12th Month of 299 A.C. The Twins

King Robb I Stark

The drums were pounding, by the gods did they truly have to be so loud? His head was hurting, aching really, he looked at his wife and saw how nervous she was, contempt filled him then, his wife, pah, she was nothing more than a foolish mistake he had made. The Westerlings would get their due when he was done here, his wife would get her due tonight he was sure of it. Robb looked around the hall, and saw how the Greatjon drank, and he hid a feeling of disgust, the man was nothing more than a fool, truly, the oaf had thought to put a burden atop of Robb's shoulders when really they should have gone down a different course of action. That the realisation had come when the war was almost loss was something that Robb did not fail to recognise, it haunted him and as such this was what had driven his change. Honour had been the thing his father had installed in him, and honour had cost him and his family almost everything. The betrayals that had been coming quick and heavy since the crown had been placed atop his head were enough to knock almost any man.

Robb looks around the hall, his head is aching somewhat, but it does not matter, soon enough this nonsense will all be over and he can proceed. His uncle seems happy enough with his bride, a good thing too, for Robb would not like to have to deal with his uncle's complaints once more, once was already too much on the journey to the Twins. He must admit Walder Frey, for being known as such a lout has truly done his most to make things impressive here. Befitting a king, Robb thinks. A shame really, then that it must come to this. He looks at Walder Frey then and the man catches his eye and speaks. "Your Grace, I do believe we have seen more than enough merriment for tonight. I am an old man and as such am tiring. The newlyweds have said their vows, we have had the meals. Let us have the bedding I say!"

A cheer goes up at this and Robb can feel his heart begin to quicken. "If you believe it is the right time to do so, then by all means to bed with them!" Robb responds.

Another cheer goes up at this and the men and women of the Twins begin removing Edmure and Roslin from the high table and take them forth towards their room. Robb watches this with a slight smile on his face. The old man of the Crossing speaks then. "So Your Grace, what have you made of this wedding then? A shame it could not have been yours we were celebrating eh?"

Robb looks at the man and then says. "Indeed my lord, though my lady wife is a very supple and able woman." He pats Jeyne then, and his wife looks at him somewhat surprised. Gods that look, he hates that damned look.

"And yet she has not given you a child Your Grace. Why is that? Have you not been ploughing the field has often?" the old man asks.

Robb looks at the man and keeps his face expressionless. "Jeyne has told me that her own mother took some time to conceive a child after getting married to her father. Did you not Jeyne?"

His wife nods. "Yes my king. Very much so."

The old man looks at him and snorts. "Oh you are good my king, very good. A shame really, for I know my Roslin would have loved to have known you. Instead she is being saddled with that trout who is a limp fish."

Robb merely looks at him and says. "The gods work in strange ways my lord, very strange ways. Though who knows the old gods do not look down on such an arrangement."

The old man's eyes nearly bulge out of his face then. "You would consider something such as that Your Grace?"

"If it were beneficial to me I do not see why I would not." Robb says smirking slightly.

The old man laughs. "Oh very good Your Grace. Very good, keeping them waiting for more is a perfect way to make men and women stay firm to your cause."

As the drums begin to fade and the harpists begin to play, Robb stands then and says. "A dance my queen?" Jeyne nods and takes his hand and as he leads her to the floor, he looks at the old man, the old man merely moves his slightly and Robb knows it is to come. As the music begins, he and Jeyne dance, slowly at first, their bodies pressed to one another and then as the music begins to quicken he speaks. "You seem nervous my love, what is the matter?"

"I do not know why you brought me here Robb. Did you think to make Frey feel insulted?" his wife asks.

"No, why ever would you think that? I am a king, I cannot afford to insult Walder Frey." Robb replies.

His wife looks at him and there is such hope and love, but some other emotion in her eyes as well, he does not know what to call it, but he can see it and it angers him, he wonders how he did not see it before. "Because would it not make sense for me to have remained in Riverrun? You were going to ensure that were you not?"

"No, never." Robb says. "You are my wife and my queen. I would not have you remain behind for something as petty as the pride of Walder Frey, a man who cost his liege lord many things over the years and perhaps even hindered the war effort from the very beginning."

The words seem to reassure his wife and she whispers. "Thank you, I am grateful my love. I did not want to be left behind, truly I did not."

Robb nods, and then gives his wife a twirl as the music changes, and as the drums beat out a long note before entering a haunting melody Robb speaks. "So tell me my love, how much do you know of your grandmother?"

