A.N./ Okay, so drabble #1 is inspired by A Pound of Flesh by Radical Face. Don't own the song. Or Merlin, for that matter. Drabble rated K.

"Oh, my boy," Gaius breathed in relief, dropping the potions he had been mixing with tears. "My boy, you're alive."

The dark-haired warlock he had come to know as his son stumbled forward and into the old physician's arms. The beating lump in Gaius' chest finally slowed and rested from its frantic praying. This was his boy, his Merlin, and he was here, he was alive. Who cared how—his boy was alive when he had thought him dead.

"Sit down," he said, lowering the weak boy onto the bench. "And don't ever let me think you've been killed again!"

A drabble is a hundred words, right? I think it is.