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A bell jangles as a door slams shut.

"I'm here for the lesson" Peridot yelled. Steven came out of the back room. He had owned the dance studio for about a year and a half and had some lessons for a year.

"Hey, Peridot. Today we are going to do a fusion dance. Let's start with a simple jive" Steven says as they warm up.

They start the jive, simply, then add quick complicated steps. While in the middle of the jive, Steven mutters to Peridot "Let's start a foxtrot" He slows his feet down then starts the foxtrot.

"I know you can go faster" he taunts "I know you can go faster than that" he says, when they get into the foxtrot. A game was started to see who could go the fastest.

Electricity sizzled as the two went faster and faster and Peridot tripped over a speaker.

Steven caught the green gems but manages to fall with her. A glow surrounds the gem as they become new.

The fusion had gem skin and yellow hair with black highlights. She wore a gem tank top with a yellow star and green pants. She had a Peridot in her forehead and a Rose Quartz under her shirt. It was a fusion.

They quickly stood up and unfused.

" Well I guess that actually was a fusion dance."

AN- According to what I remember from watching DWTS a fusion dance is when you combine too different dance styles. I think I'm out of suggestions. I'm not complaining though. I can use the show. I was watching today's episode. Ahhh! I'm not going to spoil anything. I'm too nice for that. See you at the next update.