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Arcee sat quietly while Ratchet finished her repairs. She used the time to think about the drastic turn her life had taken. It seemed like one moment she was happily kicking Decepticon tailpipe, the next she had a femmeling dependent solely upon her for care. Not exactly the way she envisioned her life would go, but then she never thought she'd be guardian to a human, either; and that turned out ok. She figured she'd better open the data packet Ratchet had dent her so she would know how to take care of the little one. Quickly opening the packet, she was shocked to learn just how much care a sparkling needed. Feeding every four hours, but on demand feeding preferable? Waste tank changes? Ewww! Sparkling proofing her quarters as well as the whole base? That would be a huge undertaking! And she would have to keep the little one with her at all times until she could regulate her own core temperature, which would be a whole month! She had to help Team Prime, and it was far too dangerous to take a sparkling on a mission! What was she going to do? And what if she had to nurse the little one? She quickly downloaded the information necessary to activate her energon production protocols, and then almost glitched at all the things that could happen to a nursing femme. Energon dripping at a moment's notice? Energon lines clogging if the feeding pouches aren't drained properly? Arcee's helm swam from all the information. Just then, Ratchet announced he was finished, and she was free to go. Arcee hopped down from the med berth and started to leave, but stopped quickly and turned to face Ratchet.

"I don't think I'm cut out to take care of this little femmeling, Ratchet. I mean, I'm a warrior, not a carrier. How am I going to take care of her and fulfill my obligations to Team Prime as well? You and I both know it's not safe to take her on a mission, or even on patrol, and we don't have many warriors as it is. We can't afford to lose even one of us. Why can't you take care of her? You rarely leave the base as it is. You would be the logical choice, not me."

"Be that as it may, the little one has imprinted on you, and thinks you are her carrier. She will accept no other in your place. Have you chosen a designation for her yet? We can't go on calling her 'little one' forever."

Arcee shot Ratchet a dirty look. "I haven't as of yet, because I didn't want anything to do with her in the first place, but I guess I'm stuck with the little scraplet now, so I might as well." Huffing, she thought for a moment. "I'm drawing a blank, Ratchet. I've never named anything before, not even a glitchmouse. Any suggestions?"

"I'm too busy to waste time in such idleness. Let me know when you come up with a name so I can enter it into the database." With that, Ratchet turned and walked back to his computer and resumed what he'd been working on when Arcee arrived.

Arcee felt the little femmeling squirming in her sparkling hold and immediately opened her chestplates. The little one tumbled out and immediately grabbed Arcee's digit and began sucking on it. Realizing there was no energon to be had, she began to wail loudly. Arcee accessed the data packet and realized she was hungry. She grabbed a bottle of low grade energon that Ratchet had supplied her with and quickly placed the soft metal nipple in the sparkling's mouth. She immediately quieted and began suckling greedily. Just then, Arcee heard a couple of familiar engines approach. A yellow and black Urbana 500 and a green SUV pulled into the base and screeched to a stop and their doors opened, letting out a teenaged young man, a preteen boy and a teenaged girl. Arcee's back was turned, so none of them saw the sparkling at first. The teenaged young man, Jack Darby, spoke first.

"Hey Arcee, what gives? Why did I have to ride with Bumblebee again? No offense, Bee."

"None taken," he bleeped.

"Sorry Jack, but a little something came up," she quipped as she turned to let them see the tiny sparkling. The bottle now empty, she put it down and put the sparkling against her shoulder and patted her backplates until a release of air was heard. Everyone's eyes grew wide at the sight of the sparkling.

"Is that a-a sparkling?" Bulkhead stuttered. "I didn't know you were carrying! Who's the sire? Is it Ratchet? Optimus? Don't tell me it's Bee!"

"No, it's a scraplet! Of course it's a sparkling, Bulkhead!" She snapped, smacking him upside the helm. "And no one here is the sire! I was not carrying. I found her after I dropped Jack off at school. Hold her for a minute so I can take this bottle to be cleaned." Handing her gently to Bulkhead, she picked up the bottle and walked to the sanitizing station and placed it inside. Turning around, she watched Bulkhead hold the tiny sparkling carefully in his huge hands. The little one seemed content for a few moments, but before long, her tiny faceplate turned up in a grimace. Just then, Bulkhead felt something wet on his hands and chassis, where he held the sparkling close to him.

"Ewww! She lubricated on me!" He squealed, handing the now soaked and wailing sparkling to Bee before running off to the washracks, leaving Jack,

Miko, and Raf in hysterics. Bee wasted no time finding the supplies he needed, expertly cleaning the little one up and changing her waste tank. "There now, all clean," he beeped, handing the now calm and sleepy sparkling to Arcee.

"How in Primus' name did you know what to do, Bee?"

"It was easy. I had to sparkling sit my baby sister while my sire and carrier worked, before the war broke out," He bleeped. "She's so cute! What's her designation?"

"I don't know yet. I haven't been able to come up with one yet," she replied.

"What about Shimmer? Her armor shimmers in the light," he beeped. Arcee thought for a minute, looking at the little one in her arms.

"I like it! Her designation is Shimmer! With a designation like that, she may grow up to be a great scout like you, Bee." Arcee said, looking down at the now sleeping sparkling.

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