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A New Jinchuuriki


The peaceful night of October Tenth saw the many denizens of Konohagakure enjoying the quiet autumn evening that had just a hint of winter's chill in the air. Some were enjoying a night out on the town with loved ones or friends, others were at their homes spending some time with their families after long missions, and for one very happy couple, they were in a suite in the maternity ward of the hospital watching their baby boy sleeping soundly in the hospital crib next to his mother's bed with a chair pulled next to the crib so that the father could see into the crib while sitting close to his sixteen year old wife, even though his left arm was in a sling.

The baby boy had his father's silver hair, though his was already promising to be unruly vice his father's gravity and logic defying hair, and when he had opened his eyes, both parents had been stunned to see that he had inherited his mother's ruby red eyes. He was already wearing the traditional navy blue Hatake half mask that covered the lower half of his face and neck and connected to the navy blue and gray onesie that they had put him in as soon as he had been cleaned, weighed, measured, and diapered. The parents, Kakashi and Kurenai Hatake, had named their son after the main character of one of Kurenai's favorite books, The Tales of the Gutsy Ninja, Naruto.

Both Kakashi and Kurenai were looking into the crib of their son, both parents, though exhausted from the exertion and stress of the day, were unable to sleep due to the overwhelming joy that they felt at having brought this amazing child into the world.

Kakashi had been surprised and scared eight and a half months ago when his then girlfriend, Kurenai Yūhi, had told him that she was three weeks late, but to his credit, Kakashi hadn't even hesitated when he had immediately asked her to marry him. He could tell instantly that Kurenai hadn't expected him to ask her to marry him just seconds after she had told him that she thought that she might be pregnant with their child. When she had asked him 'Why?', Kakashi had told her the truth about how she had saved him from the depression that he had been sinking further and further into since the death of his teammates Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara, how she had become the light in the darkness that had been his life, how she made the nightmares stop whenever he held her close at night, and most importantly: how he loved everything about her and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her.

What had followed had been a whirlwind of wedding planning, moving Kurenai into the Hatake compound, followed by their wedding, a seemingly endless series of mood swings and odd food cravings at all hours of the night, and an equally unending series of doctor's visits, during which he had had to endure as his now wife being poked and prodded. Seriously, why do doctors have to poke an already irritable woman so many times while asking her the same question over and over? All of this had culminated when her water had broke that morning when she was trying to get out of bed for the breakfast that Kakashi had prepared for the two, technically three, of them.

When he had heard Kurenai cry out, Kakashi had been at her side almost instantly, picking her up bridal style and using shunshin, got her to the hospital as fast as possible, where they had been met by Kurenai's old sensei and the godmother of their child, Tsunade Senju. Over the course of the next several frantic and stressful hours, Kakashi had heard his wife call him all sorts of creative names, many of which he was pretty sure that she would have been giving a death stare to the person uttering them had it been any other situation. Then at one point during the hours that she had been in the pain of labor, Kurenai had managed to snap his arm during one of her more intense sessions. Seriously, Kakashi had no idea where she had gotten that kind of strength after hours of having tried to push their son out of her body. In the end, as the sun was setting, with one final push, Naruto Hatake came into the world with barely a whimper, just enough to let Tsunade-sama, who had personally delivered her godson, know that he was alive moments before he opened his ruby red eyes to look inquisitively around himself with a look that said, 'huh, so this is the outside world. I don't see what all the fuss is about.'

So now, a few hours after he was born, the son of Kakashi and Kurenai Hatake slept peacefully in his crib with his parents looking on happily. As Kakashi and Kurenai sat and lay respectively on either side of the crib both parents suddenly sensed an overwhelming chakra presence that was full of evil malice and a bone chilling killer intent that promised death to all within its range. Instantly, Kakashi moved to protect his family by moving to cover both his wife and son as well as releasing as much chakra as he could to counteract the effects of the murderous killer intent and vile chakra presence.

As the sixteen year old ANBU captain was protecting his family, a flash of yellow light appeared in the middle of the hospital room for a moment before fading to reveal a man that stood a little over six feet tall with spiky golden blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, strong features that were set in a serious yet desperate scowl, and a broad frame with muscles honed to an outstanding fighting trim. He was clothed in the standard navy blue long sleeve turtleneck shirt, matching pants and shinobi sandals, with a white short sleeved haori worn over the top of the rest of his outfit that featured red flames licking at the bottom and matching kanji going down the back that spelled 'Fourth Hokage', and the traditional forehead protector tied in its traditional place.

Kakashi stood and turned to face the man as he rose to his feet and said, "Hokage-sama, what's going on?"

