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I love...You!

"Ugh it's not even close to lunch and I'm already exhausted", Misty heavily sighed speaking to no one in particular.

Daisy was off on a mini vacation with her longtime boyfriend Tracey and Misty gave Georgio some time off leaving herself alone with no help. Violet and Lily were off in the Hoenn Region shopping together.

To busy focusing on getting work done around the Gym she never heard the sliding glass doors open or footsteps alerting her someone had come in.

"Need any help?"

The teen jumped out of her skin at that sound of the voice behind her. She was kneeling down so her eyes traveled up towards his face. With each growing second her heart pounded like a drum in a marching band. When she met his eyes her cheeks were tinged bright red.

"Ash!?",Misty exclaimed with wide disbelieving eyes.

"Hi Mist!"


The electric type flew into her arms immediately nuzzling her face and licking her cheek.

"Aww I missed you too Pikachu."

"Hey Mr. Pokemon Master. What brings you here?" Misty asked as he held out his hand to help her up so they could speak face to face.

Giving her a once over and thinking of how much a video phone doesn't do anyone justice he checked her out from head to toe. Damn, she's so pretty. Was all he could think, she had such a hold on his heart and mind without even knowing.

"To see you of course", Ash gave her a big smile trying to fight off his own blush as he noticed her surprised bit happy look after he gave her an answer.

Now taller than her Misty had to look up him. Huh, never noticed how tall he's gotten since the last time I've seen him. After all the weekly phone calls he gives me, there's no way I could tell anyway.

"That's really sweet of you Ash, thanks. Oh and congrats on making second place at the Kalos League, you were awesome!"

Scratching the back of his head nervously," Thanks Mist, that means a lot. We did our best."


After spending the day catching up Ash offered to take Misty to dinner so she wouldn't have to cook for the night. Not only that but he paid as well.

"Cerulean is pretty cool, even at night it seems there is so much going on."

"Yeah there are tons of great places to hang out around here. I'll show you one of my favorite spots, the Cerulean Cape", Misty said a bit nervously knowing that it's a famous date spot and always wanting to be there on a romantic date as well.

"Show me?"

Ash grabbed her hand and it took a lot of confidence to do so.

Smiling coyly,"Sure."


"Wow this a view!"

Ash was in awe of the gorgeous site known as the Cerulean Cape. It overlooked the beach and gave you a view of the lighthouse which was miles away from where they were standing near the guardrail. The sun was setting creating a romantic aura as the waves crashed into the rocks just below them leaving the white sea foam paint the surrounding sand.

This is it. I need to tell her, it's now or never.

This is it. I need to tell him, it's now or never.

"Ash/ Misty"

Both teens locked eyes as they said each others names. The red, orange and yellow light reflected into their skin and made his and her eyes shimmer.

Without hesitation both opened their mouths to speak,"I love you."

"You, wait you love me too?", Ash said in moderate disbelief.

"Yes. I-wow you feel the same. I can't b-"

Misty was cut off by the taller tanned teen, his lips caught hers in a kiss. The new intimate moment lasted only a few seconds. They pulled away and rested their foreheads together, smiles plastered on each others faces.


The End