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Notes: Never seen the succession of filler arcs and episodes that came after the Kyoto Arc? Or just wanted to sum it up for a friend? Well, this is the yolk of the egg without all that white stuff. ...Unless you like the white stuff; which is okay. (Info is based on the anime.)

Warnings: Lots more OOCness and wackiness, and the return of the brevity. Plenty of inconsistency bashing.

Rurouni Kenshin: Extra-Condensed

Tales From the Meiji

Kenshin: While that chat with the old man was nice, it seems to have done nothing for my character development.

Kaoru: Kinda like Kyoto and our relationship. What the heck happened there?!

Yahiko: A "Prince and the Pauper" episode, huh? No complaints here!

Sano: That's because you got to be the prince! I only get stuck with some fuzz ball that looks more like Smokey the Bear than an actual dog!

Tae: Time for some meddling that will make up for all that lost romance development!

Audience: And yet it doesn't really


Kaoru: Hey everyone, Misao just sent us a foreshadowing letter! Well, at least we won't have to go do something about it this time.

Shiro: Quickly! You must help solve this mystery!

Kaoru: D'oh!

Sano: Looks like another crazy adventure with the Kenshin-gumi!

Kenshin: I dunno. I smell angst…

Shougo: That would be me. What with my parents mercilessly murdered because of our faith and persecution still occurring, it's no wonder that I blinded my former mentor, took his Hiten Mitsurugi secrets and started killing government officials while misleading the masses! Not to mention my sister's dying.

Sano: But only Kenshin knows Hiten Mitsurugi! …Wait, what was that about a sister? Whoa, she's got a really nice… er, medallion. *cough*

Shougo: Meanwhile, my life is still a big, controversial drama!

Kenshin: Well so is most of the cast's, but you don't go seeing them going around blinding people! You're just lucky I don't let small things like complete loss of vision get to me.

Yahiko: Makes you wonder what the point of blinding him was.

Magdalia: Must… not… become love interest of… supporting… character! Will… lead to… self-destruction! As long as I don't tell him my real name I should be okay.

Misao: Information sources tell me that there is a plot, but all the holes in it are throwing us off. But perhaps a narration and flashback can help it! …Or at least give it direction.

Kaio: I am Shougo's loyal disciple. Just like Judas Iscariot!

Magdalia: GASP! You mean all the characters that look like villains really are villains?!

Shouzo: Don't worry Lady Magdalia! I'll save you! …Just so you can save me and worsen your condition in the process. Great, now this will haunt me forever. Hmm, maybe if I kill Kaio that guilt will overpower this one! Hey, it works!

Sano: Don't worry Magdalia! I'll save you! …Just so you can save the doctor and get killed in the process. Hey Shouzo, I'll swap you guilts.

Magdalia: I'm not dead yet. I mean, as long as I don't tell you my real name I should be--Oh screw it, it's Sayo. The letter is for my brother; the angst is for you. Farewell world!

Army Master Sergeant: This gathering of peaceful people is clearly a government rebellion build-up! We must destroy them all! So you Christians better say your prayers! …Wait.

Kenshin: Stop! I shall put an end to this! Shougo, we will have our final battle here which will consist mostly of us standing opposite of each other using introspective chatter before simultaneously executing the Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki!

Shougo: You mean I'm not a god?! Oh the pains of living a lie! If it weren't for the fact that all my followers still love and adore me, I don't know if I could go on!

Yahiko: So defeating Shougo caused Kenshin to regain his sight… how?

Kaoru: Who knows? In any case, Shougo and his followers are off to Holland, the true villain is no more and all is well. But are you okay about losing Magdalia, Sano?

Sano: Don't worry, it's not like it'll give me character development. It wasn't canon after all. …Think Megumi's still available?


Misao: To balance out the surplus of melodrama, it's time for some good ol' fashioned comedy filler episodes!

Sano: Hey Kenshin, why didn't you get more upset at that kabuki-wannabe who posed as Battousai?

Kenshin: Did any of you think that to expose him would require revealing me as the real Battousai?

Kaoru: Besides that, why didn't you get more upset or jealous or even more involved when that artist guy pined after me?

Kenshin: *cluelessly* What? When? Do I care? I can't tell…

Kaoru: Aurg!!! Stupid anime, post-Kyoto, character development inconsistencies!


Daigoro: Hello, I am a geeky bookworm and the new temporary supporting character. Help! My master and I are being attacked shortly after running into the main characters!

Kenshin: You know, we meet more storylines this way…

Tetsuma: Here I am to save you, Master. You know, your cool apprentice.

Kaishu: Daigoro, for not being as cool as Tetsuma I'm going to kick you out and leave you with the main characters. And no, this is not my indirect way of making sure you're kept safe while I brood over the plot.

Itsuko: Daddy, you're heartless! Daigoro, why don't you come back and live with this heartless man and I? …On second thought, I'll just stay with you here instead.

Kaoru: Is there some sign hanging over my dojo that says "Freeloaders Welcome" or something?! Jeez!