He watched as the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, turned towards him, his crystal blue eyes taking in the condition of Kakashi and his family, "Kakashi, the Kyuubi no Kitsune was released from Kushina's seal while my wife was giving birth to our daughter and I need your help."

Kakashi asked as he moved between the Yondaime and his family, "How did that happen, Sensei?"

He watched as his sensei said in a tired voice, "A masked man claiming to be Madara Uchiha somehow got past all of the seals that we had placed to hide the site where Kushina was giving birth, killed the midwife, grabbed our daughter, and threatened her life if I didn't hand over my wife. When I made my move to get our daughter back, he took Kushina and managed to break the seal, releasing the Kyuubi. He then circumvented our defenses and summoned the Kyuubi inside the village. Currently, the Sandaime is engaged against the Kyuubi to keep it from damaging the village too badly. We need to reseal it immediately.

Kakashi heard Kurenai gasp behind him as he said, "What do you need from me, Sensei?"

He felt a deep sense of dread settle into the pit of his stomach, almost as if he knew what his former sensei would say next. Minato Namikaze had never been one to place a burden on someone else when he could shoulder it himself, that included the kind of sacrifice that Kakashi now knew that he was here to ask for. His sense of dread was confirmed when the Yondaime asked in a voice full of sadness and regret, "May I use your son as the new Jinchuuriki no Kyuubi no Kitsune? I would not ask of my own daughter was strong enough to handle such a burden."

Kakashi heard Kurenai yell from behind him, her voice frantic, "Why does it have to be our son? Why not another child or even Kushina-sama again?"

He answered before his former sensei could, "Because, Naruto is the only other child young enough for his chakra system to still be elastic enough to handle the infusion of the Kyuubi's chakra besides the Yondaime's daughter, but she was born a month and a half early so her body is too weak to handle the introduction of the Kyuubi's chakra," he paused as he looked at his former sensei, "correct, Sensei?"

Hatake watched as the Yondaime's eyes took on a mournful look as he opened his mouth to try to say something comforting, but failed knowing that there was nothing he could say to lessen the burden that he was laying at Kakashi and his family's feet, so he just nodded. Kakashi knew what was going through his wife's mind: she wanted their son to have a normal life and not be hated by the village as his own sensei's wife, Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze, had been until she had made a fearsome name and reputation for herself, but they were shinobi and sacrifice was part and parcel with their existence. He knew that the decision had to be made by him, Kurenai was getting too emotional about this and not seeing that the longer they debated it, the more people were hurt or killed as the Kyuubi rampaged through the village. He closed his one visible eye as he sent a thought towards his son, Naruto, my son, I hope you can forgive me for the burden that I am placing on your shoulders.

Kakashi nodded, "Alright, on two conditions: First, no one outside of this room at this moment will know that he is the jinchuuriki until such time that we feel that it is safe for the village to know. Second, he will learn of it as soon as we, Kure-chan and I feel he is strong enough to handle the knowledge."

He watched as the Yondaime nodded, "Agreed."

With that, Kakashi used shunshin to move over to Naruto's crib and used his good arm to reach down to pick up his hours-old son with his one good arm and said tenderly, "Naruto, we have to take a little field trip with the Yondaime."

Kakashi moved around the crib to stand next to Kurenai's hospital bed and leaned down so that she could see their son for possibly the last time. Kakashi watched as his wife leaned down and said with tears in her eyes, "My little Naruto-kun, your Kaa-chan and Tou-san love you so much. We just wanted to keep you safe, but your father's right: the needs of the village outweigh our needs. Be strong and come back with your Tou-san."

With that, Kakashi watched, his heart breaking, as she placed a kiss on her son's forehead and looked up at him, her ruby eyes pleading, "Please, Kakashi-kun, bring him back alive."

Kakashi leaned down and stole a swift and passionate kiss from his wife's lips through his mask. As they separated, he placed his forehead against hers, "I will, Kure-chan. I promise."

With that, Kakashi straightened with his son in his arms and turned to face his former sensei, determination steeling his voice, "Let's go."...

A Little While Later


The Yondaime had done it again: he had put someone he cared about deeply directly in the line of fire. This time though, it was the only son of his sole surviving student that he was putting in danger, and the fact that it had to be that way was eating at Minato as he prepared the sealing alter to perform the Hakke no Fūin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style) on Naruto to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside of the newborn baby. Using Hiraishin to get the Kyuubi outside of the village had been the easy part, now he had to seal it into the baby boy and the guilt he felt at having to lay this burden at the feet of his former student and his new family was threatening to crush Minato's spirit.

