"Where are you going?" she says, her most of her face red from crying and the rest stained with mascara.

"I'm sorry Sophie but..." I freeze up. I have never been able to break up properly. I still feel too bad... too guilty.

"Are you coming to apologise?" she says.

"Well yes and-" I start. She deserves an apology but I still am going to break up with her.

"Okay, I forgive you," she says and wraps her arms around my neck. I open my mouth to say something but again she doesn't let me. "You have to make it up to me, but I forgive you because I know that you realized what an awful thing you did and how sorry you are. I think I need to go talk to both of you, come on."

"Sophie, please-"

"Come on."

She drags me down the stairs again holding my wrist and walks into my bedroom where Phil was picking up the last of the scattered bedside table junk. I close my eyes and scrunch up my face wishing this wasn't happening.

"Phil, we want to talk to you in the living room," she says, loudly. When I open my eyes I see Phil is looking right at me, just as nervous as I am.

"Okay?" Phil answers, unsure, looking at me for confirmation, and all I give in reply is staring right back.

She drags me along the corridor and into the living room.

Dan, come on, just say something. Say something, say anything! I think, but no matter how loud I shout this in my head, my mouth stays zipped shut.

She sits me down on the sofa and stands a little back. Phil follows in behind and sits next to me.

She glares at me. I have never seen such a fucking terrifying face in my life. We both scoot away from each-other.

"We all know what has happened, but as I am a forgiving person, I decided to accept Dan's apology and I could tell he really regretted what he did and he knew he still loves me."

Phil looks over at me, utterly confused. This time I don't even get to opening my mouth before she starts.

"In most break-ups there is usually one which still loves the other, so I am sorry it had to come to this Phil, but he doesn't love you anymore. And, I think it would be better for everyone if you stopped spending time with each-other."

I am still sitting here with some invisible tape which seems to say 'Sophie's property' across my mouth. I have no come-backs and my mouth is dry from nervousness.

"This isn't a break up! We aren't together!" Phil exclaims, irritated."And we live together! How are we going to spend less time together?"

"There's no point hiding it, I know what happened. And, that has brought me onto the next thing, Dan is moving out."

I gasp. I look at Phil and then at Sophie. Phil goes to respond, but stops himself and looks at me awaiting my reply.

"I... I don't.. want.." I mumble, barely audible.

"You apologized! You want to be with me right!" she says, stepping forward.

"I never actually apologized-" I start and she leans over and starts kissing me, pushing me back on the sofa.

"Sophie," I say, in between kisses. I breath in and try and push her off me. After a few seconds of struggling I hear Phil inhaling angrily.

"Get off him!" he shouts, standing up and pushing Sophie off me entirely. His face is going red from anger.

"He's my boyfriend not yours - " Sophie starts.

"I don't care who he's the fucking boyfriend of! Boyfriend of doesn't mean you own him!" Phil takes a breath. "You... you can't force someone to love them... It's hurts when someone doesn't love you back but... forcing it will ruin it." He looks like he is near tears.

"I haven't ruined anything!" Sophie yells. She seems almost gobsmacked that for the first time ever someone interrupted her.

Phil stumbles back a couple of steps like he suddenly lost all his balance. "I've ruined it. I ruin everything. Just... " he shakes his head and goes to walk off. I stand up and grab his arm before he leaves.

"You don't ruin anything. You make my life so much better, Phil," I say, staring at Phil's welling up eyes. I turn to face Sophie. "I need to break up with you, because... Because I would never cheat on anyone. Anyone, including you. I didn't cheat on you Sophie I swear. But the last person I would want to cheat on is Phil, so I have to break up with you so I can do this."

I turn around, move over and press my lips against his.

It feels like centuries since I had felt his lips. It took only a couple of seconds before he was kissing back. I could feel his hair between my fingers and smell his smell close up and... I felt... Like me again, like a part of my life was back in place. I wrapped my arm around his waist, feeling his curves.

"You gross fags!" Sophie screams. "You are never seeing me ever again Daniel!"

I break away from Phil for a second. "My name is Dan. If you cared about me you would have known that by now. You know where the door is." And I reconnect my lips with his.

I hear an annoyed screech and she runs into Phil's room, gets redressed into her own clothes and slams the door behind her.

Sophie turned out a little more controlling and evil than first anticipated but whatever. I don't really like the ending to this, but it felt more like the story was writing itself and I couldn't think of a alternative ending. Might do a quick extra chapter of just some phan fluffiness because it makes me smile.

(by the way thank you for the reviews they made me smilee)