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This first one takes place in Cerulean City, enjoy!

I Love...: Him

The rhythmic sound of splashing water hit your ears as you walked into the double glass sliding doors as you enter the Cerulean City Gym. The sound of water was naturally calming to most people except for one brunette teenager. He took in a deep breath, inhaling and then slowly exhaling to calm his beating heart. His palms were sweaty as he walked through the hall filled with pictures of the Waterflower sisters, adding an inviting touch as a challenger would walk through the same hall to enter the battle area.

That is exactly where he was headed. For the last few years he had asked Misty if he could help out in the Gym seeing that she had a lot on her plate already and having only one sister around, it was a lot of work for both girls and Daisy was forever grateful of his service.

His breath hitched as he saw her, long red waves of hair cascading down the slender girls back. Beautiful, he thought as a slight blush a rose to his cheeks. She was dressed in a red two piece swimsuit as she watched her Pokemon play while awaiting a challenger.

Misty turned around and smiled at the boy who was frozen in his place, after all this time of being friends he still hasn't gotten over the sight of her and what hurt was that she didn't feel the same but, he kept trying every now and then praying that one day she would change her mind.

"Hi Georgio!"

Misty called out taking him out of his thoughts and further embarrassment because he knew he got caught staring again.

"Hey Misty, any challengers yet?"

"Nope, but I am going to need you to clean the pool out this afternoon if that's alright with you. It hasn't been cleaned in a while and it definitely needs it", Misty said calmly still smiling at the boy.

With that they went about the daily routine.

later that night while closing up Georgio approached Misty.

"Misty I-I have something I would like to ask of you"

Looking at him with a confused face she bekend him to continue,"Yes?"

"I would like to know if you would like to go out with me tonite for dinner?" Georgio looked like he was going to pass out as he stared into her green eyes awaiting a response.

"Georgio",Misty started calmly "Look I am really sorry but, I cannot go out on a date with you I appreciate the offer but the answer is still no.

She gave him sympathetic look fully aware of his feelings and feeling bad because she could never return the feelings and she knew how hard and how brave you have to be to tell someone how you feel about them.

"But, why Misty? Sorry but you never give me an explanation as to why you always refuse me"

"Look, you're an amazing friend Georgio, honesty you are very sweet and I got the opportunity to get to know you over the past couple of years. Yo helping both daisy and out at the Gym has been so great and very helpful that you would offer to do that. but, I can't accompany you on a date because it would never be fair to you because I don't feel the same. I really like you Georgio, but just as a friend and nothing more and if I agreed to dinner I wouldn't want to lead you on thinking that you and I could happen when I have made it clear that I don't feel the same, I truly am sorry and I hope you understand", Misty gave him a small smile.

Georgia then asked," Is there someone else Misty? I mean there has to be a reason why you won't go out with me. I know you, uh mentioned a friend of yours whose traveling right now and you always seem very happy when you speak of him. Is he the reason why? if so he really is a very lucky guy."

It was Misty's turn to blush and her face turned red," Well, you see that guy, he is my best friend and I really like him, he is so special to me that I fell for him when I was ten and here I am at sixteen and Daisy knows how I feel about him, about Ash, I-I love him and even though he doesn't know it, I can't help my feelings for him."

Her heart was beating so fast, she admitted to liking Ash Ketchum to someone else other than Daisy. The only other person who knew was Delia Ketchum, Ash's mom because she figured it out and had asked Misty during a visit in Pallet town a couple of years ago. The woman was so happy that the redhead felt that way about her son and promised the teen that one day it would happen, he just had to realize how he felt. Misty blushed at the memory.

"I understand Misty. Thanks for telling me though. I really hope I didn't creep you out or anything because I know I have asked you out a twice already".

Misty laughed softly at the poor lovestruck teen before her but her words made him feel better," I would never look at you different and I would love to continue to be friends with you. I promise one day you will find a girl who likes you. You are such a gentleman and your also sweet and caring."

He smiled at her with a fierce blush, not used to getting praised by her but took the compliment knowing that was the closet he was going to get to any sort of affection form the girl. She told him she was in love and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Georgio said goodnight to Misty as she finished closing up the doors and thanked her for being sweet about the whole thing.

Misty looked out her bedroom window that night, hoping that one day Ash would return her feelings that Delia assured her he would.

End of part one!

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