Minato's eyes flickered to where his wife, Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze was kneeling and breathing heavily due to the fact that she was low on chakra after having to give birth prematurely to their daughter, Karin, and having to use her Kongō Fūsa (Adamantine Sealing Chains) to keep the Kyuubi stationary as he prepared the alter. The massive orange fox glaring down at him with its hateful red eyes. As he studied his wife, Minato felt another pang of guilt run through him; this time for the position that he had placed his wife in, but her chains were the only thing strong enough to hold the Kyuubi still until he was ready to seal it. He looked at his wife and asked, concern in his voice, "Are you alright Kushina-hime?"

He watched as his wife, even though she was sweating profusely from the effort she was having to exert to keep the beast still after just having given birth, gave him her trademark 'you're asking me this now?' look that got him to stop wondering about her condition and focus on finishing the sealing array as fast as possible. The final touch was to draw the array onto the stomach of Naruto, who had had his onesie opened up by his father to allow Minato to work. Soon enough, the array was complete. He turned to look at Kakashi, silently asking his student one last time if he had permission to proceed. When Kakashi nodded to him, Minato returned his attention to the baby boy on the alter and began running through a long series of hand seals that he had memorized from the Uzumaki Clan archives when he and his wife had discovered that she was pregnant with Karin. That was when he had learned of the dangers that occur when a female jinchuuriki gives birth. As he reached the end of the long series of hand seals, Minato called out the technique, "Hakke no Fūin Shiki: Keimusho no Kyuubi (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style: Kyuubi Prison)!"

As the technique was named, the sealing array and the seal drawn onto Naruto's stomach glowed with a white light for a moment before the light exploded outward, engulfing the Kyuubi and pulling the entire chakra construct, which let out an angry roar as it was pulled into the seal on the boy's stomach. The instant that the Kyuubi disappeared into the seal the light faded and the array on Naruto's stomach pulsed with the same red chakra before fading to what was, for all intents and purposes, a black chakra tattoo that then faded into the baby's skin...


Kakashi had watched as his former sensei had used what was probably the most advanced and complex sealing array that he had ever seen to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune into his son. After he watched the light fade and the seal fade into his son's skin, Kakashi moved forward to pick up his son off of the alter and turn to face his sensei in time to watch Minato lift Kushina-sama into his arms and say, "We can still save her, if we get her back to the hospital immediately. I've already burdened one family with my mistake, I will not make my daughter grow up without her mother."

Hatake nodded as he moved to place a hand on his sensei's shoulder. An instant later, there was a strange twisting sensation and a flash of blinding yellow light and suddenly, Kakashi found himself standing next to Minato in the lobby of the hospital, directly in front of a very stunned Tsunade and her daughter Shizune Senju. Kakashi watched as the Yondaime Hokage looked directly at Tsunade and said, "Kushina is suffering the aftereffects of having the Kyuubi forcibly removed from its seal as well as level four chakra exhaustion. Please help her."

Kakashi heard the pleading in his sensei's voice and then watched as Tsunade came forward and started barking orders as she led Minato, who was still carrying Kushina-sama, away from where Kakashi was standing with his son perched in the sling that his broken arm was in. He waited a moment until all of the attendants who had been called by Tsunade left with her to see to Kushina-sama before he made his way through the hospital back to the maternity wing and his wife...


Kurenai Hatake had been frantic when Kakashi had left with their son and the Hokage because she knew that there was a good possibility that she might not see her son again and that had been almost an hour ago, so when she heard the door open quietly and she turned her head to see her husband and a small silver-haired bundle still asleep in his arms enter the room, Kurenai felt nothing but relief wash over her. She watched as her husband moved back to the crib with their sleeping son and was about to put him in the crib until she spoke, "Inu-kun, put him in bed with me."

She watched as Kakashi gave her an eye smile and set their son down in the bed next to her before he moved around the end of the bed and climbed into bed next to her so that he could wrap both her and their son in his one good arm. Kurenai didn't say anything as she snuggled into her husband's strong frame, knowing that talking wasn't what he needed right now, just her there with him. As she pulled their son to within the reach of her husband's arm, she said, "Inu-kun, thank you for bringing our son back."

Kurenai felt Kakashi's chest vibrate against her back as he let out a mirthless chuckle, "I will always bring him home, if it is in my power to do so. Now sleep, both of you have had one hell of a rough day."

She looked down at her son and thought, Naruto, you are only hours old and already any chance at a normal life has been sacrificed so that you could be the new jinchuuriki. Your father and I promise that we will protect and take care of you, now sleep my little kitsune. Sleep and know that your parents love you.

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