There they were, the two bodies that were lying with no pulse because of him. The guilt was overwhelming but the deep profound melancholy was killing him. He didn't want to be alive, it should have been him lying there. Instead, he was looking at the bodies of two of his best friends, both too young to be dead. Next to him was another of his friends, this one alive, standing still in shock. His face as white as a ghost.

"Yes" Jack Halford managed to say. "Yes it's them". Brian Lane, who stood next to Mr Halford was frozen, on crutches and with a bandage over one eye. There were a pair of glasses carefully balanced on his nose and the eye that wasn't covered in white material was fixated on the two bodies lying on the pathologists table.
"Thank you Mr Halford." The doctor said and showed them the way out.

There was no UCOS anymore, well there was but not with any of the old team and all the new recruits were much younger. Strictland was rushing around trying to get everything back in shape but there was still an invisible tournament hanging over the office. Jack and Brian were collecting their belongings whilst being escorted by a young cocky police officer who thought that this whole situation was career changing for him.
"Just think I escorted a murderer! Not even that, an Ex-DCI murderer!" he was saying.
"Just shut it!" Brian Lane interjected which made the boy stop talking.
Once they reached the front doors of New Scotland Yard, the two men were told to be back at 9am the following morning.