Chapter 1: The Last Homely House, Rivendell


The journey of the three companions was a long and dangerous road. Orcs still patrolled the Northern Lands, much as they always did. However, with the rising of the Dark Lord Sauron and the wizard Saruman's armies, the Orcs of the North had begun to stir and cause great trouble and suffering for the Elves of the forest of Mirkwood.

The Elf Lord of Mirkwood, Legolas' father, had sent word to Elrond of Rivendell in hope of reinforcements to fight the uprising of Orcs in their lands. When the companions arrived once more in the last homely house, they were troubled at the news.

"It has become clear to me now that the threat of darkness was not entirely snuffed out after the one ring was destroyed." Elrond told the company.

Aragorn shook his heard, "We did not believe that it would end there. Things are not always so simple." He then looked to his companions

The man had rarely seen his Elf friend so upset and troubled.

"Have you sent them aid, Lord Elrond?" the King of Gondor asked.

"I have no aid to send." the Elf Lord looked to Legolas as he spoke, "I am sorry, but as you both know, the time of the Elves is over and most of my house has left these shores. I have noone to send."

"It seems to me then," huffed Gimli, "that the kin of Legolas here may need the help of such battle hardened warriors as us. Will they not?" the Dwarf turned a questioning eye to Aragorn.

"It seems indeed, if Lord Elrond would permit it." Aragorn replied.

The Elf Lord nodded, "Do as you see fit, Lord Aragorn, but your pace must be quick, for they sent word long ago and the worst may soon be upon them."

At this new, Legolas' face grew dark and much paler than usual. Aragorn noticed this and put a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"We have traveled many leagues together, my friend. If you recall the forty-five in four days?" he smiled, hoping to cheer the Elf's spirits.

Legolas returned the smile, "Nay, I do not forget such a journey."

"Then it is settled." Elrond spoke, "Tomorrow morn, you shall set out for the woodland realm of Mirkwood."


That eve, Legolas sat alone under one of Rivendell's many great trees. He breathed in the cool air of the night, but his heart lay troubled. The words of the Lady Galadriel, which Mithrandir had spoke in the depths of Fangorn Forest, were still deep upon his heart.

Legolas Greenleaf, long under tree.

In joy thou hast lived, beware of the sea!

If thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore,

Thy heart shall then rest in the forest no more.

Were they a word of warning against his journey into the west? Were they telling him to stay until all was put right once more? Or were they saying that the forests, which he loved so in this land, he would never see again once he left the shores of Middle-Earth?

"It is late, why do you linger in the starlight and in the moonlight?"

The Elf Prince turned to see Elrond standing nearby, "I am troubled, not just over the fate of the people of my homeland, but of the words of the Lady Galadriel as well."

"Many have puzzled over her words, young Legolas. But do not let them trouble you, for the beings of this world should not have to learn of their fate before their time has drawn near." Elrond came to stand beside him, "I know what it was she told you, and I also know that since that time, you have longed for nothing else than to sail."

Legolas looked to him, but it still gave his heart little comfort, "When I leave this land for the west, I shall not look upon it's beauty again."

Elrond nodded, "The woods and lands of the west are strange and new, but in time, even you Legolas, will find them as comforting and even more breathtaking than the woods of this land."

"Your words have given me great counsel, Lord Elrond." The Elf said as he stood, "I thank you greatly for your advice."

The elder Elf smiled, "You will be happy, all of this fighting shall not be in vain." He turned, "But for now, you must rest. Your companions will need your wits and skill upon this journey."

Legolas bowed his head and thanked Elrond once again. Climbing the steps to his sleeping chambers, making no sound, he could hear Gimli snoring in the next room. The Elf laughed quietly to himself before laying upon the bed. He folded his hands across his chest and was soon immersed in the state which Elves call sleep. His eyes lay open as the mind mixed the waking and dream worlds into one.


"He 's always the first to wake on the road, but get him to sleep in a bed and you shall never see him again." Gimli laughed as the companions ate their early morning breakfast.

:Do you have words to defend yourself, Legolas?" Aragorn asked with a smile.

"I was lost in the dream of my king. When Gimli woke me, I feared that I had slept well on into the afternoon." he smiled, "But I suppose that I shall always sleep more soundly in a bed than on the hard rocky ground whilest tracking."

Aragorn looked to Gimli, "Does that satisfy you, Master Dwarf?"

"It does."

Legolas smiled again and the chatting continued until Elrond entered with words of parting.

:I bid you good luck, my friends. This trouble with our Northern kind does bother me however. Once you have learned what has occurred, I would be glad if you would report it to me."

"We will do what we can for them." Aragorn said, "Then send word back to Rivendell."

Elrond nodded, "Then you must hurry. I have no gifts to give as the Lady of the Galadrim did, but I do have words for each of you." He looked to Gimli first, "There are no closer companions than these you have here, Master Dwarf. Remember that in times of great peril." Then to Aragorn, "You shall make a fine King of Men, Aragorn son of Arathorn, but always remember what drove Isildur to his death and nearly to the ruin of us all." Lastly, he gave words to Legolas, "When you have made your peace in this land, journey to the west with your people. I know that your father would be very pleased and it is in that land where, I believe, you will truly find the happiness which your heart longs for."

The other companions looked to Legolas, puzzled as to what Elrond's words meant. Neither Aragorn nor Gimli could figure out the riddle of the last sentence, but soon they made their farewells.

"The hour is growing late, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. You three must be off for I fear a grave evil approaches the forests of Mirkwood at this very time."

Aragorn bowed his head, as did his other companions, "We thank you for your hospitality, Lord Elrond and we will send word when we can."

At this, the company grabbed their weapons and their gear and made for the gates of the last homely house.

Aragorn, with his sword Elendil, along with his dagger, a bow, and a quiver of arrows took the lead. Next came Gimli with his mighty axe and a small dagger at his side. Last was the Elf Legolas, who carried his bow from Lothlorien, of the Galadrim, a quiver of arrow from that land, and his two Elven daggers which had served him well in past fights and battles.

They were off to the forests of Mirkwood.


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