"My grandmother?" his wife stutters. "I do not know a lot, I know she was somewhat of a powerful potions mistress when she was young and that she met Queen Cersei when she was young, but other than that nothing."

She is lying. Robb thinks, this war has taught him one thing and it is to note when someone is lying to him and his wife is lying to him, determined to find out why he asks. "Are you sure?" he tightens his hold of her causing his wife to wince.

"I am, my love. I do not know much more about her." his wife replies.

"For certain?" he asks tightening further until her breathing is coming out in harsh gasps.

"For certain my love, you are hurting me Robb." His wife pants.

Robb loosens his hold then and whispers. "Just as you are hurting me my love."

"What do you mean Robb? How have I hurt you?" his wife asks.

Robb pulls away from his wife then just as the music begins to change into another haunting melody, this one something of a legacy, of fallen houses and a proud lord, a lion with a coat of gold and a coat of red. As his wife's face changes to one of horror, and he sees his mother's face change as well, Robb smiles and calls out. "I know you betrayed me Jeyne. I heard you speaking with your mother about the potion. I loved you and yet you betrayed me. You broke my heart and took advantage of me and for that you must die."

His wife looks horrified then. "Please Robb, my love. I did not mean anything! I was forced into doing this, I only wanted to help you!"

Robb laughs then, as the music begins to quicken, he can see the bowmen drawing their arrows. "You lie worse than my father did. And that is saying something. I am sorry but you are not the woman I thought you were and for the lie you have told and the treason you have done you must die." Robb moves away through the throng of the crowd then and as the arrows go whirring down toward his wife, he closes his eyes as he hears her scream, and knowing that deep down some part of him is hurting.

When he opens his eyes, Lord Frey is looking at him, and his eyes are gleaming with malice. "Ah, so the king has some spine after all. A shame then that this must end like this. it would have been nice to fight alongside this part of you…Your Grace." There is a long pause and then the old man says. "Kill the boy and his men. Kill every single last one of them."

Robb who had long been expecting, in fact had prepared for this, pulls out his dagger and begins ducking and weaving through the chaos that has quickly become the great hall of the Twins, he manages to bury his dagger within a man's chest, and then moves onward, ducking before a man's fist. He pushes through the throng, trying to get to his mother, he does not know where she is but by the gods this is more of a struggle than he thought it would be. He picks up the sword of a fallen Frey and begins cleaving his way through the masses of bodies piling in. He sees the Greatjon fighting off three men with nothing more than a chicken leg before being brought down by a sixth and seventh man. He feels something press into his side and sees Roose Bolton looking at him. Snarling he knows of the man's betrayal and throws himself at him. Bolton is old, but he is quick, he ducks and weaves missing Robb's blows, though he manages to get some of his own in.

Robb's sides hurt, but he presses on blood pumping causing him to do so, forcing his way onward. He manages to connect with Bolton's sword and then their dance begins in earnest. There is a swing, a thrust, a parry and on it goes, backward and forward neither man conceding ground until, Robb manages with some strength beyond what he has, to bury the sword within Roose's chest, roaring in triumph at that. The hall falls silent for a moment and then it breaks once more into unending chaos. Robb feels his strength beginning to leave him, his body is wracked with cuts and bruises, all the while the music is playing, the Rains of Castamere weaves a dreadful sound through this most hideous of weddings. Robb winces slightly but continues onward, he slashes and a man falls, he cuts and another falls. But then the battering continues slashing away at his insides, his heart aches, but heart is stone, turning away from that emotion that got him here in the first place. His wife's body lies on the floor near him and when the blow comes he falls down next to it, and as the world goes to black he swears he can hear his mother screaming for him.

Chaos, never ending, a black void, a wolf howling at the moon, but there is no answer. The children fight over control, as the father lies dying in his bed. The war wages on for a time until the fire comes, and with it more death rides in, sweeping all before them. This continues until the father passes and the eldest son grows forth from his slumber and sets the world to order once more. Deals are made, peace is agreed but in the end darkness controls all, though the light is emerging.

Robb awakens with a sharp thud, his eyes snap open and he finds himself in a room, a well-furnished room. He blinks slowly and sees a hulking figure standing before him. "Ah, good, you are awake." The figure says.

"Where am I?" he asks his voice slightly slurred. "What happened?"

"You are within the eastern tower. My father implemented the plan Your Grace. It is done." The voice replies.

His vision clearing, Robb sees that Black Walder Frey is the man he is speaking to. His breathing easing, he sighs and says. "Good we may begin then."