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So this is the new Skyfall story- A Tale of Gems (The title will make sense as the story continues. Promise) I hope you guys enjoy it!

Harry Potter hasn't had much in life. He's never had new clothes, never had new toys. He doesn't usually get much food and the little he does get he has to work for from sun up to sun down. He's never really known what love is, either. He sees it. Can recognize it by the way parents at his school kiss their kids goodbye before they go to school. Can recognize it by the way his Aunt and Uncle dote upon his cousin. But it does not bother him.

Because ever since he was able to piece thoughts together, he has realized he is loved, just in a different way. His parents don't kiss him goodbye at school to show him their love. His parents don't dote upon him. The love he has known has surrounded him like a second skin, the feeling that he knows, somehow, someway, despite what his Aunt and Uncle say, his parents were brilliant and loved him and missed him.

One of the things Harry treasures, more than anything else was watching the sunrise. Sometimes, his Aunt and Uncle make him stay up all night to get chores done. He's supposed to go back in his cupboard when he is done, but he's got a secret.

He doesn't.

Instead, Harry stayed up on the roof after cleaning out the gutters and watched the sun come up. It was always beautiful. Strokes of light blue and pinks and oranges, with splashes of red and purple here and there if he's lucky. It never failed to take his breath away. He closed his eyes and felt the sun come up – the warm rays of the sun burning away the morning dew drops and chasing away the chills running through his skin. He always tried to soak up as much sun as he could in the mornings, since his Aunt didn't like him going outside unless he had to weed the garden.

Sometimes there was a breeze that would rustle the leaves of the trees in a promise of false flight. The birds would begin to sing their morning songs, and sometimes Harry would whistle along with them, happy to find companionship even in the form of birds. Eventually though, he would have to go back inside and cook breakfast before going back in his cupboard to sleep and then do more chores. It was repetitive and the same every day. Which was why he was so surprised when his Aunt told him to clean out the attic and throw everything up there away because that was going to be his knew room.

Apparently, his aunt was worried that they had kept him in the cupboard for too long and was worried the other freaks would find out and hurt them, so they decided to use his cupboard for storage and give harry the attic. "But you have to clean out that attic, boy." His uncle snapped at him. "We're not helping. And you better not wake me up in the middle of the night banging around up there."

Harry wasn't complaining. The attic was huge! Well, not huge. Plus the roof was kind of short. But that was okay, because Harry was short too. He was very excited to not have to sleep in that little, cramped cupboard anymore.

He dutifully cleaned out the attic, covering his nose and mouth with a green bandana he had found lying around so he didn't get dust and dirt in his lungs. It took him three days of lugging around forgotten furniture, discarded toys, and broken pictures until the attic was mostly cleaned out. Along the way he carefully let the spiders outside of the window and politely asked the garden snake he found up there to eat the rats and mice scuttling around.

That was when he found it and his world changed.

Harry was just wandering around his attic after watching the sun come up from the window when he stumbled upon an old chest. It was large, at least large to him. He dragged it out into the middle of the attic where the lone lightbulb hung from the ceiling so he could see well. Harry kneeled in front of the chest and blew the dust off the top, taking his hand to wipe away what didn't blow off. In shiny golden lettering it said -

James P.

At first it didn't register, only vaguely recognizing the name. Then he got a flash of a man older than him but looking exactly the same with amber eyes instead of green and inhaled sharply, gazing down at the chest in a new light. This was my dad's… he thought, green eyes wide with reverence.

His hands were careful and slightly shaky as he opened up the trunk. It was like walking into a new world.

There were so many books!

He didn't know his dad had been a reader! He looked carefully at the title of each beaten up and well used book and was a little confused at what he saw. These books weren't like any books he has ever seen before. There was a book titled A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration, a book called The Standard Book of Spells, a book called A History of Magic, and a book called The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection. There were a lot more books, and that was only on the top. There were more on the bottom, several, several more books and as Harry pulled them out and carefully stacked them, he found himself wondering how in the world they all fit in there. He also wondered what kind of books these were. Perhaps he got them in secondary school?

Once all the books were out, Harry had ten different stacks surrounding him of books and had found himself grinning. These were all his dad's books. His dad had touched these papers, studied for hours over these books, and probably slept on them at some point (he had heard rumors of lots of secondary school kids doing that).

Harry wrenched his gaze from the stacks of books and continued searching through his father's trunk, eager to find out more about the father he never knew. Inside, the first thing he found was a bunch of candy wrappers and he took them out and smoothed them on the ground, putting them all in a pile to look at later. The second thing he found was a picture frame. It looked older and worn down, but also had the look of something that was well taken care of. It was empty, thought. The picture inside just a red backdrop and an empty chair, which Harry thought was unusual, but shrugged and carefully set it down to examine more later.

