she deals with kunoichi and stuff all the time and she's known Kaa-chan since they were young…I've just not seen her a lot to be able to tell."

"I'm…sorry to hear that."

"Ah, it's fine, I still have Kaa-chan, so it's kinda normal at this point."

"I guess…my parents were pretty busy too. One of them was always away on a mission and I never really saw them together at the same time." She smiled wryly. "In fact, when I was really young, I thought they were just one person disguising themselves as two people. They reacted the same to me whenever they came for a visit and I'd seen other ninja do it as a party trick…"

She gave a small chuckle. "I used to stalk each of them around whenever they left to get groceries, acting like it was a secret mission; eventually they managed to find out somehow and actually encouraged it, disguising themselves as each other to make me believe I'd 'caught them in the act'…being young, really was quite the world of fantasy…" she muttered, face growing weary, "I suppose I was quick to embrace reality, when they finally stopped entertaining that game when I grew old enough."

At her downcast, introspective expression, Naruto reached over and patted her on the shoulder. He couldn't think of anything to say, so he just did that.

"Well…this is rather…nice, I'll admit…I don't see the difference between hanging out with friends however…"

"Well, I guess it's mainly about how openly personal you can be with the other person; you can't just be intimate on the first one, you need to build up a bond for that," Naruto explained. His teacher nodded along, both of them amused at the prospect of his teaching her. Truly it was a strange idea, a student teaching the teacher.

She smiled and put her hand over the one he had on her shoulder. "Yeah. I guess so. That sort of thing used to get taught to Academy students a lot, back when I was one. It's actually what you will find when you get your teams…but, how would we go about doing that in a…romantic sense?"

Naruto frowned…and then looked at her hand, he let go of her shoulder, and then proceeded to grab onto her hand.

"Eh?" Iruka turned to look at it, as their fingers laced together she picked up a slight blush.

"I guess, this is a good place to start?" Naruto grinned. While it was a large step down from his usual forms of intimacy, he could still appreciate it to some extent; it was a step up from what he had before with her, so he was willing to keep it.

"H…Hai…" Iruka tried to keep her emotions under control, but for some reason it was difficult. Having not been in a relationship herself, she was the equivalent of a schoolgirl in terms of mental fortitude in this situation.

"And here you go~" exclaimed Ayane, setting down their requested bowls, "Miso and beef ramen!"

Iruka immediately snatched her hand away, her face burning brightly.

"Ah, thanks, aneki."

"A-ah, yes, t-this smells pretty good…"


It was progress. While Naruto was used to always getting laid in the end of it, it was still basically progress.

After they ate their food and paid for it, Naruto bid his teacher farewell and beat a retreat. Fortunately, he'd managed to hide his erection the whole time, though it had only marginally shrunk down. It was still quite engorged and hot in his underwear.

He kept to the side of the street as he walked, trying not to draw attention to himself and keeping his hands in his pockets. The area was mostly deserted by now; very few people had reason to be walking around at this time. The sun had all but set, leaving the streets darkened with little light to see by.

But he did see her, as she walked toward him. Of course, with his slightly lust tinged mind, he saw her body first. Long, sleek, bare legs with sandals, leading all the way up to a skirt so short short and tight he had to wonder if she'd borrowed it from Hanabi. As she approached, he thought he could almost catch glimpses of her panties with each hip-swaying step. Her top (a dark color that he couldn't identify at this distance) left the entirety of her cleavage on display, proudly showing how firm and round her tits were, along with the top of her belly. With how loose it was, he could have sworn that he could see a nipple peeking around the edge.

The girl beckoned to him as she drew closer, turning towards an alley between two buildings. With his cock tenting his pants by a huge amount, he followed, watching her firm ass sway back and forth. His hands itched to reach out and grab it. Viewed from behind, he also noticed that her top, tied at the neck, only covered her from the front; the entirety of her back and the sides of her breasts were clearly visible.

It was only when he had followed her into the private alleyway did Naruto start to question in the back of his mind why a woman was doing this in the first place, when his eyes adjusted to the light and he managed to finally see who she was. "Eh? Ino-chan? What're you doing here?" he asked, snapping out of his lusty haze.

The blonde girl giggle turning to face him. "What? Did you actually not recognize me before following me back here?"

"Hey, I've been stiff for the last few hours, give me a break! Nice outfit by the way; real sexy."

Ino smirked, cupping her scarcely covered tits. "Yeah, that's the idea. I couldn't stop thinking about that boner you got in class, so I figured I'd come meet you~" She dug a finger under her skirt and lifted it, flashing him a tantalizing glimpse of her pale ass and pink panties, "So~ What do you think about some long sex outside?"

"Fucking perfect…" Naruto muttered, "After all, you must be pretty cold…how long have you been waiting for me?"

"Well, I could answer that…or, you could fuck me."

Naruto weighed both options in his head…eh, if she was really cold, she would say so. For now, the boy's lust outweighed such pointless worrying. Reaching forward, he grasped Ino's thighs, feeling up and around her body, slowly groping her. She lowered her head to let him claim her lips, moaning into the resultant kiss. His hands found the cloth of her panties and pulled it aside to expose her mound. Her moans intensified as he started fingering her, his other hand coming up to caress her bare back. "Where'd you even get these?" he asked, feeling her hard nipples pressing against him.