Daigoro: Blah-blah-blah, Kaishu involved with Edo surrender, blah-blah-blah, hidden money, blah-blah… Think we'll have time to develop some of my love interest with Itsuko?

Kaoru: Sure, why not? Apparently we can't waste it on the main characters.

Tetsuma: Master I promise to defend you against all the rumors about you hoarding money. So turn your back so I can look for it already!

Itsuko: Goodness, with all of this conspiracy surrounding my father I'd better make myself easily available for kidnapping or we'll never get around to a resolution.

Daigoro: Itsuko's been kidnapped! Time for my character to start developing—a.k.a. grow some backbone—so we can all go save her! Nights of endless studying, don't fail me now! *gets stabbed* D'oh.

Shibata: Behold my flashbacks and my suffering!

Kenshin: If this is an Angst-Battle, I can defeat you by just nicking your shoulder. Hey look, I did.

Daigoro: Hey, looks like all of that endless studying didn't fail me after all. But this was my favorite book!

Kenshin: Oh no! Tetsuma's the real villain!

Tetsuma: D'oh! Busted! Well, I'll just defeat you before taking the map and money! No problem! *is defeated by Kenshin* Hmm, this might be a problem. But in order to fulfill my dreams, I'll never give up!

Daigoro: Stop! Can't you see that you're really a decent man?!

Tetsuma: Hey, you're right! Well I feel silly.

Kaishu: Hey Shibata, sorry your life sucks but I'm still right and you're wrong. Call me when you get over it and we'll have lunch.

Kenshin: Hey look! The treasure map was inside of Daigoro's favorite book the whole time! Oh wait, I don't tell anybody.

Kaoru: And the freeloaders go home at last! …Hey Sano, why are you still here?!

Sano: I'm not filler cast, duh.


Yutaro: Hey everybody! I'm back and I brought the next plotline with me!

Yahiko: Wild goose chase for a mythical item? Sure, we're all for it!

Misao: Is it just me, or is this turning into "Rurouni Kenshin does Indiana Jones"?

Kenshin: Don't be ridiculous.

Yutaro: Look! Mysterious riddles to entrances and fantastical new discoveries!

Yahiko: Booby traps and boulders!

Kaoru: Perilous cliffs and light humor!

Sano: Nazis! …Er, I mean, Black Knights!

Yutaro: And up ahead, the greatest piece to history that man may ever know!

Misao: …You wanna tell me this isn't bordering on parody now, Himura?

Kenshin: Er… Can't talk now, fighting outrageously dressed ninjas and some nut on a horse!

Sano: Don't look now Yutaro, but I think your "greatest piece to history" is on fire.

Kaoru: Way to drag out a battle and destroy the key to saving humanity, Kenshin.

Yutaro: Don't worry, I saved one!

Megumi: Psh, of course I knew how to make medicine out of this never-before seen, unstudied, untested plant! Doesn't everybody?

Yutaro: Well, I've decided to go back to Europe and become a doctor! So long everyone!

Kaoru: So the ninja leader finds love and hope, the good Black Knight discovers respect and peace, and Yutaro begins on a new path! Does this qualify for a happy ending?

Kenshin: Looks like it. Hmm, but it's strange how this supposed miracle plant doesn't ever make it into medical history.

Yahiko: That must mean their boat sank. It is his last appearance in the anime...

Kaoru: Let's just stick with the happy ending idea, people.


Misao: At last! An entire episode dedicated to encouraging my love interest!

Kenshin: Eh? But all Aoshi did was reminisce while you were out. You two were hardly ever near each other!

Megumi: Wait, I thought the episode was dedicated to making fun of Misao's age and figure.

Sano: No, it was to catching you guys red-handed!

Kaoru: It wasn't a Girls Rule episode?

Misao: Grr!


Collected Kenshin-gumi and Cast: ……………………………

Kaoru: This is how we're ending the animated series?! I was hardly even in it!

Yahiko: Not much of Kaoru isn't so bad. But not much of me is unforgivable! It's like they replaced us with Tsunan and that Feng Shui guy!

Kaoru: Replaced by Tsunan?! Ridiculous! And you never see if I get better!

Kenshin: Well I'm pretty sure somewhere along the way I forgot completely about you.

Tsunan: Finally, it is my day in the sun!!! *laughs maniacally*

Sano: You wrote this arc, didn't you Katsu.

Tsunan: Um…er… Oh look, is that a lost episode?


Kenshin: Er, so is this episode supposed to focus on cannon couples or OAV-ish backgrounds?

Kaoru: We hold hands in bed. Who frickin' cares what it focuses on?!

Misao: It's not fair! Where's the A/M support, people?!

Yahiko: Oh go find a web-shrine.

Kaoru: There's still a large lack of development and closure though…

Kenshin: All in favor of animating the Jinchuu Arc say, "Aye."

Audience: AYE!!! …So where is it?

And the massive foot tapping begins…


End of Tales From the Meiji


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