The third thing he pulled out was a scarf. A red and gold striped scarf. Automatically, the first thing he did was bring it to his face and inhale deeply, hoping the scent of his father was still there. A small smile formed on his face. It smelled familiar, the smell that surrounded him in his dreams and the smell he smelled whenever he was feeling upset or silently wondering if his parents ever loved him like his aunt and Uncle loved Dudley. Pine needles and vanilla, with a hint of something sweet he could never identify.

The smile still plastered on his face, Harry wrapped the scarf around his neck and continued looking through the chest. He found a few more odds and ends inside of the chest. A beautiful ring, which, to his amazement, shrunk to fit the size of his finger when he slipped it on his right forefinger. A warm feeling spread through his body soon as it became snug against his finger. The ring itself seemed to have some sort of crest on it. His father's family crest perhaps? Which would make it Harry's family crest.

It seemed to be a beautiful red jewel with specks of green throughout the gem and when the light hit it just right, it was as beautiful as the sunrise Harry watched every morning. There were two golden lions stretched up on their back paws on either side of the gen, reaching up with their front paws to the top of the gem and their eyes were sparkling green gems (emeralds, maybe?).

Harry's smile grew as he turned his attention back to the beautiful chest. He lifted up the next item inside and his eyes widened in wonder. It was a moving picture! A woman with the most beautiful red hair Harry had ever seen and green eyes that sparkled and laughed was dancing in winter clothes with a man that looked so much like Harry but with amber eyes instead of green. They were dancing in front of a very pretty fountain and – Harry froze.

A man that looked exactly like him.

Green eyes that sparkled and laughed.

Oh – these were his parents.

Harry felt tears well in his eyes and he turned the picture frame around to confirm his supcions. On the back, engraved in beautiful calligraphy that Harry vaguely wondered if it was his mother's writing, said, "James and Lily Potter. October 12, 1979."

The raven-haired Potter stared at the picture for what felt like hours. He memorized what his parents looked like when they laughed. How his mother's nose crinkled just slightly and the lines around his dad's eyes became a little more noticeable. How relaxed they were in each other's arms and how happy they looked. They loved each other.

Harry was surprised when he saw a tear fall on the picture and raised his hands to swipe his cheeks. Oh. He was crying. Quickly, h gathered himself and put the picture to the side, though he wanted to just keep staring at the parents he never got to meet.

Inside the chest, right underneath where he found the picture, was a piece of paper. He was surprised to see it addressed to him.

Dearest Harry,

If you are reading this, I can't tell you how sorry I am. The first thing I want you to know is that your father and I love you very much, and we will always love you, no matter what happens. I wish you would never have to read this letter.

Harry, if you're reading this that means we are dead and you are still alive. This is a relief. That means we succeeded in protecting you. Unfortunately, it also means that our will was not read and not followed out and you were placed at the Dursley's. Harry, I hope they not have hurt you in any way or so help me I will come back to life just to kill them.

Harry laughed which turned into a soft sob because yes, they had hurt him in many ways and he wished more than anything that his dad would come back and take him somewhere safe and protect him and love him. His mother's handwriting took over after that.

Anyway, honey, if this has happened then that mean something has happened to your godfather, Sirius, and you probably don't know anything. First, whatever you have been told, magic is real. Your name is Harold James Potter. I'm your mother. Lily Evangela Potter and your father is James Harold Potter. Your father's parents died during the war, Dorea Potter and Charlus Potter. Sirius Orion Black is your godfather and is your father's best friend. Remus Lupin is your father's other best friend and he is a werewolf. Yes, a werewolf, but a gentle man with a kind heart who loved you from the moment he laid eyes on you. Eventually, you will meet a man named Severus Snape. He was my best friend in school until we had a falling out and he joined the dark side of the war. There is so much more I wish to tell you…

Harry. We don't know how we died, but if we did, that means we were betrayed and Voldemort found us. Voldemort was the leader of the dark side in the war and he was hunting us down to try and kill us and you. We hid in a safe house where no one should have been able to find us. Our house was hidden under a spell called a Fidelus Charm. This means that no one can find our house unless the secret keeper tells them where the house is. We wanted to have Sirius as our secret keeper, because I trusted him with my life and he was my best friend. But, Sirius managed to convince us to make Peter our secret keeper because everyone would think he was the keeper but no one would suspect Peter.

Peter must have betrayed us. That is the only way Voldemort could have found us and that is the only way we could have died. Peter Pettigrew is his name. He used to be one of my friends in school. Knowing Sirius, he is probably hunting Peter down if he hasn't already found and killed him yet. I hope you get to meet him, eventually.

Raven, we want you to be brave. Be strong and do something with the life you have. Hopefully Voldemort is gone and you can live in peace. Now, I want you to follow my directions exactly. Take out the picture frame inside of the chest you found this letter in.

Hastily, Harry grabbed the empty picture frame with one hand as he continued to read the letter.

Now. What I want you to do, sweetie, is call for Dorea Potter. She will give you instructions on how to get out of that awful house of my sisters. I don't want you to stay there. Dorea is going to tell you how to get to the Potter Mansion. From there, she will explain how to get to a friend's house, Augusta Longbottom. Augusta will take care of you.