"I-I made them, I got help from~ aaahhh~ H-Hana-"

"Of course she did…" Naruto mumbled, before leaning forward and sucking on Ino's neck. The girl shivered at the surprising erogenous spot; she clutched around his neck, crying out at the dual pleasure assault upon her body.

Then her own hands found purchase and slipped into his shorts, fondling the tubular bulge of his dong. Naruto grunted as his cock received some well-needed stimulation; rubbing at himself to relieve the pressure just didn't feel nearly as good as when a girl did it. Even through his underwear, Ino's slender hand made him throb and feel lightheaded.

Finally, Ino tensed, then went limp in his arms, juices gushing over his hand. He brought the soaked fingers up to the blonde girl's mouth.

"Lick it up Ino-chan~ We haven't even started yet…"

She complied happily; Naruto used his other hand to grasp at his shorts, pulling them down with Ino helping. He was quickly exposed to the night air, which was actually surprisingly warm.

Without any prompting, Ino kneeled down and directly stroked at his member, feeling up the large monster, before promptly putting it in her mouth, sucking the end enthusiastically. Her tongue swirled deftly around the curved, swollen head, making her boyfriend moan and go weak-kneed himself.

Smiling proudly, she started bobbing her head, letting her saliva build up and drip down the meaty shaft while she slurped deliberately loudly. One hand went to fondle her boob, which had slipped out of its loose covering, while the other cupped Naruto's dangling nutsack. She could feel it churning subtly at her touch, just like she could feel the veins on his cock pulsating against her lips and tongue.

Naruto decided not to shove his entire load into her, even with the air tickling his shaft and her gently massaging his balls. He instead let her suck him off until his heat boiled over, pulled out to release his sticky essence all over Ino's face and chest.

The girl simply rubbed it into her skin, purring delightedly. "Mmn~ It's always so hot~ I dunno how good this is for my skin, but seriously, I wouldn't mind using this as a lotion alll the time…" She shuffled closer, squeezing the softened, but still heated manhood between her plump, perky breasts. She gave it a few pumps, milking out a few more gobs of cum and getting him to swell up again. "There we go~" she said in a sing-song voice, standing up, turning around and thrusting her ass at him. "Now for this hole." She spread her lower lips with two fingers, showing Naruto her pink depths.

Naruto smiled and put his hands under her body, lifting her up until she was pressed against the wall, her spread legs wide and inviting. He wasted no time, and plunged into her depths.

He entered easily, having penetrated her enough times before, but it still had that tightness that always brought him back. Pumping back and forth, Ino panted as he kept up this rhythm, sawing back and forth, in and out of her.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" asked the boy, grunting with pleasure as her walls gripped his length tightly, "You've been waiting for this, haven't you?"

"Ooh yeah~!" groaned Ino in agreement, "I can never get enough of that dick!"

Naruto chuckled, reaching up under her top to grope her breast. "I'll bet. After all, you decided to dress like a slut and go wandering around at night, just to lure little old me down a dark alley and have your way with me, right~?"

"I-I wanted you for myself…" Ino whispered throatily, moaning into her hand as one thrust managed to breach her womb, quickly causing mind-blowing pleasure for both parties.

"Heh, well here you go! This is all of me inside you!" With one final thrust, Naruto completely entered her womb. The girl abandoned trying to hide her cries and quickly clung onto his back, giving loud moans as she experienced his cock filling her insides completely. She came with a scream, juices pouring over his swinging sack and dripping onto the floor.

He buried his face between her tits, alternating between which perky, pink nipple to suckle on, which only made her squeal more. Her long legs wrapped around his hips, keeping him sheathed inside her tight twat. "Yes! Yesyesyes yes~! I fucking missed being fucked like thiiis~! The other girls are so lucky they get a shot at this big cock toooo~!"

Naruto grunted as he held her in place, thrusting hard and deep inside her. This time, he was going to cum directly into her womb, fill her up with all his essence. He deserved it, toughing it out through his date with Iruka.

And sure enough, as Ino was practically a panting, moaning mess, pressed against the wall limply. Naruto gave one final thrust, releasing inside her.

She twitched as she felt his hot cum explode inside her, filling her up in another way completely. She couldn't utter any coherent words. As she felt her insides expand, her womb plugged up with Naruto's cock, the cum simply grew and grew inside her. She just kept climaxing herself, over and over, blue eyes rolling up as her slender figure was broken by a largely swollen belly.

For some reason, the young boy found the sight to be incredibly hot; like this was meant to be the proper result. In this position, it almost looked like Ino was pregnant or something. His hard-on nearly came back from the thought of that alone. Jeez…do I have an impregnation fetish or something? First Hinata, now this!


The next day was just like any other. Ino dreamily declined to take care of Naruto's erection for that day, having been thoroughly stuffed by him the previous night.

When lunch rolled around, he decided to check up on his most recent girlfriend. He looked on the roof, but only found Shika, lying in the sun as usual.

"Hey…where's Chou?"

"She is running a favor. Her family's restaurant, or one of them anyway, had some trouble, so she's working there for the day."

Ah…that made Naruto a little sad, but it couldn't be helped.

"…So, you had sex with Chou."

"Yes," Naruto said. No reason to deny it, they both knew after all what would have went down…it did bother him however that she showed no reaction herself.

Seeing no reason to remain standing, he sat down and…

"…Ah, no bentos."


…The silence was heavy…

Dattebayo…this is going to be one of those days…


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