We love you, Raven.

We love you, Prongslet. Say hey to Padfoot (Sirius) and Remus (Moony) for me.

Love always,

Mum and Dad

Harry stared at the writing for a little bit longer, one hand clutching the parchment and the other hand clutching the picture frame. Tears ran down his face as the impact of the letter hit him. His parents hadn't just died. His parents had been betrayed and then murdered in order to protect him. Was that what he saw in his dreams? With a woman screaming and a green light and pain? Did that man, Voldemort, kill his parents as his parents killed him?

Perhaps… Perhaps this Dorea person or this woman named Augusta would know. Harry was not against getting out of here and going someplace his mum obviously wanted him to go. He gently folded the parchment and slipped it into the pocket of his baggy jeans. He wiped his face off to get rid of the tears before turning his attention to the picture frame. "Umm… Dorea Potter?" he questioned, feeling a little silly at talking to a picture frame.

There was a few minutes when nothing happened and he just sat there, feeling more stupid and more of a freak as the minutes ticked by. So when a woman suddenly walked into the picture frame and settled herself down in the chair with the air of an aristocrat, he thought he was going mad.

She stared at him for a moment, with her piercing dark eyes that made him squirm under her gaze. She seemed very stern, if this was Dorea Potter. Her hair was curled in a way that reminded Harry of the early 1940's and she had on deep red lipstick along with a sharp white shirt and a black tie. It was weird to see, because his Aunt always wears dresses, but he didn't say anything for fear of being rude.

Suddenly Dorea smiled and her entire face softened. Her dark eyes turned a warm chocolate brown and laugh lines appeared on her face. It was like looking at a completely different person. "Harry! I can't tell you how relieved I am to find out you've finally found me."

Harry's mouth opened and closed as he tried and failed to form a coherent sentence, eyes wide with surprise and wonder. He snapped his mouth shut and shook his head before gazing at the woman. "A-Are you Dorea Potter? The…" he faltered. "The letter my Mum and Dad wrote me told me to call for you." He brightened a little bit. "They said you could get me out of here!"

Dorea nodded, the smile still plastered on her face. "Yes, my dear. You are correct." She studied him and frowned a little bit. "Raven, are you eating? You look so small, but this letter should have gotten to you on your seventh birthday."

Harry frowned. Yeah, he knew he was small, but was he really that small? He opened his mouth, the lie that had been beaten into him ready to fall off his lips, but for some reason he found himself faltering, unable to lie. This wasn't some nurse or teacher asking him if he ate. It wasn't some stranger – it was family. And his Aunt and Uncle never said anything about lying to his family… "No." he blurted out, his body tensing in preparation for a blow that would never come, and when it didn't, he slowly relaxed and turned his big green eyes to Dorea. "No. No. Dudley gets all the food and-and I only get food if I finish all my chores. But Dudley gets lots and lots of food but Aunt Petunia only lets me eat cheese and burnt toast and – " Tears welled in his eyes. Was this happening? Were his dreams coming true? Was he really going to be rescued by his family? "Gram, are you going to rescue me?"

Dorea, his Gram, scowled darkly and muttered under her breath and Harry flinched, believing her anger and the fury in her eyes was directed at him. She quickly realized that and set him straight, he eyes still on fire but softer than before. "Oh, sweetie. I'm not angry at you. Don't ever think that." She smiled gently. "I'm just mad at your Aunt and Uncle for doing this to you."

"You are?" Harry asked timidly, a little awed that someone was angry not at him, but on his behalf.

"Yes." His Gram promised. "And I'm going to get you out of here and take you to a good friend of mine and your Mum's. The first thing I need you to do is put everything back in your father's chest." Harry quickly did as he told; putting all of the books and knickknacks in the trunk except for the scarf he kept around his neck, the ring on is hand, the letter in his pocket, and the picture frame.

Gram smiled at him gently. "Good. Now, get anything you don't want to leave behind and put it in the trunk. Or," she added, seeing the disgruntled look on Harry's face, she added, "Just shut the trunk. Then I want you to grab the handle with your left hand."

Slightly confused, Harry did as she told him and waited patiently for his next set of directions.

Dorea seemed satisfied, nodding to herself. "Now, hold on to my picture frame and the handle very tightly. Then, I want you to say 'Potter Manor'."

Harry tightened his grip, but before he spoke the words he shot a questioning glance at his Gram. "Why? What happens when I say those words?" She didn't quite answer him, just smiled and said, "You'll be somewhere safe and loved and able to see and talk to your parents again."

That was all Harry needed. He uttered the words and there was a strange, uncomfortable pulling sensation at him stomach briefly, before it got stronger and stronger and everything was spinning and he felt like he was going to throw up. As soon as he thought he definitely was going to pass out, the feeling was gone and nothing was spinning anymore. He kept his eyes squeezed shut until he heard his Gram's voice. "Open your eyes, my Raven. You're at Potter Manor. Harry, you're home."

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